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Internally Displaced People was created by vigilant Americans who have come to the realization that the American Body Sovereign (We the people) have been enslaved and Internally Displaced from our own land and law form by banned foreign agents (banned from our nation and governance since 1819). Those that have been masquerading as We the people government since the civil war.  We have had in America a fifth column operating under the Crown Corporation of London and the Holy see all controlled by Black Nobility crime cartel that has openly engaged in a 'Mixed War' against the rest of us which has profited them immensly. Those that have conspired against us since the War of Independence at a time when the people of this nation rejected Forever the notion that a parasite class (monarchy, papacy, Black Nobility, Dictator or Corporate Elite or any such combination) have the right to rule over the American people as if we were farm animals on Earth purely to serve them [cf. secret-treaty-of-verona ). As Americans awaken to this undisputable reality, we at I.D.P. now focus on bringing forth the neccesary solutions to terminate this reality. 

Please read below to see details of our latest campaign. To understand how we got here please click on one of the following links:  Brief explanation - here Educational extended version - here

The idea of this campaign is to provide the silent majority of the American people with the tools required to take back control of their lives and communities from foreign powers that continue to violate our unalienable rights, natural law, our organic laws and our American common law system of justice. Those that have been doing so for at least 150 years unbeknown to the American people.

If you already know about the coup of our nation by foreign agents then read on. If not jump to a brief explanation posted at the bottom of this page by clicking here. Click the link at the end of the brief to bring you back to the next sentence.

In political philosophy, the phrase consent of the governed refers to the idea that a government's legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and lawful when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised.

The American people no longer need any proof that we are being ruled and asset stripped by a foreign agents banned from American Governance since 1819 (See T.O.N.A.). A criminal parasite class of foreign agents who have been feasting on the American people so that they may live high on the hog at the expense of the rest of us. The Law of Nations at Section §202 p.98 [Screen shot below] makes it very clear that once a Government abandons its people the people can abandon it. This is further articulated in the declaration of Independence. An excerpt of which is posted at the bottom of this page.

When a Government is blatantly Corrupt in every facet of its existence and is openly controlled by enemies of the American people openly warring on everything and everyone including the foundations on which America was stood upon, then the American people have a moral duty to no longer delegate any power, authority or resources, either human or capital to such a government. 

You may ask who the silent majority are but if you are watching this video or landed on this webpage then you will realize that You are already are a member of this group.

The MSM hasn’t stopped their campaign to get you to participate in the farce that we call 'election day' and we all know that the frenzy will ramp up with people accosting you outside stores asking you to register to vote or who are you going to vote for.

During this election period, instead of passively allowing this next one to pass you by, instead of actively opt out, let your opinion as to why you do not vote be known and be counted. In other words let the fact that you do not buy into the bullshit any longer be counted.

First I want to read an article that was written over a 100 years ago that will prove you are absolutely correct if you think your vote does not count:

“We must go forward cautiously and consolidate each acquired position, because already the inferior social stratum of society is giving unceasing signs of agitation.

Therefore, prudence dictates to us a line of conduct that seems to give in to the will of the people, until the execution of our plans be well-enough established for us to be able to declare our intentions without having to fear any organized resistance.

Our confidence men shall have to closely watch the Farmers Alliance and the Knights of Work, and take steps immediately, either to control both associations in accordance with our interests, or to break them.

Our men will have to attend the Convention that will be held in Omaha on the 4th of July, and be in charge of all activities. Otherwise, this Convention could muster such an antagonism to our plans that we would have to resort to force to overcome it.

Now, at the present time, using violence would be premature. We are not yet ready to confront such an assault. Money must first of all seek maximum protection in schemes and in legislation.

Let us make use of the courts. Let us go forward as fast as possible at perceiving debts, at foreclosing (depriving of recourse to justice when a certain time limit has been transgressed) on debentures and mortgages.

When, through the law's intervention, the common people shall have lost their homes, they will be more easy to control and more easy to govern, and they shall not be able to resist the strong hand of the Government acting in accordance with the orders of the central power of imperial wealth, under the control of the leaders of finance.

Our top leaders are perfectly aware of the truth. They are presently working at establishing an imperialism of the capital to rule the world. But while they are implementing this plan, they must keep the people busy with political antagonisms.

We'll therefore speed up the question of reform in the custom rates by the political organization called the Democratic Party; and we'll put the spotlight on the question of protection and of the reciprocity by the Republican Party.

By dividing the electorate this way, we'll be able to have them spend their energies at struggling amongst themselves on questions that, for us, have no importance whatsoever, and on which we only touch upon as instructors of the common flock.

It is thus that, through discreet acts, we can maintain what was so generously projected and executed with such a remarkable success.”                      

(Article from United States Bankers' Magazine in 1892)

For all those that have lost their farms and their homes that passage speaks volumes.

Now I am going to ask you to think: did the 56 people that signed the Declaration of Independence and the 38 people that signed the Constitution for the United States represent your best interests? Logically, we are all told to value diversity yet we have just 435 members of congress representing 300 million and they need an army of about 8% of the adult population which employed by the federal government to go out and about messing with our lives, generating revenue and conspiring against the rest of us and protecting those 435 member of congress.

While the Declaration and even the Constitution are well written documents do you seriously think the people that wrote those documents and the people who hold the offices of government today proclaiming their authority by such writings actually had or have your best interests at heart. Because that is what you are saying when you vote for your masters. It is all about the Consent of the Governed, they need your consent; and registering and participating in this farce is one way they obtain your consent. That’s why they make such a big deal over the elections. It is no more than a dog and pony show to keep you occupied and to get your support.

According to a report put out by the Pew Research Center in 2006: Roughly a third (35%) of the adult population vote regularly. Another 20% of the adult population are considered intermittent voters.

As we all know elections are pretty close so we are looking at an approximate 50/50 split between democrats and republicans. In other words approximately 25% of the people vote republican, 25% vote democrat, and about 50% do not participate – we are the silent majority.

However, we need to make the statement that our non-participation is intentional and a conscientious decision that we don’t want masters, we do not consent to being governed!

Here are some of the reasons why people vote or don’t vote:

  • Many of us have confirmed that The United States government by its own admissions is a Tyrannical criminal enterprise openly engaged in crimes against humanity including RICO, International War crimes and Human Trafficking. 
  • Many of us have confirmed that the existence of the Court Registry Information Systems inside The United states of America exposes the fact that the UNITED STATES and the Rothschilds controlled central banks and each of the State of States have for decades been openly engaged in in human trafficking, mail fraud, personage - crimes being perpetuated against EVERY American that amount to slavery indentured servitude. 
  • Many of us have proven that the United States has openly deployed technology that is overtly designed to Genocide the American people while at the same time hiding and subverting technology that could have been used long ago to free all the people from being on an umbilical for Utility services like Water, Sewage, Energy and Electricity. 
  • many of us have proven that the entire UNITED STATES Government system is a RICO where so called Government agents are openly violating ever rule in their books so as to thieve life and property from the American people to enable it to generate revenue to fund criminal operations. 
  • many of us have concluded that all wars and all so called Terrorism is government sponsored.   
  • Many of us believe that voting is an act of violence - it polarizes people and creates divisions. When we should all be working together on common causes.
  • Many of us believe that our vote doesn’t count –Researchers at Princeton University looked at 20 years of data to answer one question: Does the Government represent the people? What they concluded was “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule near zero statistically non-significant impact upon public policy”. So if you think your vote does not count then you are absolutely correct. In fact if your vote did count you can be sure that voting would be illegal!
  • Many of us believe that government is too big, its real purpose is only to secure individuals in their rights to life, liberty, and property. That without such security men are reduced to a primitive life of fear and selfdefense, with every neighbor a potential enemy ready to plunder what another has produced. But the consequences of elections merely creates a state of legal plunder with the political legitimization of theft and the breakdown of morality through the blurring of the distinction between right and wrong—You can read more about legal plunder in The Law by Frederick Bastiat, written in 1850. A good example of this is between 2010 and 2015 the top 200 politically active companies spent 5.8 billion dollars influencing the “government”. Those same companies got 4.4 trillion dollars back in US tax dollars. And going back to the Article from United States Bankers' Magazine, all those planned foreclosures that the injured tax payer were forced to bail out, thanks to their so called representatives.
  • Some people actually vote not because they like a particular candidate but because they really don’t want a particular person in, this is still a trick to get you to participate – In regards to the last election a Reuters/Ipsos online poll found that 46% of voters who would support Clinton in a head-to-head matchup against Trump say they are primarily backing her because they don’t want to see the business mogul become President, compared to 43% who say they agree with most of Clinton’s political positions. Similarly, 47% of voters who plan to back Trump say they’re doing so because they don’t want Clinton in the White House, compared to 40% who agree with most of Trump’s positions. In other words Trump got in because more people didn’t like Clinton. That is not a good reason to consent to a master.
  • For those of us that do not support bombing in other countries or acts of terrorism at home or abroad it is imperative that you remove your voters registration as it is a violation of international law to consent or cooperate with any government which produces, possesses or uses nuclear weapons. International law imposes a duty upon individual citizens to disassociate themselves from violations of such law. Under the Nuremberg Charter, it is no defense to claim one was merely following orders. Nuremberg Charter, supra, Art. 7. Individual responsibility attaches if “a moral choice was possible”. Your participation is a choice.
  • The United States is a corporation, you can find this at title 28 Sec 3002 (15)(a)(2) which states that the United States is a federal corporation and was created under the act of 1871 without the consent of the people – if one participates in a corporate election then you are consenting to the de facto government.
  • No masters – when you vote you are literally choosing to have someone represent your best interests when no one can represent your interests better than you.
  • Some people believe that the law has been perverted along with the police powers of the state. That voting consents to this perversion. It is pretty obvious when you look around you can see that the law has been turned from its proper purpose and that the police are nothing but policy enforcers and revenue collection agents.
  • Some people do not participate because it clips their sovereignty. In speaking about America the sovereignty is in the People: “at the Revolution, the sovereignty devolved on the People; and they are truly the sovereigns of the country, but they are sovereigns without subjects and have none to govern but themselves; the Citizens of America are equal as fellow Citizens, and as joint tenants in the Sovereignty”. (Chisholm v. Georgia, 2 Dallas (U. S.) 419 @ 469, 1 L. Ed. 440 (A. D. 1793). By participating in elections you are consenting to being governed.

So you can see there are a number of reasons why many of us don’t vote. The decision to not participate in such a farce is a conscientious one. Because non-voters do not actively participate it is often claimed that we forgot to vote or we were too lazy or apathetic and you cannot imagine the violent reactions we get from those who vote regularly and believe that every one should! If they added an option on the ballot that said “I am not falling for this bullshit” then I would be first in line to cast that ballot. 

If you are one of the silent majority that does not vote all I am asking is that you to make the reason that you do not vote clear. If you are one of those who vote intermittently or you have always felt that there is something wrong then consider objecting and actively not participating by removing your voter registration and letting your Secretary of State know that you do not consent, that you have no faith in anyone representing your best interests.

Additionally, as of October 9, 2018, 8 states and the District of Columbia provide automatic registration when citizens interact with state agencies such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, along with 4 other states that have passed legislation to create automatic registration systems, but not yet implemented it. If you have been swooped up into this automatic registration then cancel your voter’s registration and make clear the reasons why you don’t intend vote.

Remember, if you vote you have no right to complain, as George Carlin said: some people like to twist that around, they say if you don’t vote you don’t have a right to complain, but where is the logic in that? If you vote and you elect dishonest incompetent people and they get into office and screw everything up then you are responsible for what they have done, you caused the problem, you voted them in, you have no right to complain. It is time for the silent majority to stand up and complain!

The reality is 65% of the people are not regularly moved by this practice. Many of us just want to be left alone! They want to be self-governing, organize our own resources and work together to provide for our common needs and the common good. What the 435 members of congress and their 8% personnel want to do is to put their hands in our pockets and steal whatever we create and use it to further themselves and their agenda. I for one do not support such a system.

We at IDP have made available on line a couple of templates that you can use to make your non-participation known for what it is, i.e. that you have no faith and no confidence in the status quo and that you are not consenting to being governed. We want the world to know that you did not forget and you are not lazy or apathetic but you believe that no one can represent your interests better than you can!

Additionally, we have made it easy for you to let the White House know your opinion simply copy one of our templates, make your selections as to why you do not vote and send a copy to the white house at the following link:

A brief explanation on the Coup of The united States of America

Citizenship of the United States or citizenship of a state? Which one are you? Were you given a choice? Were you told the difference?  No.... now why is that? Do come back to this link once you have read this page: 

Our nation was couped by foreign enemies in the period between the nations founding and the event commonly believed to be a "civil war", which was in fact the end game of a long drawn out coup of our nation states created coordinating Federal Governance which paved the way for the overthrow of the now 50 states.

This coup by our nation by unholy Roman cult including the Crown Corporation of London (aka The Crown) paved the way for the overthrow of our states Organic Governance, American English common law courts and banking acts. 

In the period since the civil war an over-reaching FEDERAL Corporate government ran by banned (since 1819) foreign agents was created to rule over the entire nation and all Americans converted in to citizens of the new Rome - The District of Columbia (aka District of Criminals). Americans were foisted in to a system that closely resembles the governing system of ancient Rome. Under the system their are two kinds of people. One is the slave class and the other the Ruling class. Under the United States system the ruling class is above the law and walks on the unalienable rights of the people as if those rights do not exist. Further the ruling class have been given a legal licence by the state to thieve off the ordinary class of people that do an honest days work for a living!  The ruling class is best described as the parasite class for they create nothing of value and everything they have has been taken through sedition, treason, fraud, International War Crimes, R.I.C.O. and this fact is no longer a secret to anyone awakening and paying attention to what is going on across America.

In California, the Demon-crats that rule via their corrupted foreign STATE De facto Corporation machinery known to the people as STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. have taken state Corruption and criminality to a new high. They have masterfully figured out how to steal from the people while making the theft appear on its face as legitimate. To understand how this was done lets go back in time to the period between the Civil War and the creation of the Federal reserve Talmudic slavery system illegally, unlawfully erected in 1913.

In the 1860's the traitors on our shores that seized our Organic governance system and converted in to a new Counterfeit system imagined up a new class of inhabitant for America.

Americans were made through questionable legal fuckery in to a subject slave class that the people believe to be equivalent to an Americans! The name of this subject slaves is a United States Citizen.

These crimes were enacted by our so called government officials who operated what we thought was a we the people government in stark violation of the Organic laws of the nation and states.

Fraudulent Acts enabled via fraud, sedition and treason by successive generations of this corrupted government have compounded one on the other such that our governance system has been corrupted beyond recognition such that the republican form of government that we were once promised has not existed for at least 150 years. These crimes against the American people have been fully documented, proven and their effects are well understood by an every increasing number of Americans. As a result of this awakening the silent majority of Americans are ready to act in response to the usurpation of we the people self governance and to reclaim our heritage and destiny.

While a remarkable number of Americans are awakening, most everything many Americans still believe today about their nation and government is a lie! If you couple to this fact that nearly the entire American population suffer from the Stockholm syndrome where the vast majority of Americans have no idea that they have been held all their lives under a condition of mixed war and are operated on as a debt slaves by so called Government for the benefit of foreign powers intent on destroying the foundations on which America was stood upon. In this regard, the vast majority of Americans to this day do not realize that they are being farmed by Government!

Is is an absolute proven fact that so called Corporate De facto State Governments today exist not for protection of the people but to extract everything that they can from the labor of the American people and they do so relying on RICO and fraud. Corporations masquerading as government seek to leave Americans impoverished, without the fruits of their labor and as a result, without the means to challenge the status quo.  

The acts of sedition and treason that have led to our current state of affairs in America and across all fifty nation states were forged under the Lincoln Presidency which laid way for the foundation of the 1st counterfeit United States Government  Corporation under the Act of 1871. Foreign agents of the Crown Corporation of London and the Vatican / Holy See Corps. created this imposter government called United Sates without any lawful authority to do so.

The United States Corporation and its foreign corporate successors are Foreign owned and controlled. This United States has masqueraded as if it were the original Organic states Co-ordinating Federal government for the Country The united sates of America since 1871 which it is not.

This same entity also usurped sovereignty of the fifty Organic nation States without word to the American people. The existing fifty STATE OF "STATE" today are nothing more than UNITED STATES Corp. Sub Corporations. Through these frauds foreign agents have ran America as an Open Air Prison / Human factory farm and they have bled America dry to fund Globalist interests benefiting  the so called One World Order governance ever since. This fact has never been anymore obvious than today.

The counterfeit United States, foreign de facto Government is mainly controlled from London and Rome. Between 1871 and 1933 agents of the couped congress passed "ACTS" to convert the American sovereign people in to  Babylonian - Debt Slaves described below by Edward Mandel House. It in essence collatoralized the people through legal sophistry and fraud [ ].

The funds that have been created from this crime against humanity have fed the creation of a New World Order Globalist Human farming system / slave planet system which has now been expanded around the world!

The Counterfeit United States of 1871 is based on a charter created from a copy of the original Organic constitution that includes notable changes including the removal of the Organic XIII Amendment banning foreign agents from American government [See. ].

In order to enslave the American people, foreign agents of the foreign owned and operated United States Corp. created a new class of citizen,  a Federal Citizen of the DC United States Corporation commonly known today as a "United States Citizen" which is a Federal Citizen as opposed to an American / state National of one of the fifty states [ for more on this subject].

Legal sophistry has been relied on to deny Americans their natural American birthright status which was/is a monumental act of sedition and treason against every American that has lived since the 1870's. Now this scam is understood it is up to the American people to finally right this wrong.

Those that have awakened have a duty their forefathers, to themselves, their families, the future generations to expatriate from the District of Columbia such that they no longer operate as a United States Citizens decedent / debt slave.

As a result of the coup outlined herein millions of Americans have today succumb to operating as targets of foreign agents engaged in domestic terrorism and masquerading as our so called Government. These Governmental agencies are blatantly engaged in extortion and RICO on a mind bending scale.

If you are on this web page you likely have realized that we have arrived at the point in time that we warned about in the Declaration of Independence, and as follows:

WE hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness—That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles and organizing its Powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient Causes; and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.  Such has been the patient Sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The History of the present King of Great-Britain is a history of repeated Injuries and usurpations, all having in direct Object the Establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid World.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public Good....

Law of Nations, §202 p.98., source:

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