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New from the front line!: Awesome update from AVR - click video to access or here (Vid 1 - 4) and our county Safety Committee initiative is launched....  

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It will take a minute of your time to donate to this cause and you can donate as little as a $1 anonymously if you wish!  This pledge will be followed by others on critical issues long plaguing Americans! We have done as much as we can to move and confront these issues! Please help us complete the job.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. Margaret Mead


Our fundraiser is now live!

Help raise funds for awareness . We will be doing a series of videos, each one offering a sum certain to a particular class of people for particular proof of the law.

Initially we would like to raise $5,000 which will be awarded to the first law enforcement officer who can show us where in the law a regular man or woman (not a state employee, not operating in commerce nor a driver by profession) is required to have a license and where in the law a vehicle not used for commercial purposes is required to be registered.

All monies collected will be used for these purposes. This will kick off in USA. The second sum of $5,000 will be offered in U.K., then Australia, then Canada and South Africa (we will be looking for volunteers in those countries when the time arises, either to make the video or to write the script.

Other subjects down the line will include offers to the taxman, the "judge" and the politician.

If you cannot afford to donate, please share - it would be awesome to get these questions answered once and for all kiss




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Here follows the original video and post that sparked the creation of

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Funding Update November 16th 2016



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As of November 16th 2017 through both the PayPal link and the You Caring site we have raised $920.00 for this campaign. We have not yet initiated a major off channel push for funding this campaign for we are waiting to complete a final Solutions Segment on travel before we do which should be completed this week:

A few comments from those that have donated!   PLEASE STEP TO THE PLATE IF YOU CAN! 

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This will be money well spent looking forward to the brainwashing to stop.

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I'm disabled, and wish that I was able to give more. Pain is a daily companion. I believe in this cause, and my family prays that you all are successful in your endeavor to make this a known fact. It would certainly help those of us on limited incomes

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in the name of my friend CWU

3 days ago

Thank you for what you do.

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Are we done yet?

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We're going to overcome with togetherness.

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I'm disabled, and wish that I was able to give more. Pain is a daily companion. I believe in this cause, and my family prays that you all are successful in your endeavor to make this a known fact. It would certainly help those of us on limited incomes."

I will add that I got into this because I was trying to get out of an abusive relationship with four children and knew that I would not be able to afford renewing the drivers' license and registration. Thinking that I might find an exception in the code I read the entire book and found we were not even included to begin with. 

This is a huge burden for people and is specifically geared to revenue generation. Not one cent received from the sale of cars impounded for lack of registration goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles. It is a bounty shared by police departments and impound yards! The question is: who owns these impound yards ?

Besides the financial burden, travelling on ones rights has become a danger. It has become a danger to read and travel in accordance with the law because the FBI sends out white papers to police departments citing "buzz words and phrases" that will identify you as a "sovereign citizen" and a potential danger to officers. This is a tactic being used to protect a valuable source of revenue and needs to be countered. The idea of this video is to get officers to read the law and hopefully realize that they are not enforcing laws they are enforcing policies and as such we are not the danger, the pencil pushing attorneys sending them out are the real danger to all of us!

Please help spread the word. With Love, Jacquie        



What is 'Internal Displacement' from IDP's perspective and what is the method that establishes the displacement of Americans from their natural birth right sacred unalienable rights?

Internal Displacement from the American IDP perspective is where the entire American people on all Fifty Independent Nation states (created as foreign countries) have been unknowingly, unwittingly subjected to a deliberate, unlawful, heinous fraud! A foreign legal process deceptively designed to enslave the American people and pledge our future labor (our entire output and all property) to a foreign power that claims ownership of ALL of our property owned by the people (home, car, children, Bonds, Stocks et al) and that has openly committed to destroying America and the American system of representative governance as was admitted in the Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 read in congress in 1916.  

The process used to enslave Americans was invented and enacted by seditionists and traitors of the CROWN BAR - Holy See - Jesuits et al  [cf. disclosed here] banned from ever taking a government office in America under TONA Amendment XIII enacted in 1810 and ratified by 1819. Ratified more than 100+ years before the enslavement process was enacted in American in 1933 that made all Americans an Enemy of the State and a DEBT SLAVE to the Rothschilds Crown Corporation - Holy See Criminal Cabal enacted March 9th 1933 under the Emergency Banking Relief Act and Trading with the Enemy Act (III). TONA is still law of the land and yet we have 1.2 MILLION BAR attorneys illegally operating in America today and per the law of TONA, they are deemed as engaged in sedition and treason! 

Foreign agents banned by TONA are masquerading as a we the people government. They are running a (pseudo faux) de facto government called UNITED STATES in which its agents have pretended that their foreign bankrupted DC FEDERAL corporation [See Title 28 Section 3002 (15) (A) ] is a we the people organic American government since the 1860's, which of course - it is not. 

This UNITED STATES FEDERAL Corporation was created as a DC limited jurisdiction government ONLY for DC under the Act of 1871. 

Its foreign cabalistic agents have claimed that all the American people outside of its jurisdiction on the land of of the fifth Free and Independent American states all volunteered to VOID their their natural rights to their Organic laws of the land (that took 6,000 years to secure) that created The United States of America and the Union, when they were just a few days old. It has also claimed all the states as if it were the property of DC UNITED STATES which since 1947 is under UN/IMF control since the Breton Woods Accord! This was all done with out any we the people delegated authority! This is also a fraud since DC UNITED STATES only has jurisdiction over the act that created it which is DC now 68.34 Square miles! All other jurisdiction claimed outside DC is a fraud [cf. Search IDP: "In this state, in the state"].

The act of American enslavement is unknowingly enacted by our mothers when they fill out what they are told is a birth certificate hours after they have delivered a new born. The true nature of the document is kept from our parents  which is an act of prima facie fraud and a common law crime involving unlawful conversion, personage et al. Because of this act of FRAUD, sedition and treason Government agents suggest that the American Wo/men as they mature past 18 knowingly, willingly elected to give away their inherent unalienable rights, sacred protections that are birth rights of every American national - state national which is of course a preposterous claim. Of course the CROWN plantation school system never educates Americans on their natural rights or that of status of a US Citizen v a private American nation - state national. After all, you can not be educating a population that you which to enslave! 

BAR attorneys warring with America running US Corporate courts stand on these elections as willing acts of the American people (who have no idea that any of these frauds occurred or that they had any choice to be an American over a DC DEBT SLAVE called a UNITED STATES Citizen). Court Administrators (NOT JUDGES) are knowledgable of these fraud and rely on them to ignore the inherent unalienable rights of the private American nationals and state nationals that through the birth certificate scam were converted in to DC UNITED STATES Citizens which is in fact a DEAD entity, a decedent, franchise. They are never operated on the US Star chamber courts - kangaroo courts as a live flesh blood living wo/man. In this way - the courts treat the people as CORPORATE FICTIONS with no unalienable rights! 

Because of this fraud these de facto government actors - even though they say they have sworn an oath to protect and defend the constitution ignore its protections which were designed to limit the role of Government from acting ultra vires. Ignoring the law allows the COURTS - GOVERNMENT to generate money out of charging us for crimes that are not crimes under American common law system! Unbeknown to Americans - every American has a Foreign Situs TRUST created in their name that accrues in value! It is funds from these Trusts that the Judges/Clerks of the court are looking to thieve! 

What is in fact in evidence is through acts of deceit, sedition and treason our parents were tricked in to signing documents shortly after the birth of a child in which the future labor of a child is pledged to a foreign power (HOLY SEE) that is the traditional enemy of these The United States of America and a free Independent people. The same enemies that we fought at the War of Independence have enslaved us through legal treachery which is why the framers enacted TONA to head off this expected fraud by the CROWN. Because of TONA we now have the parasites in a check mate! 

Government seditionists and traitors banned from every operating in America pursuant to TONA claim that because of the acts of their FOREIGN CORPORATION after TONA that can claim the property of AMERICANS through the birth certificate scam, and that Americans no longer have any rights under the Organic laws that founded America and the states which are under American common law and not subject to the private foreign Roman Civil law - admiralty law of DC!   Of course - these claims are moronic at best yet the BARstitutes stick to them! 

In hindsight the entire claims that Americans have endured since seditionists and traitors infiltrated this nation in the 1860's violating TONA is monumentally legally INVALID for any act based on fraud is legally invalid [cf. FRAUD].   Those enacting these private rules and codes of a foreign corporation NEVER had the delegated authority to enact them over the sovereign American people! It is a maxim of law that the law does not allow for impossibilities and what CROWN BAR agents have enacted over America through fraud, sedition and treason is to impose the impossible! 

To use an analogy,  The FRENCH can't vote Away the Rights of Russians! What the BAR agents claim here is no different! DC is a foreign NATION To the all fifty Independent Nations states of America and yet agents of a corporation in DC claimed that it has the right to vote away the sacred unalienable rights of 300M+ Americans through acts of fraud, sedition and treason and to ignore positive law. The DC UNITED STATES has no lawful chain of titles to the organic acts that founded the nation and never had a claim to CLAIM the American people or the states. The claim is absurd!

Despite the absurdity of this situation - BAR CROWN operated US Private for profit courts OCCUPYING America and keeping Americans in a condition of MIXED WAR are illegally operating in America and their agents still cling to these insane claims and operate on the American people as if we were CROWN DC UNITED STATES SUBJECTS, and as if we do not exist in the real world, as if we are pieces of paper! Last I looked the people came to America to get away from this garbage thinking of the parasites that stand behind the HOLY SEE and CROWN Corps! 

It is time for the American people to ignore that which has no authority over them and that was never created with the peoples delegated authority. The people must go back to the land from where we originated cloaked with our sacred Birth Right protections. People simply need to ignore those that have no authority in entirety and have lost themselves in their own delusions! 

It is through these fraudulent legal mechanisms that the American people have been Internally displaced from their Organic and Natural rights and the American common law. Yet - if we look at the claims of the foreigners foisting them over us and denying us our sacred rights we can see that their claims are a fraud and legally invalid! Everything done to Americans by these seditionists and traitors is based on belief, not law! Its all fraud and legally VOID! Every act by this parasite class post TONA must be reversed! The American people must stop believing in FAUX Government or that it has any authority over the American people or to do that which it has done over the last 150 Years! 

The insanity must end! Please un-learn - re-educate and pass forward

by Admin

NOTE: At this time I have not had a chance to cross reference topics in this text to articles that explain them. However - ALL have been extensively covered. If there is something you do not understand then simply enter it into the search BAR at the left margin!