Internally Displaced People – Solutions

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An increasing number of awakened Americans are unlearning and rediscovering their TRUE history. In doing so they are coming to the bitter realization that we have all been duped by the so called we the people representatives of the DC UNITED STATES Federal Corporation and their STATE OF STATES sub corporations for over the last one hundred and fifty plus years. 

As the American people awaken we are seeing frenzied activity by the Deep State to desperately try and bambousil the people and try and generate a plausible reason for Americans to give up their guns to those obviously behind the false flag and manufactured fear events! The Deep STATE is using every tool in their Hegelian dielectic bag to persuade Americans to commit national suicide and to hand over their weapons! Its not going to happen! 

The same fraud foisted over Americans in regard to the coup of our Organic governance has also occurred in almost every Nation that are now under the Rothschild’s Zionist - Crown - Holy See crime cartel which controls the UNITED STATES Deep State Shadow Government! These are the same criminal syndicates that created the UNITED NATIONS, BIS and other de facto criminal institutions while masquerading as Peace keeping institutions.  The illusion is over and so is the ponzi scheme existence that we have been foisted in to by parasitic people for millennia! It is time to leave the fictional reality and to go back the land and substance! 

The IDP home page breaks down the original ownership of the FEDERAL RESERVE and the UN. The same entities of course own and control all de facto corporations bar a handful, like the DC UNITED STATES, the CROWN BAR et al! Most should see the problem with this set up with out much more explanation! 

The de facto DC UNITED STATES Corporation c.1871 was created with out any lawful chain of title to the four organic acts that founded the American nation. It was created without we the states or people delegated authority who were the only ones that could have organized a National government representing the foreign states with the blessing of the people of the physical states.

The current DC UNITED STATES (cf. Act of 1871) was created with limited jurisdiction over the original 100 Sq. miles of DC, now just 68.34 Sq. miles.

Based on the above one can easily conclude that the UNITED STATES never had national jurisdiction over the Free and Independent sovereign states or the people on those states just as France does not have jurisdiction over Germany and Crispy Creme Inc only has jurisdiction over its premise - and not the people or the building next door under by McDonalds!  I hope the absurdity of what is actually happening in America is becoming clear!  

 The DC UNITED STATES Corporation – may well have called itself Pinky and Perky corporation for it would have had similar rights to the UNITED STATES to claim that it had a lawful right to represent itself as the We the people National government created by the sovereign states at the delegated authority of the American people on those states! Obviously - IT IS NOT and was never - A We the people government! This has been the case since 1868! 

We were all duped and so was the world! Now the nations of the world were rolled in under this fraud and incorporated in DC or London!

The UNITED STATES Federal Corporation was created in 1868 and memorialized under the Act 1871! It has operated as the National The United States of America government without ANY lawful authority since that time. It operates as a DE FACTO government ran by actors violating the Organic law of the land called the TITLES OF NOBILITY ACT and the four Organic acts that found the nation and the Organic Union!  

The only reason it has gotten away with International War crimes and the crimes against humanity that it has done since 1868 is because it was deceptively named UNITED STATES and those that created it have kept this pretense up and over the American people since the 1860’s relying on a similarly couped and paid-off global apparatus and media, international  crime cartel to dupe everyone.

Similarly, those that enacted the coup have couped all sovereign instruments of all nations, creating corporations to run over the United Kingdom, France, Germany! They also created International Corporations operating as if they were Organic peace keeping Organizations like the UNITED NATIONS.  They all are cabalistic entities owned by the same crime cartel engaged in the overthrow of all nations and all national sovereignties. See Section 201, 202

Think of the game monopoly - thats what we have and the Phony Rotshchilds - Crown Corp - Holy See corp controls it all!  However - there is a problem! Until they take down America and the people of all nations their ponzi scheme is not in the bag! Further legally - they do not have a leg to stand on and their plans have already been shredded by diligent people that saw through the International crime cartel starting in America in the 1980's! 

This monumental fraud is memorialized by the US Corporations own documents starting with the Act of 1871. TONA proves those behind this act were engaged in sedition and treason while UNITED STATES HR 1328 prooves the Department of Justice and other private corporate entities masquerading as government verifies that the UNITED STATES is not what we have been told it was.

These inconvenient truths lead determined investigators to conclude that the UNITED STATES AND its numerous CORPORATE agencies including its STATE OF STATE Sub-Corporations over the last 150 years have been engaged in warring against the Constitution and Occupying the American people under a condition of MIXED WAR and all people of the world for foreign criminal trans-national crime cartel.

The conclusion of this reality is that every false presentment issued, every unlawful Summons issued, every man illegally caged, every child stolen, every piece of land or a business stolen and family destroyed was an act of land piracy, treason and sedition enacted under color of office and color of law and everyone is due back what was stollen.

It is now accepted fact among the awakened American people that the de facto UNITED STATES [cf. Title 28 Section 3002 (15)(A) ] was created and is ran by foreign agents operating in league with Rothschild’s Zionists; the Corporation of London, Jesuitical secret societies and the Holy See (Non Incorporated). All of whom were banned from operating in America per the Titles of Nobility Act that became law in America in 1819. It never was and can't be rescinded by an inferior fictional entity! The created is inferior to the creator! 

Trusted government agents aware of these facts have willingly allowed a cabalistic foreign criminal agent to take over the American money system, National and state governance, peoples legislatures, the American Treasury, Hundreds of Millions of American Estates and the The united states of America military and every thing else including EVERY major company operating in America and around the world. All of this is owed back to the private American nationals, state nationals and states! EVERYTHING! Fraud vitiates everything eventually! 

The buck stops at the Holy See Non Incorporated corporation which is directly controlled by Black Nobility families as detailed on the home page of this website. 

These families have been obsessed with creation of a New World Order global government which they have stated they will achieve once they genocide off some 90% of the global population as they have openly advertised to the world (See Georgia Guidestones). The diabolical Agenda for the NWO has been fully exposed in the unlearn section of this website. The awakened believe that the cabal should start geocoding their own families first and then once that has been enacted the rest of us can then decide what we want to do going forward! 

In the meantime - its time to leave Dodge! This solutions section of this site is designed to help those that have awakened to this lunatic reality, have re-educated, un-learned and are now looking to exit the un-holy Roman cult slavery ship (CITIZEN SHIP) - system and create a life in which we all can collectively work together with one another and thrive living outside of the global debt slavery system - Crown plantation as is our right under natural law, International law and the Organic laws of our nation that demand that when government becomes tyrannical – we cease to feed it and we provide for own protection and maintenance as directly expressed in the Law of Nations:

We encourage all that have grown weary of their current condition in which our lives are spent chasing worthless Rothschild’s military debt script currency tokens 24/7/365 and living inside of a mind-controlled society in which the majority of people are just scraping by, to consider where their allegiance lies! To the un-holy Roman cult or to themselves and their families! 

It is time for all Americans to understand their real options in the world. For many, this will mean securing a divorce from the SLAVE SHIP and to find out how to deal with each of the issues that arise in the process of extracting oneself from the global slavery system. 

The following solutions index is a work in progress but will give you an idea of what to expect as we move forward. 






Government and Sovereignty of the American people

Correcting Status, Standing and Capacity

Common law name change

US Citizen status Vs private American national – states national

Dealing with the foreign Situs TRUST 


       Suggested Pre-requisite knowledge and information:


NWO Agenda

Illusion of government - What is government

Democracy v Republic

The Organic Acts that founded America

Act of 1871 - de facto UNITED STATES, Federal Corporation Title 28 Section 3002 

inalienable v unalienable rights 

Unum Sanctum 1302

Cestui Quest Vie Act 1666

Chain of Titile

Titles of Nobility Act, enacted 1810, ratified 1819 - law ever since

Federal Reserve Act - Quote of Edward Mandel House

Money v Military Debt Script, Private Debt Script

Republic v Democracy


So you think UNITED STATES is a country?

      So you think you are UNITED STATES CITIZEN?

private American - private state national

Corporate benefits v Unalienable rights

Liberty v LIBERTY

      private v public

      Unlimited right of the people to contract

state v STATE

Natural law v other forms of "Law"

“In the state, In this state”

Clearfield Doctrine

UNITED STATES -  No separation of Powers, no judiciary, No innocent until proven guilty and BTW - it enslaved you from birth! 

No Judiciary

BAR – British Accredited Registry

Military Martial Process – Mixed War




Right to travel

Driving License v Travel Permit and non de facto identification 

Vehicle v Transport

Vehicle Registration

Using a private Trust to protect your Transport

      Insurance v assurance / Private Indemnity Bond

      Road Tax

Dealing with DC land Pirates (this includes all STATE of STATE costumed private contractors) 

Lawfully oathed de jure Organic state, constitutional peace keepers




      Common-law Marriage v De facto Marriage

Understanding the Marriage Certificate

Children, refusing Birth Certificate

Home Births

      Prussian style Plantation Schooling v Home Schooling

      Divorce and Children


      Bread and Circus & Tools of Mass Distraction, indoctrination, Enter-Trainment, Edu-Trainment


Food Independence [Food]



      Community Gardening

      Nutrition and Nutrition depleted foods



      Dirt – Soil



      Emergency Food

      Impact of Chemtrails on the soil and water


Healthcare & Wellness [Health]


      Truth about Western Medicine


      Wellness v Disease management


      Alternative healing technologies


      Minimizing health impacts of NWO Exotic / energy Weapons


      AIDS,   Morgellons et al

      Military Germ-warfare


NWO Quiet Weapons for Silent wars, Trojan technologies [QWSW]:


     Chemtrail  program (multiple programs including bio-warfare genocide)

     Weather warfare - Owning the Weather by 2025, what can you do about it


     Smart Meters



     Poisoned water (see Water below)


Home, Land and holding on to Property [Property]


     Protection of property (Foreign Trust)


     Defaults and Foreclosure

     Removing a property from de facto Tax Rolls


Dealing with foreign De facto false claims & presentments, Mortgages [Presentments]


     Debt Collectors

     Foreclosure aka Fraud-closure

     Parking Tickets



     Statutory Jury Trial v lawful Trial by Jury

     Establishing a court of record

     Commercial process


     Notary and witnesses

     De facto v de jure notary

     Silence, Acquiescence


     Qualified Written Requests, defaults, commercial process

     Challenging FRAUD CLOSURE presentments


Banking and debt [Banking]


How money really works

Whose debt is the National debt, private American national as creditors to the world are owed Quadrillions! US Corp. is in debt to The united states of America and the fifty Free and Independent Nations states!

Money – what is FEDERAL RESERVE money?

Lawful Money


      Time Banking



Code enforcement – Land Piracy and foreign US Courts on the physical American states [Code enforcement]


      Dealing with De facto DC UNITED STATES & STATE OF STATE Policy Enforcement

Re-establishing Common Law peace keepers / Common Law Sheriffs

US Courts / Federal Courts v lawful we the people courts at common law

Crown Courts across common-wealth nations

Common law Grand Jury / Petit Jury / Grand Jury




      The truth about taxation!

Notices to the IRS / FTB et al

Road Tax

Income Tax


Energy and Utilities


Energy – water independence & Why!

      Truth about Smart Meters

      Getting smart meters removed

      Utilities (Utility double dipping)

      Minimizing Energy Costs and alternative energy

Internet access

Wifi - Broadband

Inernet anonymity – proxy – security




      Poisoned Municipal water – Fluoride

      Pharmaceuticals in municipal Water

      Clean Water Act – leaching of pharmaceuticals and other toxins in to our water system

      Water purification

Distilled water

Water recycling & 100% Water recycling

Water Harvesting

Clean Water Act

Water Harvesting

Water recycling


Alternative Energy Solutions [Alt.E]


Alternative Energy Vehicles [Alt.EV]


Magnetic Power

Fuel Cells


Water Power systems


Insurances v assurance [Insurance]




Employer issues

Employee v Private contract


Re-establishing Lawful National, State, County, Community & Governance

      Common Law Grand Jury



IDP Open Source Projects [Projects]


      Community Food Security Project

      ICE alternative fuel project

ICE Mileage extension project

ICE community ethanol project

Community Energy Independent project

FedNo HOURWorld




Templates (notices, letters, Waiver of Tort et al)







*ICE = Internal Combustion Engine