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An increasing number of awakened Americans are unlearning and rediscovering their TRUE history. In doing so they are coming to the realization that we all have been duped by the so called we the people representatives of the DC UNITED STATES Federal Corporate limited jurisdiction Government over the last one hundred and fifty years (now 68.34 Sq. miles of DC - w/o NATIONAL jurisdiction). 

We have come to learn that UNITED STATES is a de facto Corporate Government [cf. Title 28 Section 3002 (15)(A) ] and was created and ran by foreign agents that included the Rothschilds Zionists; the Corporation of London and the Holy See (Non Incorporated). UNITED STATES was organized with out any we the people knowledge, delegated authority and in absolute violation of the Organic laws that founded the American Nation, the Union and every one of the fifty Free and Independent states. The Holy See is itself controlled by several Black Nobility families as detailed on the home page of this website who obsessed with creation of a New World Order slave planet, the Agenda of which has been fully exposed on this website. 

The solutions section of this web site is designed to help those that have re-educated, un-learned and are looking to exit the un-holy Roman cult slavery system and create a life in which we all can collectively thrive living outside the debt slave plantation.  We encourage all that have grown weary of our current condition to educate themselves on their options for divorcing the anti-life NWO system and for dealing with each of the issues that arise in the process. 

Before we get in to the solutions index here is a brief summary of where we are at. 

Contrary to UNITED STATES and STATE OF STATES government conspiracy theories, all Americans have been enslaved from cradle to grave, by a foreign trans-global, criminal cabal. A tyrannical shadow government and not what we were told we had, a we the people lawful organic government of, by and for the people.  

This parasitic entities unlawfully running the national government and nations states have been asset stripping the Free and Independent states and the peoples estates in violation of American organic law since the 1860's. They have also kept all Americans in a condition of Mixed War from the time during the so called civil war. 

Americans have been groomed to fight foreign Banker wars in this time that have served no American interest. They have in fact been the source of creating world anger and and hatred which is now being directed toward America and the people by nations that once respected America, its people and values - all now destroyed because of handful of parasites that America allowed to fester in the DC Cess pool and manipulate our people and nation/nations states. 

This controllers have deliberatly aided in watching the world turn against America instead of turning on those that are behind this global coup. What the latest home grown Shadow Government manufactured false flag exposes is America's internal DC Cess Pool agencies arming manufactured enemies of the state that will provide the pretext to to further ratchet up Police states America, install Martial law and round up those that stand against NWO and its deffetive SHADOW Government in violation of every Organic Law on which this nation and the fifty Nation states was founded upon. 

The existence of TONA is the Achilles heel to the entire Global un-Holy Roman cult coup of the planet! TONA'd very existence exposes unequivacably that the UNITED STATES Government is a Foreign government and it has been operating private rules and codes on the people as it were the LAW for the fifty Free and Independent states! 

This can be readily verified by the fact that more that two thirds of those in so called government today are operating in violation of TONA which is law of the land. This includes BAR franchisees violating TONA who are operating as IMF - UN members who are have stollen 20,000,000 homes off Americans in the last 20 years; members of the un-Holy Roman cult affiliated through: CFR, TLC, UN; those operating as Foreign lobbyists, all Duel Nationals especially those operating as Duel Israel Nationals serving America up on a plate for Rotshchilds and funding global terrorism and Palestine Apartheid; Banned Secret Society members like Skull and Bones, Masons, Jesuits, Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus et al - Zionists ALL WHICH ARE BANNED FROM EVER BECOMING AN AMERICAN or setting foot in an American government office. Violation of TONA is an act of Sedition and Treason. 

The above proves JFK was on track when he made one of his last speeches warning us about secret societies before being asassinated by the same foreign alphabet agents working for foreign interests to this day as is now obvious to more and more in America and around the world.  Un-American Interests that were implicated in the USS Liberty Attack, 911 and now Vegas! 

It is an obvious fact that the Alphabet agencies are in business to protect the interests of those that couped America and not the American people. This is why the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS hands are connected to virtually every inside job - manufactured fear event - as identified in the TERROR FACTORY that exposes FBI terrorism on the American people!  Everyone knows that every terror event is manufactured by CIA, MI5 and Mossad production carried in aid with other so called "Intelligence Agencies" and now private contractors as with Charleston and Boston. 

If you are un-educated about this plot then we would recommend that you first visit the unlearning and re-education sections of this website that will tell you all you need to know about this reality, how it happened, the proofs and the agenda of the demented crime cartels behind this plot. 

For those ready to unplug and join the awakening occurring across America and beyond, then please see the Partner solution links below. All those listed are fully aligned with IDP on the coup that has taken down America.

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