People of the world, we have all been lied to about everything all of our lives by the same old unholy Roman cult Parasites and their PARASITIC TRIBES, their secret societies - that have been enslaving and stealing off of all humanity for millennia, the ones that put their pyramid of evil on their $1 Debt Slavery Note (Holy See military Debt Scribt - Not lawful Money)! 

Everything we have been told by their Judus Goats (agents) that created their imposter DC enclave ruled by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION that has been masquerading as a nations government de facto and its NWO Mockingbird media is a lie, since its foreign CROWN - HOLY SEE agents couped our nation in the 1860's. The foreign UNITED STATES Corporation was created without any lawful delegated we the people - or states authority between 1868 - 1871 and was the result of a coup of our nation in the 1860's by enemies foreign and domestic (BLACK NOBILITY) as spelled out on this site! 

Today humanity lives in a MATRIX false reality, under a global DE FACTO global VATICAN - Holy See unholy Roman cult., Incorporated world - under Vatican unholy Roman cult rule operated under Vatican FALSE LAW which constitutes VATICAN orchestrated MAN MADE LAW, a bunch of private corporate rules and codes MASQUERADING as law made up by satanists and parasites.  

These private rules VIOLATE the organic foundations of American based on natural law and four Organic acts not to mention the organic acts of each nations state of the Union! 

The UNITED STATES Corp., UK Ltd, FRANCE Corps et al should be considered VATICAN Holy See UNITED STATES Corp., Vatican Holy See UK Ltd., Vatican Holy See France Corp. (same for all nations).

Each de facto Corporation is Occupying the physical land and has enslaved the live flesh blood beings thereon relying on sophistry, constructive fraud, sedition and treason. This system is holding all the people in peonage, slavery under a criminal personage scheme explained elsewhere on this site. 

The agents holding the people in this fraud are the Rothschilds CROWN BAR attorneys, Rothschilds Banksters and their criminal sycophants , all of whom are foisting VATICAN "legal frauds' over 320,000,000 + Independent Nations states (American people). These psychopaths rely a bastardization of the English language that they have used to in effect cast spells over the rest of humanity as exposed here: 

Jesuits control of our society, control of revisionist history, world leaders, banking. legal system: Conditioning of students by the Illuminati: 

If you consider that through biblical principles, we the people were left in Trust of the land to provide for our needs. We the people of America made government to protect the unalienable rights of the people. As Americans gained wealth, the wealth of the nation in effect belonged to the people. Each had a share in that wealth as part of their Estate. Before the unholy Roman cult, each of us had direct control of our own hereditary Estate that represented the property that each of us owned. 

What the unholy Roman cult have done on every nation is created a TRUST that stands between the people and our Estates that they created, owned and control through fraud. The people do not know they have this Estate or trust relationship to the TRUST. 

The Unholy Roman cult claims the TRUST and that we abandoned it and it operates it through our lives. We are never told about our hereditary birth rights and when we die the ESTATES in taken by the STATE! 

By this mechanism the unholy Roman cult through through the apparatus of the Holy See Corp that created the UNITED STATES and The fictional FEDERAL STATES is claiming ownership of all the American peoples Estates that the people did not know exitsed! If the people had direct access the Estates, its gathering value and were educated in its administration then ALL strife on earth would end! 

It is the people of the United Estates that represents the value of America and in effect each has a share of that wealth in Trust. In this way the American people -- the live flesh and blood American people are the credit behind the DEBT money system! To have a Debtor you just have a Creditor! The DC unholy Roman cult UNITED STATES is the debtor in this equation not the American people. 

Under the 1933 Emergency Banking Relied Act the American people were pledged to pay the so called UNITED STATES DEBT. All the debt paid represents the Credit STOLLEN from the America by the VATICAN unholy Roman cult bankers. The CREDIT belongs to the American people NO THOSE THAT STOLE IT!  Anna Von Reitz explains this in much more detail: 

Now you can see how the Unholy Roman cult ran by the Black Nobility have enslaved Americans in this monumental FRAUD! Now you know why the unholy Roman cult and all of its satanist peadophile factions exist behind the couped congress, Masonic Law enforcement, FBI, CIA, NSA, Deep State etc. Now you know what THEY have been doing since the  unholy Roman cult established the UNITED STATES imposter de facto government.  They have been protecting the lie it keeping it hidden. 

If you have any illusions about what stands behind the Roman cult unholy Catholic Church and its agencies or illusions about it eing benevolent then think again! The unholy Roman cult was created to enslave humanity and recover the so called greatness of Ancient Rome ruling its 4th Reich One World Empire from Jerusalem under the iron fist if the Crypto Jews that stand behind the Unholy Roman Cult and Rothschilds Zionists.

Holy Roman Empire Rules Today, note the Bible was the operations manual, see the book of Revelation regarding the beast and the whore, the secret cabal that rules the world behind puppet dictators and "leaders." KNOW YOUR HISTORY; HISTORY REPEATS, THE HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE: is the 1st REICH , 2nd REICH , 3rd REICH & NOW THE NWO IS THE RISING 4TH REICH


They have been up to the same tricks for millennia and have enslaved all of humanity. At least we found out before it was too late!

Read The Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 which is the smoking gun to the conspiracy and 

Birth of the jesuits: 

Typical Jesuit operating procedure: Related- "We bribed parties and politicians who have enticed hate between the nations. Our ultimate goal was to enslave you!" CIA is instrument of Illuminati- 


Further the Vatican Holy See EU, Vatican Holy See UN aka 4th REICH are all instruments of Tyranny and represent the embryo of the One World World Government that the globalists are trying to envelope the entire world. This is why they are trying to reel in Iran and Syria right now that is not under this global slavery system! As for North Korea: This seems to be on the money as far as this researchers finding are concerned: 

 One that the globalists have been trying announce - yet one thing has stood in the way of it since 1776, the American people and then the Free and Independent states and the Organic Americans government! They terminated the Organic American government and set up the Vatican Holy See unholy Roman cult UNITED STATES which got rid of the the problem of the American national government. They then couped the states. They then organized the GOVERNMENT to war on the people yet the people held to the principles and have stood form! Enough of them that is! Now Trump we hope will realize that GOVERNMENT did not go astray IT  WAS COUPED in the 1860's by the unholy Roman cult! That America and the people are the only thing standing in the way of the One World order taking over the entire world system and GEOCODING 90% of the people as exposed at the Georgia Guide Stones! 

To try and understand this FRAUD consider that everyone on ever nation on earth is living in a false reality like the Truman show movie! The people existing in this world of false reality do not know they are in the false reality - but yet we all are! We have been separated from lawful money, our Organic law form, truth, real history and held in this condition through a world of lies.  

After you have made it through this page you may find some of the information on this page helpful - it provides more of the connecting dots that need to be connected: 

The entire Vatican Holy See UNITED STATES has been couped under this secret! The FBI, CIA et al are all in effect operating for this unholy Roman cult! More on this below.  The American populous since the 1860's have been kept under a condition of Mixed War. All POLICE, SHERRIFFS are operating as the MAFIA feeding from this FRAUD. It is sure that those hire in the ranks know exactly what is going on. Each is operating a little thief-dom to benefit from this fraud. It is for this reason that many in so called Law enforcement are in close knit masonic orders.  This writer has experienced the effect of the masonic police brotherhood in Northern California where CHP, POILCE and SHERRIFFS all protect each other and enable each other crimes. 

Regardless - its entire rule over America is a fraud relying on fraud. The Achilles heel of the fraud is exposed here: 

A de facto UNITED STATES government has been unlawfully in place since February 21st, 1871 (Incorporated 1868) created by the CROWN HOLY SEE and the CROWN Corporation of London! It does not actually govern anyone or anything but themselves! Its has NO LAWFUL jurisdiction over the fifty American physical states or the people there on. It only has jurisdiction over its own lawfully contracted members! It is a parasitic entity feeding the creation of a New World Order Global Police State in which the people of the world are seen as the enemy. Sure feels like we are the enemy does it not?

It is a fact that UNITED STATES c. 1871 successor or its fifty DC STATE IF STATE SUB Corps - have absolutely no lawful control over our lives whatsoever yet its indoctrinated actor agents think they have jurisdiction! VATICAN - HOLY SEE - Corp. of London Actors with it any lawful delegated authority over the American people have controlled our lives by deception, lies, sophistry and the failing that, threat of violence. 

Furthermore we have absolutely no influence over the decisions of its foreign CORPORATE agents, or their “ACTS” (as in acting) that they create for themselves which means that no matter what you or anyone says OUR VOTES DO NOT COUNT! Their agenda is set by the Global Shadow Government engaged creating in creating a One World Government as exposed in their own agenda: 

Incidentally - because of Amendment XIII to the Organic Constitution - which to this dat only has XIII Amendments everything enacted in America and the states that violated that the Titles of Nobility Act is legally invalid! That applies to Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and every Presidency of those that came after that violated the Act. It is likely that Donald Trump is the first in the De Facto United States Corp. seat that has NOT violated TONA making him equally suited to taking an Oath to the Lawful Constitution and restoring the American physical states Republic. A BAR attorney is a CROWN Inns of Court franchised member (whether he knows it or not) - aka member of the ABA - that violates the Titles of Nobility of Esq., which is a military Title under that of a knight and BANNED in America per TONA or even banned from becoming an American! Since foreigners can't become Americans TONA exposes the fact that UNITED STATES is an occupying force in America and foreign which further means it has no lawful delegated authority over America! IT NEVER DID! Now you know why we have a DC Cesspool kept in check by blackmail. We are ruled by those that are allowed in to power because they are despicable people that will do despicable things. Those that can be blackmailed to stay silent about what you are reading here. We have the same thing going on in every nation around the world! Everyone has been lifted off their land and placed in to a legal BOX of those held between life and death in a false word MATRIX of lies and illusions. 

“Honest” Abe Lincoln did not Free the slaves - he instead enslaved every American. The UNITED STATES Citizen was created to be enslaved under the Crown - Black Nobility - Holy See - Vatican One World Government fantasy! Lincoln's acts catalyzed in to being the foundation of a system of slavery (CREATION OF THE UNITED STATES CITIZEN) that would include every American regardless of race or gender under the UNITED STATES Corporation, a system of fraud - peonage - personage -  that now has been exported by our enslavers to almost every nation on Earth except what appears to be Iran, NK, Syria, Yemen and Cuba which have ironically been cast as our enemy by the NWO ROTHSCHILDS ZIONIST MEDIA.  If you think that “this is just a conspiracy theory,” you had better read on. Below is the proof that makes this an actual, factual, deep, dark conspiracy proven by just a handful of documents:

Treaty of Verona 1822TONA 1810Act of 1871Comparison of the Organic Constitution with the Corporate Constitution for the IMPOSTER UNITED STATES and the Federal Reserve Act - SLAVERY SYSTEM and original ownership  and the Act that created the Dept. of Justice 1870 - HR 1328

It must be understood by all people that a nation that does not control its own money system & mint its own money is not sovereign - its a slave to who prints the money - which for almost the entire world is the Criminal Triumvirate of the Holy See - Vatican, CROWN Corp of London and the Rothschilds. The UNITED STATES is the muscle behind this mafia triangle! When countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria et al tell the FEDERAL RESERVE crime cartel to go %^&* themselves the Rothschilds CIA - MOSAD go in to cause unrest and the CROWN UNITED STATES military follow in behind to lay waste to the nation and claim it call for the Black Nobility Triumvirate. 

Enemies domestic were unfortunately trusted with OUR GOLD and we the people governance and they sold us out to the creators of the UNITED STATES Corp. 1871 since its founding. The Founding fathers clearly were had their own plot going but when TONA was enacted the fate of America was set for anytime it is violated by FOREIGN AGENTS - be they Jesuits - Zionist or ROTHSCHILDS UN we see the big red flag! Everything they did becomes VOID and we can get to throw them out of tow and restore our nation under the FOUNDATIONS of the Declaration of Independence. ITS THE LAW OF OUR LAND. Snowflakes - die hard liberals (aka SOCIALISTs) get used to the law of the land! If you do not like it go live in the NWO Satanist Capital of the world and steal from each others pockets. We will no longer have you stealing from our pockets any longer. While you are all act - bankers - insurance - politicians aka MONEY CHANGERS get a real job and do some real work for a change. BTW per TONA once violated you can not become an American. You are toast! The District of Criminals is likely the only place for you! ! 

Those than ran the couped congress knowingly sold every American in to an international scheme of peonage and slavery that emanates from Babylonian times as exposed in what is a crime against humanity ADMITTED by one of America's most vile men - Edward Mandel House - who described how that enslavement system would function to another American Traitor Woodrow Wilson: 

The first proof of the pudding of this entire COUP is the existence of the Titles of Nobility Act 1810 enacted in 1819. It further exposes that every agent of the UNITED STATES Corporation and the fifty STATE OF STATE Corporations (US Sub Corps. that have no lawful chain of title or delegated authority over the physical states) that has been OCCUPYING The physical states are engaged in sedition and treason - whether they know it or not and most do not -  for no one can serve a foreign power in American governance by virtue of the enactment of TONA that became law of the land in 1819 which further exposes all those in DE FACTO GOVERNMENT FOREIGN agents and have no lawful authority in America or over America! This includes every BAR attorney, every Duel National Israeli, UN, IMF, Bilderberger, Secret Society et al. Please do the math yourself: 


Who is behind this plot: Black Nobility, Holy See - Vatican - Crown Corp. of London, Jesuits - Rothschilds ZIONISTS. See Unlearn Menu. 

Why should you care: Because those that enslaved you are now genocoding you:  If we do not stop them - one day you and yours may wake up gasping for air or you may not wake up at all! Do you think this is an over reach? ; ; UNITED STATES Imposter Corps(e) Bankruptcy

So how do we end the PYRAMID OF EVIL NIGHTMARE, stop supporting it! DO NOT CONSENT TO ITS AGENTS or PRESENTMENTS. Unlearn, re-educate for everything you have been told is a lie. ALL MAINSTREAM NEWS is a lie. Pass forward. Form a county community safety committee's and Solution Hub

apons-2016-9?IR=T/#-2 ;

The meat and potatoes of the conspiracy

Introduction: Unbeknown to the Six Billion+ People living on Earth today, nearly all have been lifted off the physical land where we should have been living out their lives in peace and harmony, thriving on a land of absolute abundance in a world that can easily accommodate the needs of all life. 

Instead of this heaven on earth existence, people of nearly all nations that have not yet succumb to the unholy Roman cult military and the doctrine of scarcity (Syria, Yemen, Iran, North Korea) have been forced to live from cradle to grave under a Talmudic Babylonian slavery system organized by Nation Stealing Khazarian mafia that have been up to the same old trick for millennia: [cf. NWO, Crypto-Jews-ZIONIST's, 109 Locations whence Jews have been expelled by the natives since AD250 ].  

This includes 300,000,000 + Americans, 85,000,000 in the British Isles and almost all nations on Earth! This parasitic band behind this plot are Talmudic, Luciferian, Paedophile, child sacrificing, murderous psychopaths. This enslavement agenda over America was initiated by the Bavarian Illuminati in concert with the Rothschilds crime cartel in 1776. There meddling in America bore fruit at the civil war where agents of the FOREIGN Crown - Holy See infiltrated the Union Government, collapsed it, organized the civil war and then created the DC UNITED STATES Municipal Corporation which has been operated by the copied congress as if it were the organic American government.

This Roman cult managed corporation created a new status for Americans called UNITED STATES Citizen which is a citizen of he DC UNITED STATES Corporation. By 1933 Americans unknowingly operating as foreign UNITED STATES Citizens were made Enemies of the STATE. The people were tricked or press ganged in to this slave status by foreign agents when the people were just a few days old with out the people ever noticing what was being done to them by executing what they though was a birth certificate. 

The entire Tyrannical scheme that American and the world is under is based on Babylonian Talmudic debt slavery scheme as admitted by Woodrow Wilsons handler - Mandell House as documented on this site (link below). 

However, under the organic laws of the Organic American Nation the entire system is legally invalid. Under the American organic law form given as Amendment XIII of the original we the people constitution a Foreigner can NOT operate in an American Government and impose such foreign laws on the American people. Which means DC UNITED STATES IS NOT AN AMERICAN government and the people of all fifty states have no business being held under its tyrannical rule than they would to be held under the private rules and codes of the de facto Government of Zimbabwe Corporation. Further our Organic foundational Laws are not movable by agents of the DC Corporation! They can write what they want but it has no bearing on the Organic American law system or our law form. 

The evidence is in that Americans from all the fifty states have been foisted under a foreign corporate jurisdiction which only governs 68.34 Sq miles of DC! Let that sink in! Under this tyrannical scheme the UNITED STATES Corporation foisted Americans to wage war on the world for its ROMAN DEATH CULT MASTERS! Now the Corporation is now waging an all out war on Americans and those of the Caribbean using exotic weather warfare technology to name but one weapon system currently deployed in plane site! 

Thankfully - the parasites running the scheme have conceded under the principle of estoppel that the Declaration of Independence is valid and Government is 'by the Consent of the Governed' also supported by the Law of Nations [cf. Sections 201, 202 ]! The people of America do not have to put up with such insanity no matter what parasite entities working for the Roman cult may do or say! 

Therefore, at the end of the day, who in America wants to by governed by the Roman Death Cult which is openly waging war on all life, morality and the very pillars that established America as a stand against the Roman cult and the Monarchial powers of the old world order slavery system.  When Americans find out the truth about what is driving America and waging war on all life and forcing Americans in to an early grave then Americans will do the right thing for America and they will turn world their backs on the Un-holy Roman cult, all of its parasite agents and cut of the crack supply to that un-holy system which is the life blood and labor of the American people. 

The purpose of this site to expose this ongoing and gathering threat and to enable the American people and the people of the world to exodus this matrix of lies, deceit, death and go back back on to the land on which we were all created. 


Here’s a good summary from Preston James about how this grand plan is in the process of being achieved …

Here is a brief list of the various interlocked Cartels that the Khazarian Mafia has created that control America and have been placed under the control of the Establishment Hierarchy, (and not necessarily in the order of importance).

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?

Each of these Cartels is organized into a large system best referred to as the Hierarchy, and the several wrinkled-up old men in wheelchairs that control it are called the “Select Few” by insiders.

  1. The Money Cartel aka the Federal Reserve System, a fraudulent illegal unConstitutional system that prints fake money debt-notes instead of real Gold or Silver Certificates. This is the epitome of RICO crime and fraud. Of course there is no statute of limitations on fraud, and all assets illegally asset stripped can be clawed back some day using the US military, if necessary.
  2. The Energy Cartel aka the Petro Cartel which has provided the linchpin of the US Petro Dollar.
  3. The Knowledge Cartel aka the US Educational system including public schools, private and public universities. Rigid controls have been imposed which prevent free thought and investigation or teaching about certain forbidden subjects like the Federal Reserve System or all the secretly run illegal, unConstitutional practices of the Establishment Hierarchy.
  4. The Military and Intel Cartel which has served as the World’s policemen and used American Soldiers as disposable cannon-fodder. This itself is one of the most sinister crimes against America and is a well-planned attempt to destroy Goyim men and prevent them from defending America from the KM’s “final solution” and final revenge for ever leaving England which is the mass-murder of 90% of all Americans, a repeat of what they did in Russian in 1917 and China in 1945.
  5. The Judiciary, Corrections and Police Cartel which is used to run interference and cover-ups for the Establishment Hierarchy. It is staffed by mostly Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and ex-Jag Officers who serve the Establishment Hierarchy no matter what.
  6. The Big Medicine Cartel. Controls all medical schools, all medical, dental and nursing degrees, the CDC, the FDC and all USG health policies. Like all other Establishment Hierarchy Cartels it serves the Hierarchy’s needs and serves up limited truth about all health problems and is oriented to making people sick in order to gain maximum profits and control of the masses by weakening them and asset stripping them.
  7. The Big Pharma Cartel. This cartel has been designed to work closely with the Big Medicine Cartel in a symbiotic arrangement where each feeds the other and increases business for each other. This is a sinister result of what good be an asset to Americans that has turned bad, becoming a tool to gain major profits at the expense of the health and financial well-being of Americans.
  8. The Agricultural Cartel. This cartel has been created by infiltrating and hijacking corporations that buy, broker and process grains and produce. It is associated with the banks in various financing schemes designed to result in the loss of family farms to become part of large corporate farms.
  9. The Major Mass Media Cartel. This is best described as the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). It uses an American Intel proprietary to vet every single story carried by the six networks which actually function as a virtual and illegal Monopoly. This KM proprietary is a major Investment House that claims to be on the Vanguard of progressive investments.
  10. The Entertainment Cartel. This is based on the sophisticated mind-kontrol served up by Hollywood and the Television networks and movie theaters. It controls the culture, values and mores of the American group mind and and keeps the massed sedated and satiated. When folks experience frequent “shoot em up” action scenario’s sitting in front of large screen TVs and in movie theaters and frequently see the impossible, this satiates their expectations and exhausts their motivation to actually change society for the better. Many have become so “programmed” mentally by the TV and movies that they have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality and easily accept their mind-kontrolled state.
  11. The Bread and Circuses Cartel. This is Big Sports designed to keep the masses appeased so they don’t have time to become concerned about how the Establishment is ripping them off at every level nor any inclination to be motivated to stop them from doing so. Much of the violence and filth in America can be directly attributed to this powerful mind-kontrol system which operates by the power of 60 HZ conditioned susceptibility, hypnosis for many. Hollywood superstars are paid big money because what they do is important to the Establishment Hierarchy, in terms of mind-kontrolling the American masses and much of the world.
  12. The Religious Cartel. Sad to say that the KM has infiltrated and hijacked almost every major religion in the World, including the Vatican and Catholicism, Lutheranism and all the rest. The illegal, unConstitutional 501-3C tax exempt status regulation for churches has kept them in line and restricted them from getting involved in politics or preaching much truth related to evil in the highest echelons of their own governments, local, state and federal.
  13. The Secret Society Cartel. The KM has established a worldwide network of secret occult-based societies which form the secret associations that control almost every major US Institution from the top echelons. This network is closely associated with Intel groups and actually has been secretly deputized as agents of national security which gives them immunity from any prosecution. This Cartel uses various occult groups in its network such as satanic cults like the Process to do its dirty work, often assassinations, gang-stalking, secret break-ins and other crimes for the Intel Agencies who want distance and deniability. There are cases where certain occult members who have embarked on missions to assassinate targeted individuals who have been clipped by a well-trained intended target and these incidents never get into the light of day for what really happened. As more and more Americans are becoming armed under the new concealed carry “shall issue” laws, it is not so easy anymore for these occult groups to assassinate targeted individuals without getting clipped in the process.
  14. The Government and Politics Cartel. This involves a coordinated system that controls all government in America, local, state and federal. Various manipulations are used to bring conformity to the wishes and edicts of the Establishment Hierarchy such as political favors, bribery, human compromise and even harassment, threats and assassinations often disguised as medical illnesses.
  15. The Arms Cartel. This is one of the biggest money makers for the wealthy KM families that own large blocks of stock in these defense contractors, especially those with no-bid contracts which are also involved in kidnapping and sex-slavery. War is extreme profitable for the FRS Banks and these KM investor Families. And that is why the Hierarchy pulls so many strings to hire mercenaries to conduct Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag attacks in order to start illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars. Because the Russian Republic has checkmated this war-making process in the Mideast, it is likely that the KM is planning on transforming America into a large GAZA II war-zone and eventually into the World’s largest open-aired prison camp while they complete their goal to depopulate America by 90%.
  16. The Narcotics Cartel. This is the most lucrative KM Cartel in America of all, next to the Money Cartel, which is the “head of the snake”. Retired DEA officials have privately spoken out and claimed that most of the large Wall Street banks would go under in a month unless they could launder the vast fortunes obtained from the Establishments with their international drug trafficking, especially into America. The richest, top Establishment Hierarchy (KM) families who are in the upper crust dress with the most expensive clothes, live in big mansions, and attend charity events and give token amounts from their vast tax exempt charitable foundations pretending to be caring folks, when they are actually the most two-faced and evil of all, and directly gain from the enormous drug cartel profits which they hid in these tax exempt foundations and draw money out as long term loans and “operating expenses”. This vast illegal drug income is split with the Intel agencies, who use it for black ops money and personal gain.

Having organized and occupied critical centers of global power, as stipulated above, gave them the opportunity to rewrote everybody’s history books to prevent us from retracing their sordid past.

This humongous closely guarded secret is their Achilles Heel, and the massive expose about their true history will crash their empire down.

We are all, herefore, cordially invited to join the global resistance and are all enjoined to take action within our means.

The solution to the problem faced by 300,000,000+ Americans today is the same as when one is in a bad marriage. One simply leaves.

This is exactly what more than 300,000,000 + Americans must now do to to save their souls and our nation from the foreign criminal parasite class based in DC, London et al.  What has recently been exposed makes it clear that at least 1/3 of what people believe to be their government are engaged in Pedophilia and much, much worse! Understand that the Rothschilds MOSSAD - CIA - MI5 that help orchestrate the global system operate are tied to Talmudic satanic belief systems, spurned by 1666 Sabbatean-Frankist Illuminati exposed in the unlearn section of this site. Also see here: Their is more than enough evidence on the facts that the ruling Elite are Satanists that includes 1/3 of the DC government at the highest levels. 

It is time for Americans to make an exodus back on to the land - out of DC - from where Americans were Press ganged in to when a few days old caused by our mothers unwittingly signing what the American people thought was a birth certificate. Americans are now on mass realizing that we are being ruled by an extremely evil people that have used America and are at this time actively genocoding America and the people across the world using Silent Weapons - Quiet Wars technologies and an illegimately deployed military.  

Since March 9th 1933 UNITED STATES Corporation Emergency Banking Relief Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act, all Americans have been press-ganged in to a slave status shortly after birth, into FALSE REALITY system, as a legal-fiction, within a PRISON PLANET operating with the title of a UNITED STATES Citizen. In this status the people were pledged as property to the DC TALMUDIC UNITED STATES Corporation! 

The foreign controllers of the de facto couped congress made all Americans an Enemy of the State! Since the so called civil war Americans have lived under Emergency War Powers of FOREIGN Corporation created to enable the Corporation to THIEVE the life energy of Americans. The imposter UNITED STATES running America since prior to the so called civil war is in fact a parasite entity that feeds off Americans and the STATES for foreign wholly criminal interests looking to subjugate the world in to a One World Government. 

A good description of the American and world system can be found here written in the words of one of America's most evil men. [cf.        NWO, US Inc., American Traitors, Edward Mandell House, Trading with the Enemy Act and Emergency War Powers ].

For those just discovering the very real problem facing humanity - we have attempted to present to the reader core information on the most relevant problems that confront us and some of the history to the false reality we are in.  To explain how we got in to this mess however is not the purpose of this website. The complexity of the ancient coup is in itself a mind numbing research project that has taken the writers of this site decades to unravel. The purpose of this site is to focus on the solutions for humanity so that we can all walk away from the Prison Planet system and leave the evil doers to rule over their dark satanic selves in their own foreign legal jurisdictions - which in the USA is ONLY Washington DC. 

It is our hope that  there is enough here to inspire the majority that land on this website to get off their arse - unite with others similarly awakened and save their own souls! What happens from here on out is down to you the reader and those that you engage with in your physical communities.  You will find a great deal of supporting information about the cult THAT HAS overthrown and enslaved humanity in the unlearn section of this site. To go deeper in to the esoteric, ancient knowledge may we suggest that you follow this link:, and to discover who is behind the overthrow of humanity follow these links:        THE PLUTOCRACY CARTEL, AN ENTRENCHED GLOBAL ELITE OF VAST WEALTH HAS SPREAD ITS TENTACLES OVER THE EARTH WIELDING EXTRAORDINARY POWER OVER WORLD AFFAIRS ;        Our Enemy, The State: 1, How The State Tyrannizes Its People .

Make no mistake, the so called civil war was a coup of America by the Unholy Roman cult and their sycophant monarchial criminal powers that could not stand the thought of America being controlled by a we the people Representative government as opposed to a Monarchial Papal puppet like the rest of the Western World at the time. This is why the high contracting powers set about to destroy the we the people American governance system as they laid out in the Secret Treaty of Verona. What is further not well understood is that at the War of Independence, Americans captured the 4th Crown of the un-holy Roman cult and the people therefore post the war existed - TO THIS DAY on a status equal to that which we conquered. At his defeat King George was King of England and the Prince of the United States of America... considered the Divine Providence and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America, which was the title used in the Treaty of Paris.

In the lead up to the so called American civil war, Americans were increasingly prosperous, highly educated benefiting from what is known as a classic liberal education. To the disappointment of the High Contracting Power Americans had escaped from the millennial old world order control and slavery systems of the un-Holy Holy Roman cult. Americas success was to spell the end of the Roman cult for they realized every other  nation would have emulated the American system which is why they set out to destroy the American Representative Republic system. America was never intended to operate as a Democracy!  

Before America was couped it had evolved in the Antebellum Period to the point where Americans clearly understood their Natural Rights and enjoyed God Given Rights - un-alienable rights. These rights manifested in a real money system, equitable and common law based we the people governance. They enabled the ownership and transfer of property. Property was held under allodial title.  Peoples rights to life, liberty, equality, and the right to hold, enjoy and own property and the pursuit of happiness was unquestioned and sacred in America. 

When the people were busy enjoying their newly found freedom and prosperity as a result of the we the people governance and money system that we created, a parasitic class of Talmudic - Zionist - Jesuits - Masons - Satanists long plotting against America triggered what people thought was a civil war.  It was in fact an orchestrated coup of the nation and states by the parasitic enemy of America exposed in the secret Treaty of Verona 1822. The trigger event was not Slavery as the rewriters of history would have Americans believe but the Wall Street Money Powers.  Looking at the real fact and causes of the 'Civil War', the conflict between 1861 and 1865 would best be named 'THE TAX REVOLT of 1861'. For the succession of the Confederate Southern states was brought about by a draconian 250% increase on the tariffs on cotton. The 250% increase in cotton tariffs, who Abe Lincoln favored, caused the South to be forced out of the Union due to the extreme financial hardship caused by the draconian cotton tariffs imposed by Washington DC and Northern money interests forced by the foreign money powers looking to coup the nation relying on collapsing the money system. 

The coup resulted in all American private nationals - state citizens being re-classicified in to a fictional alternative UN-AMERICAN status as a  UNITED STATES Citizens which was a creation of the foreign owned couped congress, not a creation of a we the people American government. 

Again, United States Citizen is NOT a we the people creation. The American people were foisted under this un-Americans Corporate status and  in to what is a Babylonian orchestrated 'legal slavery system' - that is best likened to existing in the Game of Monopoly as if it were the real world. Since people operate in this false reality all their lives they have no idea that there is an alternative reality in existence! They do not even know the lawful rules of how the real world system is supposed to operate! 

Today, this Monopoly like false reality operates ABOVE the real word as a fictional layer! This layer operates over every plantation NATION on Earth. It has created plantation states', planation municipalities and planation PERSONA's for all of the people that are all FICTIONS!  

The world monopoly game that we now operate within is as a fictional overlay (operating as if it were the Organic we the people country, which it is not). We operate with in it as a player with out most ever knowing this! The overlay is a Corporation that looks and sounds just like the original country name and governance system i.e. UNITED STATES with one not so subtle difference - IT IS NOT OUR GOVERNMENT and those running it are not our representatives!  Nor are the Fifty STATE of STATE equivalents on the Organic we the people Nation states our physical state governments - they are sub-corps of the UNITED STATES. All these Corporations are operating as NATIONS are BANK owned privately owned corporations under the privately owned and operated VATICAN HOLY SEE Corporation.  

Same for UK (Ltd.), FRANCE, GERMANY et al. The people on the lands where these corporations illegally rule were SNATCHED by the Bank when they were a few days old and in simple terms operated on as BANK PROPERTY without any meeting of the minds, consideration, disclosure, acceptance of the contract by two parties - aka LEGAL FRAUD. The people as babies were pledged to Corporation while at the birthing Hospitals through the use of a birth certificate scam (LEGAL NAME FRAUD). Our parents were unwittingly tricked in to pledging us, their children to the BANK by signing what they thought was a birth certificate. This heinous fraud was enabled without any lawful authority to do so or disclosure to the parents for the consequence of this fraud. 

Under the common law of the land the act was a FRAUD and is legally invalid.  Through this fraud - People are born - not in to life but in to a slavery system - peonage - in to a fictional reality that is as false as the game Monopoly! People live in this fictional overlay from cradle to grave most not knowing they are in a false reality where the bank funds the game with false money, using a false legal system, and where bank agents run around in costume pretending they are government, Police, Sherriff's, judges.  Since no one knows any differently = the people have assumed this is how it is supposed to be! They have become conditioned in to accepting this false reality when in fact - IT IS NOT THE WAY WE THE PEOPLE GOVERNANCE was intended! We were not intended to live as slaves to Rotshchilds ZIONIST BANKSTERS! 

The Bank owns and controls everything in this false reality including the false narrative on TV, all media. It even controls the ALL CAP Names  of the Players (The name on your government mail that you thought was you) - which NAME is in fact a Bank owned foreign situs TRUST's created through the birth certificate scam. 

These TRUSTS accrue value for the Banks over our lives the more the player plays in the false economy monopoly system using false monopoly money, such that all the property owned by the players is actually the property of the Bank. EVERYONE in the system works for the Bank whether they know it or not which is in fact farming the people for the Bank owners to fatten up the TRUST accounts before the BANK helps kill off the people through silent weapon Quiet weapons technology deployed in plain sight. The Police, the Judges, The Monopoly Government - also being terminated by the plantation owners - are all operating under BANK created and owned corporations and every cent moving through the game goes back to the BANK one way or another. 

Every so often the Bank will take the money out of the game like they did in the 1890's, 1900's, late 1920's - 30's using arbitrary rules to bankrupt the players so they have to give their property up to the Bank which allows the bank to operate more and more property and business under its global holding structure of several hundred thousand corporations under BVANK control. By deliberately churning of the system the Bank exercises more and more control over everything. Since the bank owns nearly everything in this false reality it expands and crashes the system to make the game for the players harder and harder to keep everyone distracted, confused, stressed and ill. This keeps everyone busy such that very few  ever figure out the game is rigged and cannot be one playing the BANK. That they are playing a game and not actually really living in Life. 

The longer the bank can keep people in this false reality illusion, the more the BANK can continue building its parallel civilization which it has been doing for decades. The new game that it is creating - ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT - NEW WORLD ORDER - will give the bank even more control over humanity remaining that are not genoocided in the next ten years. The USA has been forecasted to end up with less than 49,000,000 down from 320,000,000 today according to military Industrial Complex numbers. The people that survive the deliberate culling will again be tricked in to the new false reality through more lies and manipulation. 

In the new false reality the BANK will control genetics, our food, the people, the water, the electronic money system, the media, the land, the planation code enforcers et al and the people will be under absolute totalitarian control and forced in to  tiny cities while the BANKSTERS will own the world and all of the land (Agenda 21 - Agenda 2030).   

The truth is, the real money - real law - exists outside the monopoly game the bankers have us foolishly playing, that which is kept out of view of the people on the Monopoly plantations. As long as the BANK can keep people in the false reality it can and will TAKE EVERYTHING - from the people their entire lives,  their labor, children, property and the Bankers class will never have to do a days work and will continue to sponge off us all and live high on the Hog like they have been doing for millennia at the peoples expense, while millions die un-natural deaths and millions languish in jails funding the monopoly banking system. 

Now the Bank knows the people are waking up, they are trying to kill off 90% of the all people and make the deaths look like a natural disease, event or a natural occurring WAR caused by another Pentagon owned and operated useful idiot dictator. 

Thankfully - the people are realizing that they have been played - the Monopoly BANKSTERS made it all up - the wars - the diseases - the weather wars, the false news, the manufactured fear events.... ITS ALL A LIE! EVERYTHING! 

If the people were to realize they were in a GAME and not living LIFE the way we should be doing, then the people could easily on mass leave the game and the BANKERS would be finished over night! The Bankers know this so they try ever harder to keep the people in the game distracted with potential addictions for sex, alcohol, food, sports, false reality, drugs.... they deliberately - corrupt - the dumbed down populous! 

The choice to stay dumb and enslaved in this false reality is now a choice people will have to make - especially when the information that proves this is our reality is all around us! 


The Greatest lie every told and what does it all mean!

Our mission at IDP is two-fold; to introduce the awakening to THE GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD and the single biggest threat to humanity;  and secondly, to connect those that are committed to EXITING what people will realize is an anti-life, anti-human system, that is unlawfully already controlling nearly EVERY aspect of our lives and destroying our planet through orchestrated weather warfare technology now being directed at peaceful people trying to scrape a living across America and other nations.

The world debt slavery system that we exists under was created with out our knowledge or the authority of Six plus Billion people on this planet now under its tyrannical control. One in which the people of the world and each nation were press-ganged in to, then placed in to a life of peonage and indentured servitude without consent or lawful consideration! 

Lets us first consider the second part of the opening question. 

Lex fori is the forum for a particular law system. In simple terms the 'Lex Fori' for the Puerto Rico created, foreign owned, UNITED STATES Corporation [cf. Title 28 Section 3002 (15)(A)] and each of the fifty District of Columbia UNITED  STATES - STATE OF STATE sub-corporations is limited to the of the District of Columbia. Note the current District of Columbia UNITED STATES has no chain of title to the organic we the people The United States of America, United states (cf. created through the Treaty of Paris). The imposter UNITED STATES Puerto Rican Corporation is merely masquerading as the We the People The United States of America lawful organic government that has not existed since the 1860's.

The  foreign agents (operating in violation of TONA) of the DC mutual UNITED STATES corporation have manufactured some 60,000,000+ foreign private rules and codes to extort labor, rights and property out of Americans NOT SUBJECT to the rules of the foreign Puerto Rico corporations unlawfully running America, aka their corporate bye-laws that only apply to legitimate corporate Federal employees of these private foreign bankrupted Corporations and their sub corporations.  What can be considered to be its corporate membership. That is membership  of the UNITED STATES Corporation and its fifty primary sub-corporations' aka STATE OF CALIFORNIA, STATE OF WASHINGTON, STATE OF ARIZONA  et al) and some 180,000 other sub corporations as exposed by Walter Burien of and in the movie Corporate Nation

The UNITED STATES Corps. and its DC Sub Corps. operate under private foreign corporate rules and codes ONLY which only lawfully apply to corporation members operating in the lex fori  of the corporation - in the same way that rules of a private country club would only apply ONLY to members lawfully contracted to that PRIVATE club. It stands to reason that the rules of a private club could not apply to non members that do not frequent the private club or that are not on club property. 

The foreign DC corporations private rules  and codes often known as statutes by officers of these corporations is not Law of the land. They do not apply to the people on the physical states outside of DC, i.e. on the physical California state, Washington state, Arizona state respectively.  

The lex fori of the physical people on the physical sovereign states is English-American-common-law and English - American-Exclusive-Equity? These are the laws for real men with arms and legs - as opposed to PERSONS - which are legal entities created by de facto government with out our consent or knowledge. The system treats we the people as if we were things bound by statutes which are are the rules that apply to  ens legs or legal entities (PERSONS)! 

What you will now realize if this is news to you is that statutes are being foisted on Millions of people millions of times a year through legal frauds that includes the common law crime of personage? You may be wondering how this state affairs came to be... 

“Our corporate form of governance is based on Roman Civil Law and Admiralty, or Maritime, Law, which is also known as the ‘Divine Right of Kings‘ and the ‘Law of the Seas'”

This FEDERAL, corporate, foreign, de facto government that has been unlawfully in place since February 21st, 1871 does not actually govern anyone, or anything but themselves! It is a fact that they lawfully have absolutely no control over our lives whatsoever yet they control our lives by deception and lies. Furthermore, we have absolutely no influence over the decisions of these foreign agents, or “ACTS” that they create for themselves which means that no matter what you, or anyone says OUR VOTES DO NOT COUNT! You know what else this means? It means that “Honest” Abe Lincoln not only lied and deceived the world about “freeing the slaves,” but he catalyzed in to being the foundation of a system of slavery that would include every American regardless of race or gender. If you think that “this is just a conspiracy theory,” you are wrong. Below is the proof that makes this an actual, factual, deep, dark conspiracy.

So lets now turn to the first part of the question!  

This global criminal syndicate that runs the planet through legal fraud is made up of an all powerful Triumvirate, a De facto - Tri-STATE power controlling Incorporated Sovereign nations, a world of Nations incorporated by criminal banksters, without knowledge or disclosure to the people. The crime syndicate controls the world through the following triumvirs; The Crown (aka Corporation of London orchestrated by the Rothschilds Zionists and other Crown Corp. of London syndicate owners, which control the global money system and global legal system. The later being operated out from the Crown Temple Inns of Court; the second leg on the stool is the Vatican, un-holy Roman Cult orchestrated by the owners of the Holy See Corporation, like the Corporation of London, it is largely orchestrated by crypto jews since the coup of the Vatican between by Jewish Secret - Masonic Societies between 1958 - 1965.  Jesuits steer numerous global secret societies to aid the criminal Triumvirate to achieve its One World Order mission. The Rothschilds RICO act as treasurers to the Vatican un-Holy Roman cult system which is bolted at the hip to the CROWN BAR legal system; and  Thirdly, the military and global propaganda wing of this Triumvirate, is the entity created in the Vatican enclave of the District of Columbia Cesspool, which operates the Crown Vatican Corporation that has since the 1860's masqueraded as the Lawful National de Jure The United States Government of America and the organic Union which it is no such thing! This third leg of this stool is the Vatican - Crown created UNITED STATES  Corporation created by the Act of 1871 in DC. It was created as a DC mutual government - NOT a Government for The United States of America. It has no chain of title to the Organic Acts the created the organic American government or the American Union! It is an imposter as revealed here: 

The criminal Triumvirate has through a monumental legal fraud lifted all people out of a lawful civil system of sovereign nations and sovereign people and placed EVERYONE in a fictional debt slavery system that has placed virtually every one in a condition of "MIXED WAR". 

The foreign owned and operated DC UNITED STATES Corporation [cf. Title 28 Section 3002] has been under the control of foreigners banned from government under Organic law of The United States of America as will be shown below.  Since it Coup the great Republic the chief role of US Inc. has been to manufacture dumbed down order takers (Service sector Corporation slaves and canon fodder). Those suitable to staff the Vatican jesuitical NWO military controlled from the jesuitical managed Pentagon. 

An quick examination of those running the US legal and Military system will reveal its under Jesuit indoctrinated generals - NWO indoctrinated individuals. It has been reported by those in the system that the war colleges have for a long time been indoctrinating recruits with NWO philosophy instead of with the virtues of the American Representative system of government that sent the Vatican - Monarchial system in to a tail spin which resulted in their war plan to destroy America's representative government system as exposed in their Secret Treaty of Verona 1822 war plan exposed in congress in 1916 be Congressman Curtis. Whistleblowers have also reported that the The UNITED STATES War schools in fact teach the newly indoctrinated that the founding fathers were terrorists! Is it any wonder why the US military has turned on the American people as we can see with the weather warfare being waged on the entire North American continent and especially the East Coast at this time! 

The Crown - Vatican controlled UNITED STATES Corp., works hand in hand with the military Industrial complex  which largely runs the entire US plantation Media - propaganda - Psychological Warfare and indoctrination systems that has been increasingly blanketing The United States of America as media competition has been stifled by Zionist ran corporations where only six global mass media operators now remain in America all pumping out NWO propaganda and lies. The Operation Mockingbird media across TUSA and US - Crown Controlled foreign corporate planation like Germany et al are by the CIA as has been admitted by senior media operations in foreign nations like Germany and across the US as exposed on this site.  

The Anti-American propoganda and indoctrination system that Americans think is an American oriented school education system is in fact openly socially engineering (psychological warfare) American children to prepare them for acceptance of the NWO as spelt out on this site [cf.    ].  Before the NWO can be risen here in America, America must be made morally bankrupt which is currently what is happening to America as further exposed on this site. 

The entire UNITED STATES education system imposed on America was a creation of the criminal Cabal orchestrated Tax Exempt societies and the Anglo-American think tanks like Fabian, Tavistock and Rand and modeled after the Prussian Education system. The Prussian education system was designed to manufacturer NOT critical thinkers, scholars but order takers (canon fodder) that could be counted on to go fight illegal Bankster wars, NWO expansionist wars as Wesley Clark exposed in his - seven countries over five years video [cf. Norman Dodd exposes the satanic influence of the Tax exempt societies on America]. 

IDP is working to terminate plantation-indoctrinated, programmed-ignorance about our real world, and bring together those now consciously dealing and awakening to what will one day be known as THE BIGGEST LIE and the single biggest threat to Humanity's very existence. A threat now underscored by the shadow Government War NOW being secretly waged on East Coast Americans' and those across the Caribbean through open and obvious use of Weather Warfare technology [cf. aka New Manhattan Project c/o US Inc., PG&E, MIT, MITRE, CIA, RAYTHEON, DOD, NATO, CIA, CFR, TLC, Club of Rome et al] controlled by CROWN - Vatican owned and operated UNITED STATES Corporation military (USAF, USN) which are in fact Crown Corporations Head Quartered / Registered respectively in South East England.  Think about that if you have a family member in the military working for the anti-human NWO! 

Those that have over recent years un-learned, re-educated... are the most able to collectively develop and deploy the solutions that will enable humanity to mitigate the gathering threats facing more than Six Billion people. Threats that include the realization that UNITED STATES Inc. is one third party to a global criminal Triumvirate that has been waring on the American people (and the world as its doing right now for foreign interests - NOT AMERICAN interests) since the 1860's and has for decades. In this time it has been developing silent weapons technology FUNDED by the American taxpayer that the USN and USAF staffed by Americans has now FULLY directed back at the American people and no doubt their own families, wives, children, mothers and fathers. Now you know why the CROWN Plantation school system does not work. If you want people to wage war on their own people then you want them to be really dumb, stupid and void of morality. Same goes for drone pilots that can't see to realize that if extra-judicial murder is illegal here its illegal everywhere! A corporation does not get to say its not! Natural law does not go away because Satan is driving the bus! 

The global criminal triumvirate described herein is responsible for the most horrific deaths of somewhere in the order of five hundred million people since the Roman cult began its war of dominance on humanity. Its crimes are fully exposed on this website. 

It should be noted by all that the Global Warming Fraud was an invention of the Parasite controllers to mask a Global Population Genocide program designed to terminate the people that could rise up and challenge the NWO agenda.  The doctrine of scarcity is a doctrine operated by the Vatican to keep humanity impoverished, in need, controlled and unable to wake up! The truth is - their is an abundance of everything that everyone needs to thrive! Report from Iron Mountain, Kissinger Memo 200, Salient Weapons for Quiet Wars, Protocols of the Lernid Elders of Zion, Bankers Manifesto, Requiremento 1513, Jesuit Blood Oath, NWO Agenda 1969, NWO Agenda 1776 should should help the reader in re-enforcing all that has been presented in these few paragraphs.

Its should be noted that global depopulation program and the Rothschilds puppet Soros Immigration program going on in The United States of America is a Crypto Jews,  BIS, FED, UN, Bilderberger, Club Or Rome (all Rockefellers, Rothschilds - Zionists) MISSION to destroy predominatly White Christian Nation that present the biggest threat to the NWO with a strong America presenting a monumental problem to their global slavery - genocide plan. 

It should be noted that the global Warming scam and the  CO2-theory was false from the beginning – launched by Edmund de Rothschild at the 4. Wilderness Congress in 1987. Hear him from the 30:50 min. mark. Further note that the Rothschilds have invested heavily in Weather informatics: 

The GEO-ENGINEERING program that government has for ten plus years have been denying does not exist even though we can see it ongoing over our heads has been sold to de facto leaders as a program to combat NON EXISTENT global warming which in reality is an Depopulation program. The global Geo-engineering program relies heavily on the Military Industrial Complex [MIT, MITRE, CIA, RAYTHEON, DOD ] that happened to conveniently develop over decades Trillion's of dollars worth of very expensive technology that it conveniently now uses to poison our air, land, water while enabling US Inc. and their NWO sycophants to wage weather wars on the American people and the people  across the world which co-incidentally generates TEN FOLD earnings for cabal companies funding geo-engineering.

What is self evident is the program directly fits into the NWO agenda planned as far back as 1776 by the Bavarian Columbia Illuminati that has direct connections to the founders of the foreign privately held FEDERAL RESERVE system that has long been waging war on America [cf. ; ].

People of nearly every Nation on Earth have from the 1st civilizations until now been enslaved and imprisoned within an invisible control system (what some call the Matrix). One that lifted the people of the land in to a fictional legal (not LAWFUL), money (military debt script of a private Crown - created and controlled corporation) system to bind us all in to 'un-natural world system' in which arbitrary UNLAWFUL rules are foisted on us by a parasitic 'Priesthood'  - who operate above and outside their private rules and codes, and violate natural law and our organic natural 'law of the land' we the people system  which founded America. 

Order takers have for far too long taken orders from what people have wrongly assumed is a lawful governance system or bona-fide authority that operates outside of the law of the land that the people wrongly assume is still in effect.  Traditionally this assumed ruling 'authority' was a Monarch or in more recent times in America, a de jure government.  In modern times, people have automatically assumed  that the de facto controlling authority operates through an assumed bona-fide chain of title to those governances established by we the people.  This site will expose the truth about what is really going on under the US Governance system and THEIR justice or what more accurately is referred to as the In-Just-Us system that 320,000,000+ have been unlawfully press-ganged into with out the American peoples' knowledge or consent. 

This in America and England is despite the people making it abundantly clear - through the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence that we are all Free and Equal, and "That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Each phrase is full of meaning: “We hold these truths to be self-evident” – The great truths contained in the Declaration stand on their own. Now - whether the four organic acts that founded America were worth a grain of salt is irrellevant.  Generations of Americans have been told in plain language that they were free and equal and accepted a contract by government agents that we are all free and equal and thats why Americans  fought bankster wars not knowing we had been lied to... now - if governments agents want to come forward and tell the American people face to face that we were used, abused lied to then good luck to those agents! While they are at - those engaged in sedition and treason had ought to find another nation to live in for when the American people find out 90% of their so called Governments are staffed by those engaged in Treason and Sedition these last 200 years then they may not be terribly pleased! This is the organic Amendment to REAL constitution that the US Inc., and the CROWN BAR agents tried to bury. ITS THE LAW OF THE LAND and every act by the couped congress is legally invalid for fraud. This topic will be dealt with in depth on an article called Amendment XIII and FRAUD VITIATES ALL CONTRACTS, OATHS and TREATIES. 

The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment
To The Constitution For The United States of America

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them." [Journal of the Senate]

so why is the UNITED STATES ran by duel Israeli Nationals, and CROWN BAR Agents... CFR, TLC, UN, Bilderbergers, knights of malta, Jesuits, Knights of Columbus, Masons, Skull and Bones, serviced by National and International Lobyists WHEN ALL INDIVIDUALS THAT WERE MEMBERS OF SUCH WERE BANNED FROM AMERICAN GOVERNMENT?.... lets that sink in... we will visit this on another page!  IN SHORT: Obviously UNITED STATES Federal Corp. is NOT AN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT - it is foreign! [Reader suggestion: Image search East India Corporation Flag, Q. 620,000 were lost in the Rothschilds American civil war, why did we then adopt the flag of the Nation we just defeated. What would people have said if we adopted the Swastika after WWII? ].

It is evident to awakened self-educated souls that a parasitic ruling elite have colluded for millenia to keep humanity bound within a MANUFACTURED false paradigm that was insidiously constructed by a shadow government cabal existing since at least 1776 (Columbia Illuminati created 1776 and US faction, Skull and Bones 1832, created at Yale) and deployed by cabal selected leaders with one purpose. To enslave humanity such that a parasite class could extract use of our labor and life force, using America and its people as a resource deceived in to to building a global NWO (nearly completed) with control of all Nations. At completion the NWO plans to descend the planet in to turmoil, kill off 90% of the planet and reveal a One World Government, One world religion and one world Electronic monatary system! NO THANK YOU! 

Parasitic shadow government controllers since the 1860's created enter-trainment [print media espousing lies since the 1860's cf. John Swinton] and edu-trainment systems [cf. Mockingbird media] to make sure the people remained; ignorant, deceived, dumbed down, servile, terrorized, impoverished, warred upon (physically and Psychologically - cf. MIXED WAR), socially engineered, kept - unwell, - poisoned, in peonage, - enslaved, - DISTRACTED by bread & circus, distressed, emotionally and physically stressed, and ever increasingly taxed to where the average wo/man now only retains as little as 3% of what is created from our labor, if that while the controllers have added trillions to their wealth!  

This system uses it wealth and media resources to Psychologically war upon humanity 24/7/365 using the most sophisticated technologies known to man. All designed to keep us from realizing that we have been enslaved within a system of lies and never knowing our true power and significance in the grand scheme of our world.

Peoples lives have been socially engineered for them, from cradle to grave by extremely sophisticated think tanks (Rand, Tavistock, Fabien society et al) that moment by moment engineer our experience to make sure that we stay distracted. That we never have the time to think about what is really going on in our world; where we ever have the time to seriously question the Global control system that we live within or even the life that we are living.

The system is designed so that if people at any time step off the treadmill, and stop feeding the system, then they are quickly deprived of the basics of life (i.e. food, shelter, water, heat). This is the mechanism by which the el-ite rely upon to make sure the majority of people stay plugged in to the false world system and have little to no time to question the STATE system.

America IS NOT the land of the free. It is the land of the fee, the enslaved and seditious traitors. Americans especially are told they are free all their lives! Hundreds of Millions believe they are free - yet this is an absolute lie. in many ways Humanity today is more enslaved than ever before.  

The Monarchial powers  in league with the priest class have developed over several thousand years very creative schemes to herd the people and thieve from us all.  In so doing the self professed 'Elite' have lived high on the hog without ever doing real work, all while accumulating unimaginable wealth stollen from the people. 

As the Roman cult papacy increased its power it appointed European Monarchs as puppets of the Vatican un-Holy Roman cult system. The rulers invented ever more sophisticated lies to extort money from the people and became ever better at extracting the peoples wealth using paid thugs - useful idiots - organized and directed by the Monarch-priest class. The reasoning for taxation over the millenia has included paying tythes to the Roman cult, for 'our defense', to help paying for roads & infrastructure, to modern times ... paying for 900 military based around the globe that serve NO AMERICAN PURPOSE, paying for the funding of what people think is a American military that is really owned and operated by the crown [cf. See Registration of USAF in South East England which means its under Companies House - NOT an American government], funding the likes of NASA to go to the moon (LOL), and paying for the ABC agencies to keep us safe (LOL) while they are the ones that have been working with military contractors and others Rothschild agencies to Terrorize the American people in false flag and manufactured fear events [cf. The FBI Terror Factory].  

What you are about to learn connects to every Government 'Conspiracy theory' known and unknown to you - the ones you know that you know, the ones you know that you do not know, and the ones you don't know that you don't know.  

Introducing new people to the greatest lie is never an easy task.  Peoples acceptance  of THE LIE will consequently mean that most everything that people have been told about everything their entire lives is a lie. We do mean EVERYTHING. Acceptance or not of new information then comes down to a concept called Cognitive Dissonance. There is a note on that below.

So, in order to help the newly awakening to crawl, walk, run what we have put together below is just one example of one little fraud that THE so called government has used upon you your entire life (and on 320,000,000++ other Americans and generations before us) to extort us. If you can grasp the legal mechanism behind this fraud - you will realize - EVERYTHING else reliant on the same premise that we are  "in this State" or "in the state" LIE IS ALSO A FRAUD. You were realize YOU WERE NEVER A UNITED STATES CITIZEN but you were Press - Ganged in to the DC US Plantation with hundreds of millions of others so you could be extorted while you were a few days old.

Note that the, DC UNITED STATES is a Federal Corporation of DC with jurisdiction over ONLY 68.34 Square miles (originally 10sq miles) - IT IS NOT the Organic The United States of America or the Organic Union Government created by we the people to govern the fifty Free and Independent states. This is a private foreign corporation that has some 66,000,000+ FOREIGN PRIVATE RULES AND CODES on its books, (bye laws of its corporate charter) all used one way or another to extort all Americans.  

The 'Unlearn' Menu tab will help introduce you to ever deeper layers of the GLOBAL fraud perpetuated on SIX BILLION PLUS people. The information presented ought to help you see how you have been deceived and extorted so that a CROWN (Corporation of London) - Vatican - Holy See Corporation - the THREE STATES RUNNING THE WHOLE WORLD SYSTEM TODAY - created, foreign owned, deliberately bankrupted FEDERAL corporation called UNITED STATES Corp., as evidenced at Title 28 Section 3002 (15), (NOT A WE THE PEOPLE GOVERNMENT) which WAS NOT created by our we the people representatives to extort from all Americans, throughout our lives. If you can grasp this reality as evidenced here then you will be unlikely to fall for government conspiracy theories going forward, like the one about Hurricane Irma and Harvey being wholly natural events [cf.  ].

The outcome of unlearning, re-educating, is people are confronted with a reality for the 1st time, and that manifests a decision point about what to do with the information.  No matter what your origin, race or what political affiliation you previously aligned with, before you understood what happened to America and our world, your life will no longer be the same once you find out that ALL of us were made slave to a foreign parasite Rothschilds Zionist orchestrated debt slavery system that runs ALL nations, the Banking system, the legal system and this system literally runs the world. It is this system that has EVERYONE chasing worthless pieces paper nearly 24/7/36 to exist!. Pretty much everyone on the planet is thinking about where to get the next piece of paper and is not focused on just living. This is not the natural order for life on Earth or how humanity is supposed to live life on an abundant planet. 

It is our hope that you will realize that ALL OF THE POLITICAL LABELS you previously identified with as a political affiliation or ideology will vanish when you will realize - the entire DC system is a lie as are the STATE of STATE Governments - including the TWO party system. I like the word politicians to blood sucking insects (poly: Many, tics....)!  If everything you are learning here is true then surely Politicians know this truth? So if they do - what are they really doing? They are making sure the system perpetuates so that they can live high on the hog. They are framing we the people is what they are doing! They are coking up with ever better ways to screw us out of our labor and make it look as though its a justifiable initiative. Lets take the entire Carbon Program for example. Global Warming is a manufactured fraud proven by THOUSANDS of scientist as exposed on this site! So what is the program about - it was a program to justify world depopulation (Weather War, Nano Aerosol spraying of the global population to bring on disease... covered elsewhere on this site) to global de facto leadership based on MORE LIES. The leaders realized the people were no longer going to put up with a parasite class running the planet as people awoken so they decided to terminate the people before two many woke and prove un-manageable for the parasite rulers to deal with using their  drone army of paid thugs and high tech weaponry. At this point it seems that the parasite class manipulation of the weather will prove an adequate silent weapon to wage war on the people. The recent East coast weather anomalies have been shown to be man made. Let that sink in when considering the Bush hurricane Katrina and what is going on across the East Coast at this time.  Unlearn - Geo-engineering Watch Global Alert News, September 9, 2017 ( Dane Wiggington [cf. Weather as a force multiplier: ].

We were all lied to ABOUT EVERYTHING so that the CROWN - VATICAN parasites that own DC UNITED STATES could use (i.e. Based on future labor output and how much value that will create for the Banking system) to fund their un-American New World Order and use American men and women who have died while millions have risked their lives to fight illegal bankster wars. Americans that believe LIES about their Nation are much more willing to serve a foreign owned Federal Corporation [cf. Title 28 Section 3002 (15A)]. All this means both parties lied to America from the 1860's [cf. Bankers manifesto 1892]!   ALL of us were converted in to slave class at Birth or naturalization.  The parasites USED our mothers to turn us in to chattel and pledge us in to a Rothschids Zionist Babylonian debt slavery system which relies on several hundred year old Papal Bulls and Acts of Parliament! This is why the legal system operates as a closed BAR UNION Shop, because it is! No

 Crown BAR Franchised agents who operate on the principal that we are all dead people because of a Vatican Papal BULLS, 1st made in 1302, and a Crown Parliament act made in 1666 called the Cestui Vie Act that literally states that unless you claim your name in the first seven years of life youGovernment will take care of your ESTATE since your assimed lost at sea and Crown BAR agents, will administer your Estate. prtend judges can act for us as if we are merely agents for a foreign corporation estabished with out our knowledge or approva. based spells cast on sacrificed children! controlled by very sick and twisted people!  

We hope you will research the information herein and form your own opinions about what is the truth about the world in which we have been conditioned to accept. Do not take our word for anything. Go do the research yourself. We hope you pass forward what you learn here and wake up others. We hope to see an exodus  exodus from the Crown - Vatican UNITED STATES Federal Corporation Citizen-Ship (aka slave ship); off of the slave plantation so that we can all come together as One, as Americans and the build heaven on Earth which is what America was always destined to be before the un-Holy Roman cult Illuminati interfered in the destiny of our people and nation between 1812 and the 1860's and even long before that which is another story! 

It is time for 300 Million plus Americans to go back on to the land and exit Babylon, to reclaim our birthright status as a Free Independent American which includes Unalienable God given rights!

Once you have grasped the following, go to the IMPORTANT notes section below to gain trainer wheels education on the layers of the biggest Lie ever told humanity over the last several thousand years thanks to the Vatican un-Holy Roman Cult,  The Crown Corporation, Rothschilds Zionists,  the Columbia Illuminati and those in the DC Swamp controlling their criminal three state Triumvirate that set out on a plot to enslave humanity in 1776. This criminal crime cartel believe they have completed their mission to overthrow America as commemorated in their One World Trade center that marks the crime scene of their 911 attempted coup of America and Bush Crime Syndicate Pres. and CEO II calling Mission Accomplished after the Iraq War II. Which was not about declaring the Iraq War over but declaring the illuminati's goal of gaining a pressance on the land of Iraq was accomplished. 

If you are having trouble accepting the information across this site - please research 'Cognitive Dissonance'. We have created a page on the subject for you here...   [cf. ]. 


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