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This page includes a listing of "COURT CASES"  that are being highlighted by InternallyDisplacedPeople.org and 1776Reloaded.org and exposed to the Office of the President of the United States Corp., President and Commander in Chief through loyal US Military. The President is under Respondeat Superior Doctrine responsible for all employees and agents operating under the United States Corp. which includes all those working for all fifty STATE OF STATE Corps.

InternallyDisplacedPeople.org through its live agents is actively monitoring ongoing court cases to document and expose blatant obstruction of justice, due process of law and Obstruction and violation of the laws/codes of the United States and the State of States in what amounts to acts of despotism and domestic Terrorism by foreign agents banned from America since 1819 as exposed here: https://1776reloaded.org/joomla30/index.php/us-inc-achilles-heel 

What is occurring in the so called Courts operating across the united states of America is that the courts are being operated by banned foreign agents who are operating the courts for foreign criminal enterprises masquerading as International Banks.  Those operating these courts are engaged in profiteering through what is a monumental RICO and Human Trafficking system. In almost 100% of the cases moving through the courts every Summons in legally invalid on its face.

"US Courts" are almost entirely moving what are in fact simulated legal process through fictitious foreign BAR attorney Closed union Shop courts in which the American people are forced to answer to fake simulated legal process. These BAR owned and operated State of State foreign Municipal Corporations are in fact engaged in undisclosed financial activity that goes on behind every single court case which expose the Courts have failed to expose Material facts which is the Act of fraud on the Court.

The Courts operating across California today were never created by the STATE OF CALIFORNIA Legislature. In this respect they are counterfeit. The fictional courts are operating under a Seal never authorized by the State of California legislature. Only lawfully mandated Court operating under proper Impressed Seal was legislated. Any thing else is a counterfeit.

It is noted that in California the State Courts are mandated to operate under a name created under the Black Letter of the Law found at California Government Code 68076. Those in operation are not doing so because they can not do so!  More on this fictitious courts can be found here:


The bottom line is that we have all being deceived to give our life energy to a parasitic system that does not mean us well. \


A very important and brief expose of what led to this state of affairs can be heard here:


Uploaded Case Files including letters copied to the Commander in Chief and US Corp. Offices re Title 10 Section 253 Notices concerning the Interference with Federal and State law.

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Cloud File location to all Case histories: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/1trjxkxu8dqba/Title10Section253Cases

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“JOHN C WOOD, TRACEY L. WOOD” (Putative Plaintiffs) V “TURQUOISE HOME DESIGNS” (sic) (Putative Defendant)