Part 2 - Fiat/Paper Money And The Federal Reserve

The 62 richest people in the world in January 2016 own the same as the poorest half of

the entire planet’s population. The wealth of these 62 increased by more than half a

trillion dollars over the last 6 years, while the wealth of the poorest 3.6 billion people fell

by one trillion dollars. Governments and banking will force this trend to continue on this

path to create world government. poverty/

There is a planned financial blowout ahead required for the world government plan. It is designed so none of “the people” in America can recover like in 2008 or 1929. Meanwhile most all “the people” ignore (by design) the fact that the American people have been slaves for the world government plan in a pseudo-world called America. After 100+ years of theft and subversion through the Federal Reserve System (FED) Congress still makes no effort to stop the bankers and shut down Wall Street. Why? Because it would stop the world government plan. Lets now examine the money scam system.

The money system we were born into consists of lending, interest, bailouts and printing money out of nothing. And creating money out of nothing (necessary for the plan), is designed for the confiscation over time of our all the peoples wealth and their nations wealth simply through inflation itself as Inflation is a tax. The scheme goes way back in history.

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain." -Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) French Emperor.

Most people have no idea (by educational design) where money comes from or who actually makes it. Fiat money is paper money without precious-metal backing and people are required by law to accept it. Its major use did not occur until colonial America and the result was the intent; disastrous for the people leading to massive inflation, unemployment, loss of property and political unrest that by design favored the moneyed class. The Bank of England was formed in 1694 to institutionalize fractional-reserve banking. As the world's first central bank it introduced a partnership between bankers and politicians for a reason. The politician received spendable money (created out of nothing by the bankers) without having to directly raise taxes on the people. In return, the bankers would receive a commission on the transaction, this was labeled as interest to continue FOREVER. A fact regarding banking withheld from the working/producing people of the world so it was nearly impossible for “the people" to ever figure out. As a result historically there was practically no opposition to the scheme or we would not be here today with the same (more advanced) arrangement in the United States with a cartel system called The Federal Reserve.

Today we still use institutionalized fractional-reserve banking with the system called The Federal Reserve (FED)and it has no reserves, its not even a bank, and its not Federal. Also as outlined in the War section the real purpose for the FED and the worlds central banks are to be catalysts for war. The Federal reserve is an illegal criminal institution PERIOD.

Americas puppet government has been engineering the polarization between legal immigrants and US Citizens, Rich and Poor, Black v White, Gay v Straight, Christians v Muslims, Jews v Christians, etc.,etc! Those are planned wars of distraction and created to ultimately have one group provoked in to fixating on the other eventually attacking the other while the globalists wait to seize power of the world, presented as a solution to the global collapse to save humanity from what that they have entirely manufactured. This plan has been used over and over in the last several millennia by the same elite parasites. And yes in America since this nation was founded! It was exposed and labeled in an article in The United States Bankers' Magazine in 1892 - now known by those who choose to understand this as "The Bankers Manifesto!"

Because of paper money the victory of 1776 was not allowed to be a victory for the people. Read the following excerpt from “Beyond the Conspiracy-Unmasking The Invisible World Government, The Committee 300” by John Coleman published 2007.

“We are never told how much the war is costing, and because government dare not risk a revolt, the war is financed by indirect taxation; i.e. through paper money; un-backed fiat money, printed in ever increasing amounts without any backing. The English people were also deprived of their right to debate the issues. This still happens today, especially once propaganda is introduced. During such times, when propaganda takes over, reasoned debate is thrown out and emotions run high. Nearly every school and university in America teaches that America went to war twice in recent years in order to preserve democracy, and because America's liberty was threatened by Germany. It was never explained how a nation with only 95 million people and demographic limitations, with little in the way of natural resources could hope to achieve its alleged objectives. Apparently there were not enough people willing to ask the question. America became the victim of skillful propaganda emanating from the "think tanks" of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the Tavistock Institute.

Germany was not the aggressor in World War One or World War Two. Objectionable, treaties were created like the one between Britain and Czechoslovakia to ensure that war would occur. In the case of America, war was ensured by the Lusitania incident for which Germany was blamed. And in the Second World War it was Pearl Harbor. One wonders that the conspirators were able to get away with such blatant propaganda, but we saw worse things during the Vietnam era, so perhaps it is not too hard to understand how the U.S. succumbed to massive amounts of propaganda, which swept the country into two world wars.

We saw the same thing happen again in Korea and Vietnam; and it is happening again today, in front of our very eyes in Central America, the Balkans, Africa and the Middle East, especially in Iraq. Ever since the Civil War, Rothschild's agents, who were also agents for the Black Nobility, were hard at work trying to establish a Central Bank in the U.S. They did not intend to let a patriot like Andrew Jackson stand in their way. To the public just prior to 1905, this was an arcane issue because it was not understood, and the people did not understand that it would profoundly affect every living soul in America if the Rothschild crowd got their way.

During 1905, J.P. Morgan planned a small depression in the US economy, designed to get the people to clamor for protection against any future depressions by creating a Central Bank, which Morgan said was necessary to protect the "small man" from becoming the victim of depressions. J. P. Morgan, the fiscal agent for several European countries, a fact disclosed by the late great Louis T. McFadden, then set off his planned depression in 1907, and panicked the people into demanding a Central Bank to protect them.

Depressions are caused solely for the purpose of transferring unearned wealth from the people who created it, to the aristocracy who did not earn it. The Aldrich Bill was initially defeated because the public saw Aldrich as being too much in Belmont's pocket. But the bill's sponsors persevered until they succeeded. With the loss of freedom brought about by the new Federal Reserve Bank, the stage was set for an explosion in the supply of paper money, not by fractional reserve or normal business loans; that was too slow, but by the means whereby America could enter the war, which had begun in 1914. Although the public never realized what the bankers were doing, several Congressmen did, and they attacked Morgan and Warburg. Men like Congressmen LaFollette and Lundeen; included Rockefeller in their criticism. This is found in the Congressional Record, Volume 55, pages 365 to 372, of April 5th 1917: “By 1917, Morgan had floated huge loans, which he figured would be guaranteed by America's entry into the war within two years. (He was accurate in his calculation). Morgan was surrounded by admirers of the aristocrats and feudal families of Europe and America. One such man was Herbert Crowley, a true lover of medieval aristocracy. Morgan knew the power of the press and he used it as his personal propaganda machine in order to create a hysterical anti-German atmosphere. According to Congressman Calloway, Morgan gained control of the most influential newspapers by buying them with un-backed fiat paper money. He staffed them with 12 of his hirelings who were more interested in damaging America than in serving it. These influential newspapers then became nothing more than propaganda mills. Reasoned debate fled. Hysteria replaced it; the small peace movement was overwhelmed.

The American Revolution changed all that. It directed the hostility of the people to the correct target, the aristocrats and smashed their grip upon this land. Unfortunately, the same Colonists, or I should say their descendants, did not see as clearly the slavery behind the Federal Reserve matter; to them it was an arcane issue, and so, what was

gained in 1776, went by default in 1913. The covert aristocracy, warned of by Jefferson, imposed its yoke of servitude upon the American people with passage into law of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The date was no accident; it barely scraped under the wire of their timetable for war, which was declared in 1914. Without the paper money "created" by the Central Bank and there would have been no world war.

Covert aristocracy lives by exploiting the producers of real wealth, the people, and transferring the wealth produced by the workers into themselves by a variety of ruses, thereby in fact, living as parasites off the people. It is really almost the same system that was employed by the open aristocracy of the Dark Ages, when the feudal lords bound the peasants to the land, so that they could rob them of the fruits of their labor, and also take their women forcibly since they saw peasant life as cheap and exploitable, more possessions. The aristocrats of America also regard people's lives as cheap. Have not millions of our citizens given their lives in fighting two world wars? The only difference is that our feudal lords, the Marshalls, the Harriman, Mellon, Fields, Pratt, Stillman, Aldrich, Rockefeller, Cabot Lodges, Guggenheimer, Kuhn Loeb, Morgan, Warburg, etc. are covert aristocrats, while their European counterparts are open aristocrats.

This did not apply to the Soviet Union where the aristocrats who ruled the country were actually covert aristocrats, although they called themselves the Politburo, the Communists, etc. Open aristocracy is a state publicly declared, while covert aristocracy operates underground, which is the way the greater part of the world is ruled today in 2007. Genuine democracy does not exist, since the majority of the people throughout the world, including America are not allowed to keep the fruits of their labor. It is withheld from them by a variety of undemocratic methods, and then transferred to the underground or to the open aristocracy.

To be an aristocrat takes great wealth, which must be acquired, since a parasite never ever works. And paper money has proved a boon to this class, since it enables the wealth earned by the people to be transferred to them in a steady manner. When the going gets slow; wars are created to speed up the transfer process. So without any thought for the suffering they caused, the noble lords of America sent millions of Americans to their deaths in both world wars, not only to enrich themselves and entrench their power, but also to get rid of what they considered was an excess number of people.

Had the government of the day been forced to resort to a drastic direct tax-hike to pay for the war, ardor for war would have been dampened at once. But with the mechanism provided by the Federal Reserve, there was no need to announce to the people that they were being led into disaster. Enthusiasm for war was whipped up by well-trained experts from the Royal Institute for International Affairs and Tavistock sent in to do the job. Against such organizations, the populace had no defense. Any national leader like Charles Lindbergh, who saw through the whole dirty trick was immediately neutralized; in the case of Lindbergh — the kidnapping-death of his infant son.

When war hysteria erupts, men lose all reason. Ability to debate issues is lost in a welter of induced patriotism, issues are decided on the basis of emotion, and the principles of freedom and justice are abandoned for the supposed good of the nation. Patriotic songs, flag waving and martial music takes the place of careful judgment. Were it possible to catch the attention of the population at such a time of induced mass-hysteria for war, then theoretically we could beat the big drum of the hidden cost of the war and strip the covers off of paper money, and point out that power to debase our money for the benefit of the few, rests with the very people who are agitating for war.

We could explain that the purpose of war is to enrich the entrenched aristocrats in their position of absolute power. We might even be able to show that war is not for the good of the nation, and that bankers do not have a monopoly on patriotism. We might even be able to explain the connection between paper money and wars with huge profits going to the bankers. We could prove that by aggregating the wealth in their hands, the aristocrats are actually the enemies of freedom, not its defenders, and that they are as bad, if not worse than the Communists, because the wealth, which they have aggregated unto themselves, is never capitalized to produce more wealth for the good of the nation. We could certainly prove from this standpoint that the people were being asked to fight a war for the defense of false capitalism.

My message is quite a change from the hideous cacophony of hissing, cackling and howling, which passes as "news" on the T.V. screens each night. We, the People, are no longer sovereign because we allowed our Congressional representatives to give away our sovereignty in 1913 to a group of faceless men, who are at enmity with our Republic; men, who regard us as expendable peasants. No wonder Hosea said that we perish for lack of knowledge. Our people didn't know what the Federal Reserve System stood for in 1913, and the majority of us still don't know it now.” - John Coleman-2007

The centralization of control of financial resources was far advanced by 1910. In the United States this control focused on the Morgan and Rockefeller groups through a maze of commercial banks, acceptance banks, and investment firms. In Europe its the same setup with the Rothschild and Warburg groups.

To understand what the FED is means to understand a cartel agreement began with 5 secret objectives;

-Stop the growing competition from the nation's newer banks
-Obtain a franchise to create money (out of nothing) specifically for the purpose of lending.

- Get control of the reserves of all banks so that reckless ones would not be exposed to currency drains and bankruns.

-Get the taxpayer to pickup the cartel's planned/inevitable losses.

-Convince Congress to assure the people that the purpose of the FED is only to protect the public.

The record shows that the Fed failed every stated objective to remove wall street from robbing the people. ALL the objectives stated to the people were to con the people into allowing its creation. Those were obviously never the true goals and its blatantly obvious today. Regarding the 5 objectives above, its been a complete success for the globalist plan. Its clear to me, no Congress or president to date has been willing and or powerful enough to stand up to the foreign-controlled Federal Reserve Bank. OUR government had no debt when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. And who owns the stock of the Federal Reserve Banks? The Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, and others. Both parties, bankers and politicians, have grown government together centralizing everything to control everything to globalize everything for the plan which calls to reduce the effectiveness of the citizenry with indoctrination and debt for that plan. We do not have, and never will have liberty, justice or freedom as long as the Federal Reserve remains in place. For a complete understanding of money read G.Edwards Griffin's 1994 book "The Creature From Jekyll Island" The quote below is from page 215;

"The American dollar has no intrinsic value. It is a classic example of fiat money with no limit to the quantity that can be produced. Its primary value lies in the willingness of people to accept it and, to that end, legal tender laws require them to do so. It is true that our money is created out of nothing, but it is more accurate to say that it is based upon debt. In one sense, therefore, our money is created out of less than nothing. The entire money supply would vanish into bank vaults and computer chips if all debts were re-paid. Under the present System, therefore, our leaders cannot allow a serious reduction in either the national or consumer debt. Charging interest on pretended loans is usury, and that has become institutionalized under the Federal Reserve System. The Mandrake Mechanism by which the Fed converts debt into money may seem complicated at first, but it is simple if one remembers that the process is not intended to be logical but to confuse and deceive. The end product of the Mechanism is artificial

expansion of the money supply, which is the root cause of the hidden tax called inflation. This expansion then leads to contraction and, together,they produce the destructive boom-bust cycle that has plagued mankind throughout history wherever fiat money has existed"

"Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits." -- Sir Josiah Stamp (1880-1941) President of the Bank of England in the 1920's, the second richest man in Britain

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks...will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.” – Thomas Jefferson in the debate over the Re- charter of the Bank Bill (1809)

"The depression was the calculated 'shearing' of the public by the World Money powers, triggered by the planned sudden shortage of supply of call money in the New York money market....The One World Government leaders and their ever close bankers have now acquired full control of the money and credit machinery of the U.S. via the creation of the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank." Curtis Dall, FDR's son-in-law as quoted in his book, My Exploited Father-in-Law

In 1913 President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act handing over U.S. currency to the cartel. Then in 1933 Roosevelt confiscated citizens gold and handed it to that same cartel of banksters.

Looking back the Rothchilds were a major part of a plan in place before the ink had even dried on the American constitution to control our money. And look where we are today as the moneypower players are still reminding us, as they have over and over and over again throughout history, they will do everything/anything to see we the people never get to keep wealth we create.

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” -James Madison

Setting the whole world system up on fiat/debt money is what allows the constantly repeating cycle that gets worse with each generation. Then before the people can ever wake up the cycle re-starts post every major war. It’s simply a better cloaked system to deal with the fact the people eventually figured out and won their freedom from Monarchies, but control came in another form. Interesting to note when the American people suffered under King George III they drew up a list of his destructive offenses. In the Declaration of Independence, they specifically cited his refusal to allow beneficial laws, his obstruction of justice, his by manipulation of the judiciary, his erection of many new offices , and his preventing the laws adopted by local legislatures to addressing the problems he created for the people. The result was Revolutionary War!

WWI added incredible sums to the coffers of the international banksters, who used the wealth to began setting up privately controlled central banks using the system of the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. Just go back as far as the Treaty of Versailles, signed at the end of WWI, at that point the goal for the bankers was to rob Germany to further consolidate the control of international bankers over the United States & Europe. That allowed the bankers to lead the people into the next world war, which created the next step on the road to world government. The globaists created the League of Nations after WWI and the UN was set up after WWII. It was all to drive us toward the banksters New world Order (united world) plan which is the globalist plan. The plan is for national governments to become powerless and impotent against a New World Order. And there is nothing new about the intent of that order; the goal is slavery for the people. We are living during the end phase of a 100+ year old bankster plan.

Their main goal beginning in 1945 was to set up the United States to eventually submit its sovereignty to an ultimate power greater than our own, that power is the United Nations. Today under Obama we see how far they have come against this challenge since the creation of the United Nations. After 100 years moving forward the globalist plan today calls for the authority of democratically elected governments to be superseded by a world reigned over sovereign corporations beholden only to the globalists, who plan to rule the world of tomorrow like never before.

"The term Internationalism has been popularized in recent years to cover an interlocking financial, political, and economic world force for the purpose of establishing a World Government. Today Internationalism is heralded from pulpit and platform as a 'League of Nations' or a 'Federated Union' to which the United States must surrender a definite part of its National Sovereignty. The World Government plan is being advocated under such alluring names as the 'New International Order,' 'The New World Order,' 'World Union Now,' 'World Commonwealth of Nations,' 'World Community,' etc. All the terms have the same objective; however, the line of approach may be religious or political according to the taste or training of the individual." Excerpt from A Memorial to be Addressed to the House of Bishops and the House of Clerical and Lay Deputies of the Protestant Episcopal Church in General Convention (October 1940)

Here President Bush 1 tells the American Public decades ago what Obama is doing today to usher in a New World Order and abolish our system of government, and he confidently says; “when we are successful... and we will be”

After the 1991 bombing of Iraq and George Bush Sr. telling the world there will be a "New World Order" American policy forums openly proclaimed America as a nation- state obsolete. But in reality the global imposition of the Western model for the globalist plan after WWII already covertly ended the traditional independence of America. After the Soviet collapse, advocates of the anti-nation-state ideology for the globalist plan predicted an approaching "End of History," with a future world government. The diversity of cultures, they worked so hard in the shadows for centuries to keep chaotic, were now being advertised to become conflicts of the past in a general process of political and cultural homogenization in preparation for what is advertised as a public utopia calling it their NWO that's really world slavery. Meanwhile the people of the world still want to forge their own future, increasingly unaware to the plans of the elite, as its been throughout history. Interesting to note in Iraq it seems consciousness of the globalist plan is greater than anywhere else. I assume its simply because they do not allow usury. Its obvious today taking over the central banks of nations has been one of the most crucial elements in the strategy of international bankers/globalists over the past 200 years to get America where it is today.

“We shall have World Government. Whether or not we like it. The only Question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” – James Paul Warburg , Foreign agent for the Rothschild dynasty – Major Player in the Federal Reserve act scam / Feb. 17, 1950 speaking before the U.S. Senate.

Obama is Rotshchild's Choice

The Federal Reserve

Its obvious today Wilson and Taft did whatever the cartel of international banksters wanted with a Contract in which they illegally circumvented the Constitution to create money for the cartel. The 16th Amendment was eventually determined in court to not create any new laws. And prior to the 16th Amendment Income Tax on our wages was not Constitutional. After the 16th Amendment through a series of frauds and the creation of the Federal Reserve, the American people had unknowingly utilized the Contract clause in the Constitution to sign away a portion of their labor by 'VOLUNTARILY' entering into a Contract with the Federal Reserve. The whole thing is based in fraud. If we had a real court system that obeyed the law and or served the people, they would have declared it null and void on the first day of its creation. With the creation of the FED and the passing of the 16th Amendment the most insane corrupt efficient genocidal war funder and method to exploit and rob people ever in history was created.

Congressman Louis T. McFadden filed suit against the Federal Reserve claiming it had stolen billions of dollars from the American people, and demanded the cartel return the money to the people. He was the chairman of the House banking Committee at the time.

“There is not one man within the sound of my voice who does not know that the Federal Reserve Bank system is the greatest rip-off ever known to man”- Congressman Louis T. McFadden speaking to Congress.

Congress McFadden was murdered before his lawsuit came before a court and nobody else perused this truth.

“If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” -Andrew Jackson

A Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit That SHOULD End Financial Tyranny: here/davids-blog/995-lawsuit-end-tyranny

Fast forward to today and we are living under what some people call the corporation of puppet Obama making rules as his owners see fit like all presidents have, except Obama does it openly like no prior president on behalf of the globalists in preperation to finish off our system of government and rob whatever this country and its people have left. Its been 102 years since it was created and not one in a hundred citizens understand the Federal Reserve Act was never intended from its inception to decentralize banking power away from Wall Street as it promised.

The net worth of the median family in 2014 was 44,100, in 2010 it was $77,300, in 2007 it was $126,400.

List of Todays Taxes:
Inflation is the most costly tax!

Accounts Receivable Tax Building Permit Tax Capital Gains Tax
CDL License Tax Cigarette Tax

Corporate Income Tax
Court Fines (indirect taxes)
Dog License Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax (45+ cents per gallon)
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Interest Expense (tax on the money)
Inventory Tax I
RS Interest Charges (tax on top of tax)
IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Local Income Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Road Toll Booth Taxes
Road Usage Taxes (truckers)
Sales Taxes
School Tax
Septic Permit Tax
Service Charge Taxes
Social Security Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Toll Bridge Taxes Toll
Tunnel Taxes
Trailer Registration

Tax Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers’ Compensation Tax
All Government Regulation is a hidden tax;

"The total number of restrictions in federal regulations has grown from about 835,000 in 1997 to over one million by 2010, and the number of pages published annually in the Code of Federal Regulations, never substantially declined, and in fact has consistently grown. It has been estimated that regulatory compliance and economic impacts cost $1.863 trillion annually. This amounts to US households paying $14,974 annually in regulatory hidden taxes, with households thereby spending more on embedded regulation than on health care, food, transportation, entertainment, apparel and services, and savings."

"Of course, the root problem here is that government spending is defined as a component of GDP in the first place. It never should have been included—and it might never have been included had the government not established a command economy during World War II. Government spending either is completely wasteful, merely transfers income, purchases an intermediate rather than a final good, or purchases valuable final services whose value cannot be ascertained because the transaction is not made by private parties exchanging their own resources in a market setting." - Robert Higgs.

Deliberate implosion of US economy is in the globalist plan. Its a house of cards that will purposely fall when they want. The collapse in inevitable. The question to ask is when? I say before 2030, due to the steps U.N. Agenda 2030 has taken/planned. The financial terrorists have already transferred gargantuan amounts of the peoples wealth offshore as a means of sacrificing the American middle class. The trillions of dollars that went missing from government coffers in the 90's alone was for the globalist plan, then came 2008. Every dollar of debt issued to service every war, building project, and government program since the American Revolution up to the end of 2009 was around $12 trillion. That doubled in the following 18 months with bank bailouts.

The leveraged buyout of the country for the globalist plan will not stop. In 2016 expect bail-ins. Quantitative Easing/Bailouts scam for legalized plunder of the people has run its course. What happens when there are no more bail outs from the Federal Reserve? Think its a sign things are getting better? NO, get ready for the bail ins! Last year the FED declared it will no longer use bail-outs to prop up its member banks. Many people said its good news...its not. Just look at the European Parliament ahead of America on the same path, who announced in January 2016 a new banking policy that now allows bail- ins to make up for the losses of their failing banks. What are the odds the Fed will follow the same procedure as the E.U.? Bail-ins serve the same purpose as bail-outs, in both cases, banks are saved from bankruptcy by the confiscation of money from the public. In a bail-out, money is taken from taxpayers. In a bail-in it's taken from depositors. europe

We were supposed to be a Constitutional Republic, but in reality were slaves in a

totalitarian regulatory dictatorship on a long road to world government. The link below

is a report on how the executive branch goes around Congress, the American people,

and Administrative procedure act. A whopping 524,251 “public notices” have appeared

in the Federal Register since 1994, Obama alone signed 895 bills into law. And since he

has been in the White House federal regulators issued 24,478 rules and over 1,400

directives targeting the financial industry alone. This report exposes the function of the

White House, Congress and the Senate for the world government plan, by exposing how

every election cycle, all by design, regarding whichever party is in office, an

overwhelming number of damaging regulations, laws and orders get implemented. The

“planned” result is the very nature of Congressional action makes it more impossible

after each election cycle for Congress to ever clean up the mess that was created to

destroy America for the world government plan. %E2%80%99s-lawlessness-cei-releases-inventory-how-federal-government-interferes

Globally stock markets lost over $14 trillion from June 2015 to January 2016. Since the collapse of '08 the Federal reserve printing huge amounts of money was for political purposes to solve nothing for the people. Its to steal more and delay the inevitable for a plan. World government could not come into being if this mess were to sort itself out. Ahead that plan requires a collapse of historic proportions to devastate the entire western world. There is a reason markets are not free to move up or down without Federal Reserve intervention. Since the creation of the FED international bankers behind the plan for world government never allowed our leaders in government to prevent this subversion with any committed long-term solutions. I think the bailouts have run there course, expect bail-ins to begin IMHO by the end of 2016.

Meanwhile on the way down the Ponzi stock market is still giving enough people the illusion all is well to keep it going. As long as the last shares that traded made money from what some other player paid for the shares. The FED always made sure asset prices do not determine real wealth because if the value of an asset used its ability to create positive cash flows, the FED would not be able to steal that wealth covertly. Company share buybacks, unsustainable dividends, and the hype of the Ponzi makes the Federal Reserve the most advanced Ponzi scam in history, not to mention its main purpose has been to be a catalyst for wars.

How Big Is Government in the U.S.?

"The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity". +-Abraham Lincoln

“The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its

inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating.” -Thomas Jefferson

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” -James Madison

“If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations.” -Andrew Jackson

Despite those warnings above, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act, you can read his response here:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men." -Woodrow Wilson

As long as a private cabal brings the most force into the markets, using it to control the entire world through major banking interests, giving them the power to influence the global economy, what can ever change?

Chart of who "owns" the Federal Reserve

The Rockefeller's were the foundation of this global international bankster organization part of the plan in America, and the Rothschild's in Europe & Asia. The goal is criminal and simple to understand; to influence every government on earth toward THEIR goal of global government, run by the UN, which in turn is run by the ruling elite. Look how far we have fallen and how much the power players have gained not just since the creation of the Federal Reserve System, but throughout history using debt to take over the control of nations stealing wealth. Thats needed for total control and level of surveillance that's blatantly rocketing forward today.

They obviously have done all they could to prevent technology from serving mankind, and all they could to focus the use of technology to control/enslave us all.

Top 10 stock holders of the Federal Reserve:

1) The Rothschild Family - London 2) The Rothschild Family - Berlin 3) The Lazard Brothers - Paris
4) Israel Seiff - Italy

5) Kuhn-Loeb Company - Germany 6) The Warburgs - Amsterdam
7) The Warburgs - Hamburg
8) Lehman Brothers - New York

9) Goldman & Sachs - New York
10) The Rockefeller Family - New York

The people’s ignorance of the facts has led to their silence. That silence has been construed as their consent to become beneficiaries of a debt they did not incur. ALL Sovereign People have been deceived for their entire lives into thinking they remain free and independent, when in actuality they continue to be slaves and servants in a matrix serving only an elite class.

Understanding history on the Rothschild’s alone should really help people understand the ROOTS of the problems the worlds people are up against. Corporate government sponsored raping, pillaging, plundering is business as usual for the global elite. After eliminating the middle class in America the global elite will continue “Forward” until ALL the people of the entire world get back to understanding real tyranny “believing” a one world government is the lifeblood of their lives, just like the people used to think regarding monarchies......until they woke up to that scheme.

At this point the U.S. national debt is rising by more than 2.7 million dollars EVERY MINUTE of every hour of every day stealing everything from those alive and future generations. As anyone can plainly see the current system is designed for an inevitable collapse while the majority of politicians in D.C. refuse to abandon the current system thats in place for the global shadow government. The planned economic collapse this time in history is going to change the world thats for sure.

This pic is of a Leaked document that shows top US Treasury officials conspired to remove restrictions on banks. Why? because that allowed them to take legalized plunder to another new level; to deal in derivatives that also targeted banking laws of other countries so all banks in the world will be involved in the same speculative game. Why do that you ask? To construct a global monetary crisis that will be required to bring world government into being. Not to mention as they STILL continue to create vast quantities of new money out of nothing but debt it by design deliberately causes ever more rapid inflation eventually eliminating the middle class. And it further insures in America today a zero-growth economy, shrinking resources, all distributed by this totalitarian puppet government.

A little relavent recent history; From August 2008 - March 2010 the Fed printed 2.5 times the amount of dollars that had previously existed, devaluing YOUR money 40 cents on the dollar by March 2010 from 2008. And today the Fed continues printing with no plans to create any assets to offset, the plan is only to devalue. In recent years alone the Fed has given banks over $16 trillion in undisclosed funds over $3 trillion to foreign banks. And with the 3rd round of quantitative easing beginning in 2013 its clear now the economy was driven by the quantitative easing and they will stop that when they are ready for the economy to stall, then collapse, then the people will get massive hyperinflation.

"The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

"The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a self created screen....At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller's and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both political parties." - New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922

Outside of the FED, its important to understand international banking families set up American tax exempt foundations to not just protect the wealth they had amassed from wars, slavery, drugs and gold over the centuries but to perpetuate that wealth through government charters to neutralize all potential rivals or opposition of the globalist plan by controlling them and directing or misdirecting their opposition.

Beginning with the purpose of the General Education Board, one of the first foundations established by John D. Rockefeller, Sr. It was specifically created to use money power to design public edcuation, not to raise the level of education in America, as he spewed, but to influence the direction of education. Specifically it was to promote the ideology of collectivism and internationalism. Today the system is clear; the council on foreign relations, skull and bones, and others influence over the media, tax-exempt foundations, universities, and government agencies have been dominated by moneypower to dominate the domestic and foreign policies of the United States for the plan. Do you now understand why radical environmental groups advocating the socialist doctrine and anti-business programs are funded by CFR-dominated foundations, banks, and corporations? Those are the very groups that purposely appear to have the most to lose. The Report from Iron Mountain ahead answered the why questions for me.

Where are we today? The numbers below is all the evidence anyone should need to understand what those international banking families/shadow government have achieved for their plan.

- During Obama's first two years in office, the U.S. government added more to the U.S. national debt than the first 100 U.S. Congresses combined.

- The US government is responsible for more than 1/3 of all the government debt in the world.

- If you divide the national debt equally among all U.S. households, each one owes over $130,000.

- From 2007-2010, U.S. GDP grew by 4.26%, while the U.S. national debt by 61%

- The U.S. national debt is currently rising way over 4 billion dollars every single day.

- The U.S. government is borrowing over 2 million more dollars every single minute.

- The U.S. government has to borrow more than 50 cents of every single dollar it spends.

- The U.S. national debt has increased in size for 56 years in a row for the plan.

- interest on the national debt and mandatory spending on entitlement programs will absorb approximately 90-94 cents of every dollar of federal revenue by the year 2019.

- The U.S. government spent over 413 billion on interest on the national debt during fiscal 2010.

-$1,280,000,000,000 - there is only 1.28 trillion dollars worth of U.S. currency floating around out there.

-$17,555,165,805,212.27 - This is the size of the U.S. national debt. It has grown by more than 10 trillion dollars over the past ten years.

-$32,000,000,000,000 - This is the total amount of money that the global elite have stashed in offshore banks (that we know about).

-$48,611,684,000,000 - This is the total exposure Goldman Sachs has to derivatives contracts.

-$59,398,590,000,000 - This is the total amount of debt (government, corporate, consumer, etc.) in the U.S. financial system. 40 years ago, this number was just a little bit above 2 trillion dollars.

-$70,088,625,000,000 - This is the total exposure JPMorgan Chase has to derivatives contracts. -$71,830,000,000,000 - This is the approximate size of the GDP of the entire world.

-$76,000,000,000,000 - This is approximately the total exposure that German banking giant Deutsche Bank has to derivatives contracts.

-$100,000,000,000,000 - This is the total amount of government debt in the entire world. This amount has grown by $30 trillion just since mid-2007.

-$222,300,000,000,000 - Is the approximate size of the total amount of debt in the entire world.

-$236,637,271,000,000 - According to the U.S. government, this is the total exposure that the top 25 banks in the United States have to derivatives contracts. But those banks only have total

assets of about 9.4 trillion dollars combined. In other words, the exposure of our largest banks to derivatives outweighs their total assets by a ratio of about 25 to 1.

-$750,000,000,000,000 to $1,500,000,000,000,000 - The estimates of the total notional value of all global derivatives contracts generally fall within this range.

  • –  On March 12, 2015 the debt passed 18 trillion: limit/

  • –  From the beginning of Bush’s first term to the end of Obama’s seventh year the federal debt increased $13,213,630,160,947.51. That increase in the debt during the Bush-Obama years equals $112,219.57 for each of the 117,748,000 households that were in the country as of September 2015. As of Jan. 20, 2016, when Obama completed his seventh year in office, the federal debt was $18,941,406,899,252.15. household-obamas-first-7-years

    For every dollar spent influencing US politics, corporations received $760 back in benefits. [Between 2007 and 2012, 200 of America’s most politically active corporations spent $5.8 billion on lobbying and campaign contributions. In return, they received $4.4 TRILLION in federal business and support. That’s a return of 75,900% on their investment, and it represents two-thirds of the $6.5 trillion that individual taxpayers paid into the federal treasury. This is monoply capitalism and couldnt be further from free market capitalism, but it is a result of collectivism. us-politics-corporations-ge

What does Obama have to say in January 2016 in response of all this theft and treason? “Anyone claiming America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction”

With all you have read thus far it should be clear the last nail for the Constitution's coffin came with the creation of the Federal Reserve 103 years ago. Since then the “invisible government by the money power” (the controllers of this government) have been steering this government using the ideology of incrementalism prepping America and her people for a plan now visible to all who choose to see it. The rigged game can clearly be seen today and throughout history using debt and taxation for subjugation of “we the people”.

Historically no method of exchange to date has given the elite the ability to subjugate the people nonstop and forever. The elite know the FED will run its coarse and need to be replaced to keep control. Ahead is a technological cashless controlling society like never before. This time in history subjugation is expected to last forever because technology will force everyone to obey by creating what the elite consider perfect human beings. In the future the elite expect to have perfect people (slaves) operating within the constraints of a perfect system, simply by getting rid of the human element. How they plan to get rid of it is in the pages ahead.

What the people need to understand NOW is technology has been and is being covertly developed specifically to take control both directly and indirectly of human conscious processes, awareness, and connection to your individually and higher self. Removing freedom of the individual as declared in the US Constitution is not the endgame, its the beginning to eventually making whole populations no longer having a conscious, be self aware or self responsible.

Keep reading to understand this future hell planned.

Sociopath global elite collectivists control the funding structure of all technology. The same elite class century after century who keep covertly funding improved methods for the people to gradually embrace denying a sense of self, until they eventually accept denying free will. This is taking the purpose and effectiveness of collectivism to an unimaginable technocratic level for the first time in history. I will explain how ahead.

The Courts, the global finance system of the Bankster thieves, the Vatican, committee 300, the United Nations and several others are the source of the globalist approved plan for depopulation. Historically churches have aided and abetted the whole thing by not exposing it, just like the political Left and Right, keeping the attention of the people diverted onto other things. And BAR Members are foreign agents of the Crown which is a corporation domiciled in the City of London which is owned and operated by the Vatican. The founding fathers tried to eliminate BAR members from American government but failed.

“What secret knowledge, one must wonder, is breathed into lawyers when they become Justices of this court, that enables them to discern that a practice which the text of the constitution does not clearly proscribe, and which our people have regarded as constitutional for 200 years, is in fact unconstitutional?... Day by day, case by case, (the court) is busy designing a Constitution for a country I do not recognize” -Justice Antonin Scalia

History of Money and Power from the Vatican. I

Central Banks – A Rothschild Scheme playing its role for the Enslavement of Humanity humanity-video/

Will SDR (special drawing rights) be the global currency? Consider the following;

There is no actual political or philosophical conflict between the globalist elite sociopath collectivists from the East and the west. They have no loyalty to any nation or culture, its all always about more power/control, as they are both working toward the same goal; one world government/currency/slavery. And a global currency and centralized economic control is required for complete global political control, not to mention the end of all sovereignty. With that in mind, its 2015 and if sanctions are planned to not ever work out with Russia, will it be part of the plan to put the dollar on the chopping block? Since we are on the road to world government it’s interesting to note;

-China is showed support for Russia in opposition to NATO in the Ukraine.
-Putin has met with Henry Kissinger on a regular basis since he first took power in 2000.

One of the possible outcomes with the stage set in regards to the development of East/West tensions, is a cover for a collapse of the dollar to usher in a global currency. Why I am making this guess is Congress never voted/avoided voting on legislation for further capital allocations to the IMF to fund an expansion of IMF programs and help with the greater inclusion of BRIC nations in governing decisions.

If the U.S. government refuses to pass that legislation, Russia and other nations have demanded that the IMF move forward without the United States on reforms. I assumed that would happen this year, not yet. That would cause the U.S. to lose its veto power over IMF decisions. Is the timing of this deliberate? Will the IMF absorb a new currency and expand the creation or circulation of SDRs around the world. Today 1 dollar U.S. is worth .60 SDR.

Since international banksters and IMF representatives continually publicly call for the IMF to take charge of the global economic system through its SDR currency program.....And since the dollar must lose its world reserve status, and collapse in relative value BEFORE the SDR can be elevated, is all this the stage for the replacement of the dollar as the world reserve? Who knows, all I know when they are ready they have a thousand ways to move forward with the plan.

G20 gave U.S. year end deadline in 2014 for IMF reforms;

Russia, like the United States, is owned by the globalists through the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. Russia’s global economic adviser is Goldman Sachs!

All I know for sure is while the global elite do what they have always done, draw our attention away from themselves, we get to try and connect the dots while watching our world go to hell!

SDR factsheet:
False East/West Paradigm Hides The Rise Of Global Currency: http://www.alt-

IMF bailout for Ukraine and New World Currency: reserve-currency-and-sdr-denominated-securities

Why The BRICs Are Less Worried About The Next Crash 09/why-brics-are-less-worried-about-next-crash

Oil in The U.S.A.

Its important to note Obama acknowledged in 2008 the amount of “technically recoverable” oil in the United States is estimated at 1.4 trillion barrels;

“If I am President, I will immediately direct the full resources of the federal government and the full energy of the private sector to a single, overarching goal — in ten years, we will eliminate the need for oil from the entire Middle East and Venezuela." -Obama 2008

And most of that oil is located in areas Obama announced in 2012 our government now says we are not allowed to search for; in portions of Alaska and in waters off our shores. Combined with known resources in Canada and Mexico, total recoverable oil in North America exceeds 1.7 trillion barrels. How much is that? It is more than all the oil the world has used since the first oil well was drilled in Titusville, Penn., 150 years ago. When natural gas and coal are added to that total, the numbers are clear: We have enough energy reserves in the United States alone to fuel all of our needs for 100 years, even if we never made another discovery. But we only continue on course with the globalist plan.

In 2012 EPA regulators announced implementing a "maximum achievable control technology" (MACT) rule, which is the most expensive ever written for power plants. The National Economic Research Associates estimates that implementation of the MACT rule will result in:

-Double digit increases in the price of electricity in at least 30 states.
-A minimum of 183,000 jobs lost every year from 2012 through at least 2020.
-Loss of reliability in the national power grid, leading to rolling blackouts and brownouts.

In 2012 Obama implemented a 30-year moratorium on offshore energy exploration past-public/

EPA’s Utility MACT Proposal: Negative Economics for What? EPA:

It is pretty clear why GM’s stock continued to tank. Much like the Obama Administration, they’re “doubling down” on failed policies for the people, successful when looking from the globalist perspective for the plan. GM (Government Motors) sells Chevy Volt hybrids for $41,000. Volt hybrids cost GM $41,000 to make. GM spent $3 million to install solar panels at the non profit Volt manufacturing plant to save $15,000 a year in electricity. Its apparent that GM is a mini- Obama Administration: government-motors-still-owes-you.aspx

The complete 2012 list of Obama’s Taxpayer-Backed Green Energy Failures and bankrupt green- energy companies:

Evergreen Solar ($24 million)*
SpectraWatt ($500,000)*
Solyndra ($535 million)*
Beacon Power ($69 million)*
AES’s subsidiary Eastern Energy ($17.1 million) Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million)

SunPower ($1.5 billion)
First Solar ($1.46 billion)
Babcock and Brown ($178 million)
EnerDel’s subsidiary Ener1 ($118.5 million)*
Amonix ($5.9 million)
National Renewable Energy Lab ($200 million)
Fisker Automotive ($528 million)
Abound Solar ($374 million)*
A123 Systems ($279 million)*
Willard and Kelsey Solar Group ($6 million)
Johnson Controls ($299 million)
Schneider Electric ($86 million)
Brightsource ($1.6 billion)
ECOtality ($126.2 million)
Raser Technologies ($33 million)*
Energy Conversion Devices ($13.3 million)*
Mountain Plaza, Inc. ($2 million)*
Olsen’s Crop Service and Olsen’s Mills Acquisition Company ($10 million)*
Range Fuels ($80 million)*
Thompson River Power ($6.4 million)*
Stirling Energy Systems ($7 million)*
LSP Energy ($2.1 billion)*
UniSolar ($100 million)*
Azure Dynamics ($120 million)*
GreenVolts ($500,000)
Vestas ($50 million)
LG Chem’s subsidiary Compact Power ($150 million)
Nordic Windpower ($16 million)*
Navistar ($10 million)
Satcon ($3 million)*
*Denotes companies that have filed for bankruptcy.

Due to Congressional IN-action against puppet Obama from their loyalty to the global elite there will be no stopping the Shadow Government/U.N. and no stopping Obama conventionally. The Obama Administration has sped up bankrupting the country, individual states, and municipalities for the plan, and whenever his puppetmasters give the go-ahead you will know what happened!

Listen here to explain how the corrupt system that serves the globalists works in government; A and then read what I have listed below and realize what has been done over the last decade alone to usher in totalitarian world government. From the link above "With 94% of ALL bills being passed with “no debate, no vote, no amendments, no reading of the bill, no online disclosure, and very often no score from the congressional budget office." Jim deMint practically alone in government trying to represent/wake up the people goes on to explain whenever they are on break dozens of bills are always rammed through because nobody is around to protest them. Well that certainly explains how since the creation of the FED and fast fwd to Clinton+Bush+Obama+ endless executive orders, and the rest of the numerous criminal’s in Congress and the Senate created this illegal government today.

-The PATRIOT ACT and its 300 pages were printed at 3:00am for a vote that took place at 11:00am that same morning. George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and today has more than 200,000 employees.

-On January 14, 2005: The Department of the Army published Army Regulation 210-35: Civilian Inmate Labor Program, which provided Army policy and guidance for establishing civilian inmate labor programs and civilian prison camps on Army installations.

-On October 17, 2006: President George W. Bush signed into law the John Warner Defense Authorization Act (Law 109-364 / H.R. 5122) that allocated $500 billion to the military and defense related activities for fiscal year 2007 and expanded the President’s power to declare martial law under revisions to the Insurrection Act, and take charge of United States National Guard troops without state governor authorization. On October 17, 2006: George W. Bush

signed into law The United States Military Commissions Act of 2006 (H.R. 6166) which was drafted in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision on Hamdan v. Rumsfeld. The Act’s stated purpose was “To authorize trial by military commission for violations of the law of war and for other purposes.” On January 24, 2006: KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Company, announced that it was awarded a contractfrom the Department of Homeland Security to support its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities in the event of an emergency.

-On May 9, 2007: George W. Bush signed National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD51) and the Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD-20). Under these directives when the president determines a national “catastrophic emergency” has occurred, he can assume dictatorial powers to direct any and all government and business activities.

-On November 4, 2008: The U.S. Army War College’s Strategic Institute publishes Known Unknowns: Unconventional “Strategic Shocks” in Defense Strategy Developmentwarning that the United States may experience massive civil unrest in the wake of a series of crises which it has termed “strategic shock.” The report states: "Widespread civil violence inside the United States would force the defense establishment to reorient priorities in extremis to defend basic domestic order and human security.”

-January 2009 we get Hope and Change as all these unprecedented powers were handed over to Obama to put the globalist plan into the next phase, allowing him the ability to declare martial law whenever he desires without any Congressional oversight or approval.

-On January 11, 2010: Obama signed an Executive Order creating A Council of ten state governors directly appointed by Obama to help advance the “synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States.” The non-elected governors would liaise with the Pentagon’s Northcom, Homeland Security, the National Guard as well as DOD officials from the Pentagon.

- On February 12, 2010: The Department of the Army published Regulation: FM 3-39.40, Internment and Resettlement Operations Manual. This U.S. Army document was prepared for the Department of Defense and “was not meant for public consumption.” It contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “an appreciation of US policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States working with the U.N.including federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. On March 10, 2012: President Obama signed The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011 (H.R. 347) commonly known as the anti-protest “Trespass Bill.” This bill makes the simple trespass in an area under Secret Service protection (such as a campaign event) a federal offense punishable for up to 10 years. Federal agents now have sweeping powers to arrest protestors and charge them with a felony, effectively killing the First Amendment!

-On February 11, 2011: Obama created a “Continental Perimeter” described as a key step in

advance of the North American Union. Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed on the basis of their executive authority a declaration that put in place a new national security vision defined not by the U.S. national borders, but by a continental view of a “North American perimeter.”

-On May 26, 2011: Obama signed a four-year extension of three key provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act allowing for roving wiretaps, searches of business records and conducting surveillance of “lone wolves”

-On December 31, 2011: Obama signed the highly controversial The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2012 (H.R. 1540) gives the Obama unchecked dictatorial power.

-On March 16, 2012: Obama issued The National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order allowing the government to confiscate your property without due process under the direction of Janet Napolitano and the Department of Homeland Security. This Executive Order underscore’s Bill Clinton’s Executive Order 12919 which he signed on June 6, 1994.

-On May 10, 2012: Obama signs Executive Order 13563 pushing us closer to a North American Union by providing a framework to organize scattered efforts to promote international regulatory cooperation.

The proper response to everything above is: Congress checked by both the Judiciary and the Executive is, by law, to be the focus of federal power and the source of federal law. Art I, Sec 1 of the US Constitution concisely and unambiguously provides that “all legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress" Article II specifically outlines Executive powers and duties, none of which include legislating in any form. And to control an overreaching Chief Executive (today that's Obama), Article II also provides for the impeachment and removal of not only the Chief Executive, but of any and all officers comprising the Executive Branch (the Obama White House).

Our government has been very busy preparing for a World Government that very few in society can understand, many refuse to believe if given the facts, keeping us DIVIDED preventing any real change, while the ruling class remains UNITED with our Federal Government through their criminality.

Andrew Jackson to the banksters...." I have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United

States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the Bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the Bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out and, by the Eternal God I will rout you out!""........“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt (in a letter to Colonel House, dated November 21, 1933)

The investors in the Federal Reserve scheme started it off by loaning the United States Government $1 billion. Congress can at any time move to abolish the Federal Reserve System, or buy back the stock ( if it were up to me I would bill the cartel for all the hundreds of trillions they have stolen from the people)and make it part of the Treasury, or altar the System as we see fit. OUR government had no debt when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. And who owns the stock of the Federal Reserve Banks? The proud globalists, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers, and several others. Both parties, bankers and politicians have used the FED to grow government together by centralizing everything; to control everything to globalize everything; simply to reduce the effectiveness of the citizenry with indoctrination and debt, turning the public against each other to deal with the problems the globalists have created against the people. Leaving (by design) meaningless elections as the only means to save what is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. Now we are at the end-phase of this 100+ year old plan.

A 12 minute lecture to share with friends on how money is created out of nothing, who gets it, and how taxpayers ultimately are required to pay for the process through inflation.

Here is Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley to read online or for download. IMHO its is one of those books like the Creature from Jekyll Island people find in the Rabbit hole. The difference between the authors is Quigley was sympethic to the globalists plan and Edward Griffin is not. This book provides people with the facts/understanding we've been lied to all our lives. This book connects dots. Lots of references for wnning minds of fellow humans with truth.

This book covers the secret organization created by Cecil Rhodes to quietly gain control over the nations of the world and establish a global government based on the model of collectivism. Professor Quigley (President Clinton’s history professor at Georgetown University) was a trusted

supporter of the global elite and was given access to private papers. When his book was released by a major New York publishing house, it was expected that it would only be read by academics interested in the organizations history who would be sympathetic to its goals. However, when regular people started reading it, needless to say, they were not sympathetic and the publisher withdrew the book from print and the original printing plates were destroyed in 1968.

From the book;

"There does exist and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for 20 years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret record."

"In addition to these pragmatic goals, the powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. The growth of financial capitalism made possible a centralization of world economic control and use of this power for the direct benefit of financiers and the indirect injury of all other economic groups."

"The Bank of England (a Rothschild controlled entity) under Montagu Norman contracted with Hjelmar Schact, known as Hitler’s Banker, to create an international clearing house called The Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. By manipulating the price of gold and the other markets, the acolytes of Cecil Rhodes (seeking to conquer the world through an Anglo-American Establishment) could leverage the Evolution of Civilizations and use Human Nature to control Human Beings, or as Norbert Weiner would later say “Human Use of Human Beings: Cybernetics”.

Ever wonder where Rhodes Scholars originated?

"Cecil Rhodes made one of the world's greatest fortunes of the 18th century. Financed by Nathan Rothschild and the Bank of England, he established a monopoly over the diamond output of South Africa and most of the gold as well. He formed a secret society which included many of the top leaders of British govt. Their elitist goal was nothing less than world domination and the establishment of a modern feudalist society controlled by themselves through the world's central banks. In America, its important to understand the Council on Foreign Relations was an outgrowth of that group. The Rhodes Scholarships, established by the terms of Cecil Rhodes' seventh will, are known to everyone. What is not so widely known is that Rhodes in five previous wills left his fortune to form a secret society, which was to devote itself to the preservation and expansion of the British Empire. And what does not seem to be knownto anyone is that this secret society was created by Rhodes and his principal trustee, Lord Milner, and continues to exist to this day. The masterminds behind this thrust for global government have always resided in the industrialized nations. They have come from the ranks of the CFR in America and from other branches of the International Roundtable in England, France, Belgium, Canada, Japan, and elsewhere. They are the ideological descendants of Cecil Rhodes and they are fulfilling his dream.

After the death of Rhodes, the inner core of his secret society fell under the control of Lord Alfred Milner, so he became one of the greatest political and financial powers in the world. Milner recruited into the secret society men from Oxford. Here is what Quigley has to say about it from Tragedy and Hope: “Through his influence these men were able to win influential posts in government and international finance and became the dominant influence in British imperial and foreign affairs up to 1939.... In 1909- 1913 they organized semi-secret groups, known as Round Table Groups, in the chief British dependencies and the United States.... Money for the widely ramified activities of this organization came ... chiefly from

the Rhodes Trust itself, and from wealthy associates such as the Beit brothers, from Sir Abe Bailey, and (after 1915) from the Astor family ... and from foundations and firms associated with the international banking fraternity, especially the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust, and other organizations associated with J.P. Morgan, the Rockefeller and Whitney families, and the associates of Lazarc! Brothers and of Morgan, Grenfell, and Company At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system had to be greatly extended. Once again the task was entrusted to Lionel Curtis who established, in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing local Round Table Group. This front organization, called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Round Table Group. In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J.P. Morgan and Company in association with the very small American Round Table Group." -Quigley

History shows us there is nothing more common in history than for oppressed people to eventually rise up against their oppressors and throw off an old regime. History also shows only to one day discover they replaced it with one that is just as bad, usually they find out later its worse/ better organized. We need what we are not allowed to have; honest elections, a competitive media, an educational system responsive to parents, free speech, a well-armed citizenry, sound money, freedom-of-choice in health care, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and national sovereignty. And this government has us into a corner to be left with nothing but nationalism and violence, then to be enslaved by the globalists under one world government. For elections to cause real change the masses MUST FIRST understand reality. And until enough understand all the lies they have been told for their ENTIRE lives from the government, school, and the mainstream media, elections cannot ever create a tipping point.

"After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small, complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd." - Alexis de Tocqueville

If the people could just learn the TRUTH about the world we would all focus on the system, then the people could overcome the output of bureaucratic/dogmatic abusive control from the top.

Below is my introduction for this lecture done when George Bush was still in office:

The real EVIL in this world, now as then, stems and has grown out of moneypower, the committee 300, the CFR, the International Banking Cartel, including The Rothschild's, Goldman Sachs, the Monarchy of Great Britain and the elite who support the United Nations, Rockefellers, etc., and the D & R Senators/Congressmen today who support Obama/NDAA and endless Executive Orders through actions or in-actions to create this fascist regime that has infiltrated the U.S. Government.

For elections to cause real change the masses MUST understand reality. And until enough understand exactly how they have been told lies for there ENTIRE lives from government, school, and the mainstream media, on behalf of the global elite elections will never create a tipping point. Waking up people is our only hope to save America/ourselves/our children. Each of us can make the choice to unravel a lifetime of indoctrination.

Edward Griffin discusses the actual roles of the Republican & Democrat party and shows how their partisan politics is merely a gimmick to manipulate the thoughts of the people to RULE them not govern them. Explained is the world system of political and financial control, legal crime, the REAL roles of the; Federal Reserve, United Nations, and Council on Foreign Relations, our money system, the N.W.O., conspiracy theories, collectivism and goals/methods/morality of the ruthless sociopath global elite.

The road to world Government watch online: G.EdwardGriffin The road to world Government for download: RoadToWorldGovernment.mp4

Edwards lecture here from 1968 accurately describes where we are today. As long as the masses are oblivious to the globalists "grand design" the assaults on due process and citizen’s rights will continue under secrecy on behalf of the global elite. That reality has never been taken seriously by the American public, all by design of course, as the people have been indoctrinated to "believe" its essential for their safety and as protection against terrorism. It took 100 years and many loyal presidents for the globalists to put the building blocks of totalitarianism in place, now another Hitler was needed to put the plan in overdrive from the Oval Office. Today they found that freak in Barack Obama. Obama was taugght to be the best at one thing; no matter what keep the BIG LIE going, and even when it is disproved, keep on repeating the lie, so it will eventually appear as truth to enough people, and that more and more everyone will "believe" that no one knows anymore what is truth and what is lies/fiction.

part 1 part 2
part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7

part 8

The United Nations

The United Nations is celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2015. And it gets harder every year to keep it hidden the U.N. from its inception has been anything but a temple of peace. Created by

the CFR its real purpose has been to serve the globalist plan; to violate human rights, undermine international security, rule without the consent of the governed and to deflect attention from their own ruthless rule. The U.N. represents all of the pseudoscientists and detestable trash throughout academia and banking globally who work to depopulate the earth with a eugenics plan masked as sustinable development. They desire all the people outside the elite and their politically favored class to get back to feudalism like in the post industrial world of pure serfdom. It was always the UNs covert plan since its inception. Pure eugenics and oppressive regimes enslaving a peasant class and destroying state sovereignty wrapped in scifi has and is the plan, others have understood and written on this.

Its no secret the UNs purpose is a pure one-world-gov agenda, all you have to do is take the time to look. The UNs goal for now is world communism, the oppressive kind of course, not the kind the indians tried to use, the rest was pure hell and repression under under Lenin, Mao, Marx, etc. etc, and it is no more the communism advertised than monoply capitalism is capitalism. True communism seldom existed and seems to be routinely scrubbed from the world's history.

Interesting to note Communism works just fine for animals and insects though.

"The planning of UN can be traced to the 'secret steering committee' established by Secretary [of State Cordell] Hull in January 1943. All of the members of this secret committee, with the exception of Hull, a Tennessee politician, were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. They saw Hull regularly to plan, select, and guide the labors of the [State] Department's Advisory Committee. It was, in effect, the coordinating agency for all the State Department's postwar planning." Professors Laurence H. Shoup and William Minter, writing in their study of the CFR, "Imperial Brain Trust: The CFR and United States Foreign Policy." (Monthly Review Press, 1977).

The U.N. works with the world’s leaders, dictators and globalists only for the plan to a prevent a better informed citizen as we all rocket toward a one world government. The Rockefeller's made it clear here they were/are on the forefront in America in the drive for a one world government. On March 25, 1947 John D. Rockefeller, III gave $8,500,000 to Trygve Lie, the First Secretary- General of the United Nations for buying the land in Manhattan for the UN building. That investment was certainly strategic for implementing the global nightmare upon us. The Rockfellers have firmly positioned themselves with their counterparts in other countries to be in control of the creation a one world government. That “gift” from the Rockefellers was an investment. The end game here is for national governments to become powerless and impotent against world government.

“It is just because we are really attacking the principle of local sovereignty that we keep on protesting our

loyalty to it so loudly. We are at present working, discreetly with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.” June 10, 1931: Arnold Toynbee.

Take note two years after this film in the link below was made, Russia was made the new 'enemy of freedom'. As the story goes the Atom Bomb dropped on Japan in 1945 sent Russia a message. The globalists pulling the strings behind Hitler and the Western Allies also would never allow a parallel 'United Nations' to exist anywhere on this planet, only theirs in New York City. portrays-Russia-and-most-epic-battle-in-history

UN Official Exposes the UN’s REAL Plan... And It’s Nothing Short of Pure Evil

"The United Nations, he told an audience at Harvard University, 'has not been able--nor can it be able--to shape a new world order which events so compellingly demand.' ... The new world order that will answer economic, military, and political problems, he said, 'urgently requires, I believe, that the United States take the leadership among all free peoples to make the underlying concepts and aspirations of national sovereignty truly meaningful through the federal approach.'" Gov. Nelson Rockefeller of New York, in an article entitled "Rockefeller Bids Free Lands Unite: Calls at Harvard for Drive to Build New World Order" -- The New York Times (February 1962)

Do you understand yet why the U.S. Federal Government gave over our precious sovereignty to the corrupt anti-American United Nations? It’s the same reason why, no matter which political party is in power, nothing productive gets done, fiscal and social problems ALWAYS get worse. Recent example; Bush 1 + Bill Clinton + Bush 2 + Obama = world government implementation through the U.N.

This totalitarian plan secretly leaped "Forward" when U.N. Agenda 21 began as official policy with George H.W. Bush who signed a document for America to adopt the goals of Agenda 21. In 1995 President Bill Clinton in compliance with Agenda 21 signed Executive Order #12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21. The E.O. directed all agencies of the Federal Government to work with state and local community governments in a joint effort to “reinvent” government using the guidelines outlined in Agenda 21. As a result Sustainable Development is now emerging as government policy in every town, county and state in the nation. I even see subliminal programming in TV's shows for not only accepting agenda 21

protocals, but wanting it. Under the dome and Colony are recent shows Its propagada for U.N. Agenda 2030. This is brainwashing to prepare “the people” for whats ahead. And there are many since going back to the 1973 movie Soylent Green.

That technique Bush/Clinton used aka(TREASON) was used to hide the totalitarian takeover from any review or discussion by Congress or the American people. Today you are alive to witless 100 years of the plan in play for a totalitarian takeover through development and social engineering in the U.S.A., handing all control to the United Nations. If you say that cant happen? Then I ask; did you know America is already a U.N. Member State? The main goal since 1945 has been to set up the United States to submit its sovereignty to an ultimate power greater than our own. Today under Obama anyone who chooses can see how far they have come against this challenge since the creation of the United Nations.

And in 2015 the plan is leaping forward again. Everyone using google chrome as a search engine on September 25th 2015 found a notice on the Internet page urging people to click on a link to “end poverty, climate change, and injustice.” That link led to the U.N.’s “sustainable development goals.” And now Movie theaters around the country and the world promote their “Global Goals Campaign” with a 60-second ad calling on the nations of the world to “defeat climate change.” Expect to see the “Global Goals Campaign” show up on every website, billboard, broadcast,TV programming, radio station, cinema, classroom and through cell plan providers.

Depending how fast the globalists can move their plan forward sometime by 2030 at the latest seems to be when the globalist plan (that to date has depended on monopoly capitalism for use of energy and resources) will be deliberately overturned for the next phase of the globalist plan, to finally become world government. Once that is in play the globalists will fundamentally transform virtually everything about your life and society. Done through more control than ever before throughout history of the global economy, diet, health, education, governments, entertainment, social interactions, families, and religious beliefs. The unveiling of the “New Universal Agenda” is the next step of Agenda 21 bringing us one step closer to world slavery under one world system controlled by oligarch elite using loyal bureaucratic puppets.

Go and talk to people and sadly you will find the globalists have succeeded in disassociating their plan with others that want the exact same thing for the people; Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Castro, etc. Funding for propaganda for the globalist plan will continue unobstructed as long as the people remain in the dark to the globalist plan. No surprise the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says that without the wealthy private sector, their plan (to make the globalist plan a reality) could not happen, as there are budgetary constraints in every country. Expect
the current 2030 goal in 2016 to be promoted by media giants to subsidize media content in 33 countries to popularize the U.N. sponsored Sustainable Development Goals with the people of the world. Its clear to me that taking over the central banks of nations has been one of the most crucial elements in the strategy of international bankers/globalists over the past 200 years to get us to this nightmare today, finally ready for a

global government/New World Order.

Henry Kissinger;

“The president-elect is coming into office at a moment when there is upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously. You have India, Pakistan; you have the jihadist movement. So he can’t really say there is one problem, that it’s the most important one. But he can give new impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. His task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It’s a great opportunity, it isn’t just a crisis.”- Henry Kissinger January 2009.

"A world government will intervene militarily in the internal affairs of any nation when it disapproves of their activities." - Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary General

Agenda 21/sustainable development I will cover later in detail. It is a movement put on by the United Nations. It promotes a final move globally from Independence, individualism and freedom for a predefined outcome of slavery/dependence on world government. The action plan implemented is worldwide for inventory and control of all land, all food. all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. Today they are convincing the world that human activities have already transformed the Earth system and they use pseudo-scientific research to support their agenda and force the nations of the world to make the appropriate transformations toward global sustainability that = totaltarian control/slavery.

Living on the Brink of Hell
The total money contributed from all U.S. agencies to the United Nations, as reported by OMB,

from 2001-2010:

FY 2001 -- $ 3,183,166,000.00 FY 2002 -- $ 3,934,814,000.00 FY 2003 -- $ 3,841,323,000.00 FY 2004 -- $ 4,115,155,000.00 FY 2005 -- $ 5,327,276,000.00 FY 2006 -- $ 4,546,120,000.00 FY 2007 -- $ 4,158,641,000.00 FY 2008 -- $ 6,090,242,000.00 FY 2009 -- $ 6,347,415,000.00 FY 2010 -- $ 7,691,822,000.00

The total increase in funding is $4,508,656,000.00, or a 142 percent rise over nine years.

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." - Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization

The plan through the UN plans to abolish our system of Government. See for yourself the plan IS NOT HIDDEN to force this under an "executive leader" to engineer democracy for a totalitarian takeover to eliminate our system of government with world government. open-government-principles/

USAID, Rockefeller Foundation, United Nations and their many NGOs partners have many different plans in motion for the United States.

The FBI Behavioral Analysis Program of the Counterintelligence Division has teamed up for a new 'industry' of social engineering via linguistic programming, etc. and 'human hacking'.

These are Psychological Operations to go way beyond what we have had thus far. Exactly why the Rockefeller run Rand Corporation is in on it with the Project on National Security Reform ( CFR, CIA & NSA). They have big plans thats for sure. Well if this technology for mind control is ever within the grasp of the sociopath globalists who control the CFR, U.N. and our government then they must be confident the day will come where we will all be turned into an even more brain- dead, government loyal version of anyone today that wants to see Obama finish whet he started.


United Nations and World Government

UN Weather Weapons Treaty in pdf

Exposing the Weather Control Zone as a Secret Military Test Range

China, G77 Tyrants, and UN Boss Demand “New World Order” news/item/18529-china-g77-tyrants-and-un-boss-demand-new-world-order

United Nations and their partners are-preparing-for-chilling-david-vose-video-582.html

UN Agenda 21 creeping its way into Rhode Island. It was overwhelmingly rejected by the citizens of the state of RI only to have the unelected board members pass it.

What to expect from United Nations NGOs v=NtvvILigmwQ&

UN bans Opposition to Its Global Tax Design.

The UN is engineering democracy not just in America but throughout North America through the United Nations "Communities of Interest"- Delphi Technique for communitarian collectivism. This is another of many steps to eliminate our system of government on the road to world government following a collectvist creed.

"The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network is your portal to the world of elections. The ACE network promotes credible, and transparent electoral processes with an emphasis on sustainability, professionalism and trust in the electoral process. ACE offers a wide range of services related to electoral knowledge, assistance and capacity development. The network comprises of a global, thematic component (the ACE Practitioners' Network) and a regional component (the ACE

Regional Electoral Resource Centres)."

"ACE was established in 1998 as the ACE (Administration and Cost of Elections) Project by IDEA, IFES and UNDESA. In 2006 the name was changed to the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network (with the letters ACE no longer standing for Administration and Cost of Elections). ACE is a collaborative effort between nine organisations: IDEA, EISA, Elections Canada, the Federal Electoral Institute of Mexico (IFE), IFES, UNDESA, UNDP and the UNEAD. The European Commission is an ex-officio member. The interim ACE Secretariat is hosted by International IDEA on behalf of the ACE Partners."

The links below relate to the "Public Mapping Project" brought to us by the American Enterprise Institute and Brookings Institution and the Rockefeller-backed B Corporation:

Communities of interest and delimiting boundaries: en/topics/bd/bdb/bdb05/bdb05c

The Public Mapping Project:
The redistricting process:


Non Government Organizations

Non-governmental organization (NGO's) came with the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 with provisions in Article 71 of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter. The term describes a consultative role for organizations that are neither government nor member states of the UN. NGOs are officially sanctioned by the United Nations. Such status was created by UN Resolution 1296 in 1948, giving NGOs official “Consultative” status to the UN. They sit in on international meetings, participate in creating policy with government representatives serving the globalist plan.

NGO's are private groups that work to gain influence over our government. Why? To slowly take away power from our elected representatives. Thousands of NGOs seek to implement one specific political agenda. NGO's do that by working with representatives of the United Nations and representatives of US federal agencies. They all work together behind the scenes making policy toward a predetermined outcome to serve the globalist plan to advance the global Sustainable Development agenda, ultimately leading toward UN global governance.

The process for serving the globalist plan is as follows: they create policy ideas from their own private agendas. The idea is then adopted by U.N. organizations presented at a regional conference. Each conference is preceded by an NGO forum to bring in NGO activists who are fully briefed on the predetermined policy and trained to prepare papers and lobby official delegates of the conference. The result is NGOs control the debate which assures the policy serving the globalist plan is adopted. Once the Convention is adopted by the delegates, it is sent to the national governments for official ratification. Once that is done, the new policy becomes international law. The NGO's then pressure Congress to write national laws to comply with the treaty. NGOs regularly sue the government and private citizens to force policy and then NGO's have their legal

fees paid by the people from the government treasury. Criminal NGOs are at work right now in Congress, in every state government and in every local community, advancing the globalist plan. This insane process has been going on so long now City governments, county governments and regional councils are staffed by NGO members. The purpose is local representative government is gradually relinquishing its power to the NGOs for the globalist plan.


"The people of the various provinces are strictly forbidden to have in their possession any swords, bows, spears, firearms or other types of arms. The possession of these elements makes difficult the collection of taxes and dues, and tends to permit uprising." -- Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Shogun of Japan, August 29, 1558

Our framers insisted that the Chief Executive could not propose or make legislation under any guise, and was restricted to executing laws passed by Congress. The cartel that has gradually overtaken the Federal Government over the last 100 years used an unfaithful Supreme Court, a corrupted Congress, and a complacent citizenry. Executive Orders's aren't a Democrat or Republican problem. Presidents have been loyal to the global elite using EO's for a long long time when their job should have been to execute the laws and nothing more.

"How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual... as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of." — Representative Suzanna Gratia Hupp.

“I don’t believe people should be able to own guns.” – Barrack Hussein Obama

"When you disarm the people, you commence to offend them and show that you distrust them either through cowardice or lack of confidence, and both of these opinions generate hatred." - Niccolo Machiavelli

The Second Amendment is a guaranteed ability to resist an oppressive government. And with this governments passage of the Small Arms Treaty in 2012 it proves to me this federal Government wants war with the American people to force them to accept totalitarian government.

History proves the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens!

Some history on Gun Control;

-In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated

-In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

-Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

-China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated

-Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable

to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

-Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

-Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million. And the U.N. and this government announced in 2012 they plan to have everything in place to fully disarm America in 6 years, at two year intervals. Expect more legislation, more false flag operations and continued dumbing down of America’s youth, and the world’s youth, to accept the yoke of totaltarian global government. Armed people educated on the origins of the Second Amendment and the right to be free is scheduled to be a distant memory.

"When evil men take office, the whole gang will be in collusion. They will keep the people in utter ignorance and steal their liberty by ambuscade. A standing army we shall have, also to execute the execrable commands of tyranny. Your guns are gone! What resistance could be made? Will you assemble and just tell them? Even if you could assemble, how will you enforce rightful punishment when due? Your guns are gone! My great objection to this government is that it does not leave us the means of defending our rights, or waging war against tyrants. Have we the means of resisting disciplined armies, when our only defense, the militia, is put in the hand of the congress? - Patrick Henry

"If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no recourse left but in the exertion of that original right of self defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government." -Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist (#28)

Here is an example how Presidents work together for the globalists. Most people think signing the small arms treaty was harmless without a senate vote, but this is moving forward through agenda 21 because we are a UN member state. We do not have a Federal government, we have the CFR and the U.N.. And for those that do not know the Senate never passed U.N. Agenda 21, the people keep falling for the same trick because America is a UN member state. If you are using the argument the Senate will not ratify the treaty, wake up, look where we are, the Senate did not pass the U.N. Agenda 21. In fact they refused to pass it, but it got passed by an Executive Order of puppet Bill Clinton

The Arms Trade Treaty:

United Nations will use US Soldiers to Take your GUN!! unrest/2014/06/time-to-make-war-on-the-populace-says-government-united-nations-hires-for-disarmament- military-personnel-target-american-civilians-2459636.html

Question # 46 of the United Nations Combat Arms Survey:

The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation, and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A thirty (30) day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms to be turned over the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement:

I would fire upon U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government.

Strongly disagree / Disagree / Agree / Strongly agree / No opinion

Print the pic above if you need a copy of your gun permit!

"The right of a citizen to bear arms, in lawful defense of himself or the State, is absolute. He does not derive it from the State government. It is one of the high powers" delegated directly to the citizen, and `is excepted out of the general powers of government.' A law cannot be passed to infringe upon or impair it, because it is above the law, and independent of the lawmaking power." - Cockrum v. State, 24 Tex. 394, at 401-402 (1859)

This bill that passed in the Senate is so the IRS to take guns from Law Abiding Americans for ANY reason without trial. Here is a link to the 1676 page Bill: 112s1813es/pdf/BILLS-112s1813es.pdf

This Federal Government is no doubt the US Federal Asylum for the Insane. More explained on the specific sections of the Bill here: gun-rights-and-passports

If you want to know what a police state looks like, look at this elementary school in Texas.

Everyday more Americans are understanding the reality our government will not stop looking for ways to remove the peoples right to bear arms. The actual reason why is simple to understand:

“The strongest reason for the people to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against the tyranny of government” - Thomas Jefferson

Since America's founding the Country was designed through the Constitution to move in one direction. That clearly never happened. The evolution of American society is not and has not been for over 100 years a voluntary development reflecting individual opinion ideas and decisions at the grass roots. The direction has been created artificially, stimulated artificially, then controlled using DEBT. With that control great strides in the last 100 years have been made to covertly set up world government persistently and consistently enough to dominate the direction of American society through subversion. As a result of that domination outside forces have either set up or penetrated every significant research, policy, and opinion making organization in the United States including science, money, health, church, education, business, law, government and politics.

As a result America has become a series of artificial choices forcing the country and the people into world government. Those choices define who we the people are, they define what we cherish, they define the reality we know, they define what we believe as truth, they define the history/memories we hold onto, they define our future and a past history/mystery we can no longer ignore if we want to change course. Eventually a time will come where the people can no longer be brainwashed none of this is going on. So government wants the people disarmed before that happens.

I have more people than not telling me Obama will never be able to take our guns, the logistics alone make it impossible PERIOD. Puppet Obama knows that and has a much larger convoluted plan. The executive action Obama made in January 2016 is further

preparing the stage for future legislation. The same way we became a U.N. Member State, then gradually for example got agenda 21. Obama is building the framework NOW for a national registry of people who government plans to label not fit to own firearms due to government classifying them as mentally ill. That one reason everyone is being pushed into Obamacare. The plan is to deem, for a variety of reasons, millions of citizens incompetent to own guns. And to create the result (using false flag events if required) where more and more people rise up begging government to remove citizens right to keep and bear arms, for all citizens the government says should not have guns. I explain this further under the section ahead “World Government, Wireless WIFI Devices, Microwaves and Electromagnetic Radiation”

Gun control is the last symptom of a massive problem. America and this world are planned to get a tidal wave of change (U.N. Agenda 2030) and today we continue to allow controlled conflicts that create a predetermined history, as has been done throughout history, which always leads to a future of control and genocide proven throughout history.

Operation Jade Helm. The American military announced it will hold a two-month "exercise" summer of 2015 in which a virtual Martial Law will be declared across much of the US Southwest. The goal is to train American soldiers to put down a domestic insurgency. Will they do it? In response to that announcement the country’s patriot movement with its military arm of volunteer militias are planning to use the exercise themselves deploying against the occupying armies of a government dictatorship like the one we have. This government will deploy all 4 US military branches to 7 states from July to September 2015. The US military has confirmed that Operation Jade Helm is real. The documents and maps released online are real. And the citizens of seven Southwestern states will spend the summer of 2015 with all four branches of the US military deployed in their communities to suppress a supposedly theoretical rebellion. Understanding the globalist plan its logical this is one step closer to when the time is right for declaring real Martial Law and military occupation of America for the planned American takeover that they expect to lead to civil war. Jade Helm's status April 2015

Want to understand the un-comprehensable tech the globalists have to enforce their plan for world government/control/slavery? Read this on what NASA has to say on robots, cyborgs and humans: How many of those PhD scientists began that research and resulting tech thinking it

Today in the form of the BRIC economies that controled change is

creating a global economic union. Yes have allowed elite globalists to build our future

built on financial strategies by the ones who forced us all into this nightmare, who just

like the State they control, are genocidal and totalitarian, who always work toward

eliminating freedom, human rights and the right to life, while nobody ever manages to

hold them accountable, generation after generation, war after war, for world wide

destruction, theft and genocide.

was reserved for space exploration? The Future is Now. Strategic Issues/Future Warfare (Circa 2025). It was finished July 2001 just a few months before 911. v=eN4XICOyRb8

Model predicts US will have 240+ million LESS people living here in 2025 than 2015, a 78% population drop

U.S. is PREPARING for Something Big - Civil War, Coming WW3, Collapse of America?

Globalist Sponsored Unequal Trade, U.S Trade Deficit, NAFTA and CAFTA

Its clear today Obama has been instructed by the global elite to ramp up equalizing the wealth of nations compared to previous puppets for the plan, draining the American people’s wealth, draining it ALL less the ruling class and politically favored class that is. And today they are doing it openly & rapidly.

“The essential point of this chart is not simply how many people are employed or unemployed, but to illustrate that more and more people are simply not part of the U.S. labor force. This confirms that we are on the wrong track. It is unsustainable to have such a large and growing number of people who are not part of the productive economy. This is not a political argument, but a description of the underlying instability in our economy that has so many Americans worried about the future. The question is what can we do to reverse these trends and start moving in the right direction.” - Senator Jeff Sessions ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee.

The answer for the above is because the Globalists plan required a massive trade deficit for the USA. Thats why this Government has sold off America in every way imaginable starting before Obama, and yes Obama has taken the process into overdrive, and that destruction includes our system of government. Unions, excessive regulations, green energy policies, and taxation kill

jobs. Add to that our government used NAFTA & CAFTA together with many other failed policies (by design) that have destroyed American businesses ruining their ability to compete for jobs by undermining innovation, education & their ability to expand. They used all of the above to destroy global competition for business/jobs which is paramount to save America for the people. They destroyed interstate competition making America bad for Americans to do business with each other. They created a job killing moratorium on exploration/drilling for offshore oil, and domestic energy production. That result (by design) also decreases national security due to the flow of money! This government has created a U.S trade deficit that’s almost as horrific and as much as a threat to the domestic economy as the federal budget deficit, all fueling consumer debt and unemploymentto serve the plan.

"In 1993, former president Bill Clinton signed the North American Free Trade Agreement using the mandate of Fast Track. Even though NAFTA faced huge opposition not only by Congress, but also by citizens in the U.S., Clinton was able to push NAFTA because he essentially did not have to answer to anyone. After NAFTA was signed by Clinton, Congress could only vote yes or no, instead of being able to make line-by-line changes to the agreement." – From the editorial: Fast Track to where? Congress must not pass this legislation. The Michigan Daily October 9th, 2001

History proves no country can sustain large yearly trade deficits without putting its future at risk. We are today and have been in a viscous cycle for decades for the plan; we outsource jobs, and increase unemployment that creates tax losses, forcing the U.S. to go further into debt. The U.S. Trade Deficit since 1971 is over 8 trillion and 7 trillion in just the last 20 years. America is losing over half a million jobs to China every single year for the plan. Our trade deficit with China in 2011 was $295.5 billion. That was the largest trade deficit that one country has had with another country in the history of not just America but the whole planet. And what is China doing with this difference in cash payment? China is buying up American real estate, natural resources, and hard assets with the money obtained directly from the US trade deficit.

Anyone that wants to look can see the U.S. economic crisis is BY DESIGN and greatly assisted through globalist approved unfair and unequal trade. For generations the plan called for politicians to reach out after strategic planning to the people with only fake solutions, never really there to help, even if some didn’t know it! They have NEVER helped so many problems that plague society today. In the end decade after decade they come and go, all just got something for themselves, and the plan was served.

Big Labor's Political Corruption

Big labor works hand and hand with Obama. They get hundreds of billions of dollars in bailouts and bloated government spending as another engine to suck the life out of our economy, rewarding failed businesses like Government Motors. Rigged contracts rocket the cost of schools, hospitals and roads through the roof. Millions of good-paying jobs are destroyed or driven overseas as union czars work with the politicans in government to aid in the globalist agenda. Obama's anti-American Labor Board has taken this perversion of power and corruption

to new heights, most notably working against Boeing for creating thousands of new jobs in Right to Work South Carolina Right to work petition here:

Council On Foreign Relations

The CFR is the Council On Foreign Relations, they are, and have set themselves up for total global governance working with the committee 300 through the UN. Thats certainly not the info on the CFR you will find in any history books issued in our matrix. The CFR has been running the U.S federal government since 1921. Every president and secretary of state since 1921 has either been a member or connected. Some administrations have placed over 500 members of the CFR in top state department positions.

The United Nations was CREATED by the CFR as a platform for global control. Today the CFR has around 4000 members. The CFR was formed to eventually put the US under a totalitarian world government. The CFR is behind Agenda 21 and every "sustainable" and "smart" insane plan in motion from GMO's to war. CFR members are behind the nightmare illegal laws we have pushing us toward a totalitarian dictatorship. The members also work to turn the military against the people. These globalists will stop at nothing to force the United States to surrender its sovereignty to their vision of a world government. The CFR must be destroyed to begin to reverse the madness!

"The Council on Foreign Relations is "the establishment." Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also announces and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the U.S. from a sovereign Constitutional Republic into a servile member state of a one-world dictatorship." Congressman John Rarick 1971.

Why isn't the CFR in Our History Books? If your purpose is to serve a plan for unlimited control and wealth you cant allow real history for the people on an "invisible government" that controls the United States, her government and her people with a plan for insane globalists to rule the world! The CFR was initially dominated by J.P. Morgan and the Rockefellers. Today it is the most powerful group in America, certainly more powerful than the U.S. federal government, as ALL of the key positions in government are held by it's members, so the CFR is the illegal United States Government. The CFR controls the media, tax-exempt foundations, universities, and government agencies. Not to mention the CFR is dominated by international financiers to dominate the domestic and foreign policies of the United States. Knowing its true role its easy to understand why the CFR is not in our history books.

"We are not going to achieve a New World Order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money." - Arthur Schlesinger Jr., 'The CFR Journal Foreign Affairs', August 1975.

And its not a coincidence the purpose of the General Education Board, one of the first foundations established by John D. Rockefeller, Sr., over 100 years ago was to use his money power, not to raise the level of education in America, as he spewed to the public, but to

influence the direction of education for globalist goals, which were to promote the ideology of collectivism, internationalism in the debt slaves and hide truth. Start asking random people and I bet you wont find one person in 1000 understand the reality regarding The Council on Foreign Relations.

The Council on Foreign Relations was formally established in Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organization founded and funded by Cecil Rhodes. The CFR was funded by a group of American and British imperialists and racists intent on ruling the world. Many of the American members were American intelligence officers that belonged to the first American Intelligence Agency -- THE INQUIRY. Many of the British members were British Intelligence Agents.

The CFR method of operation is simple -- they control public opinion. They keep the identity of their group secret like the committee 300. They learn the likes and dislikes of influential people. They surround and manipulate them into acting in the best interest of the CFR. The CFR uses the media to create massive psycho-political operations to manipulate/create public opinion. The psycho-political operations are often designed to create tensions between different groups of people. The object is to keep the world in a state of perpetual tension and warfare to maximize profits for the globalists.

The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA.

President Truman issued an executive order establishing the Psychological Strategy Board. The Board was run by CFR members Gordon Gray and Henry Kissinger. The PSB has close ties to the State Department and Intelligence Organizations. The purpose of the PSB was to co-ordinate psycho-political operations. Many of those operations were focused at Americans.

On September 12, 1939, the Council on Foreign Relations began to take control of the Department of State. The Council proposed forming groups of experts to proceed with research in the general areas of Security, Armament, Economic, Political, and Territorial problems. The State Department accepted the proposal. The project (1939-1945) was called Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies.

In February 1941 the CFR officially became part of the State Department. The Department of State established the Division of Special Research. It was organized just like the Council on Foreign Relations War and Peace Studies project. It was divided into Economic, Political, Territorial, and Security Sections.

In 1942 the relationship between the Department of State and the Council on Foreign Relations strengthened again. The Department organized an Advisory Committee on Postwar Foreign Policies. In total there were 362 meetings of the War and Peace Studies groups. The meetings were held at Council on Foreign Relations headquarters -- the Harold Pratt house, Fifty-Eight East Sixty-Eighth Street, New York City. The Council's wartime work is confidential.

In 1944 members of the Council on Foreign Relations The War and Peace Studies Political Group were invited to be active members at the Dumbarton Oaks conference on world economic arrangements. In 1945 these men and members of Britain's Royal Institute of International Affairs were active at the San Francisco conference which ensured the establishment of the United Nations.

In 1947 Council on Foreign Relations members George Kennan, Walter Lippmann, Paul Nitze, Dean Achenson, and Walter Krock took part in a psycho-political operation forcing the Marshall Plan on the American public. The PSYOP included a "anonymous" letter credited to a Mr. X, which appeared in the Council on Foreign Relations magazine FOREIGN AFFAIRS. The letter opened the door for the CFR controlled Truman administration to take a hard line against the threat of Soviet expansion. George Kennan was the author of the letter. The Marshall Plan should have been called the Council on Foreign Relations Plan. The so-called Marshall Plan and the ensuing North Atlantic Treaty Organization defined the role of the United States in world politics for the rest of the century.

In 1950 another PSYOP resulted in NSC-68, a key cold war document. The NSC (National Security Council) didn't write it -- the Department of State Policy Planning Staff did. The cast of characters included CFR members George Kennan, Paul Nitze, and Dean Achenson. NSC-68 was given to Truman on April 7, 1950. NSC-68 was a practical extension of the Truman doctrine. It had the US assume the role of world policeman and use 20 per cent of its gross national product ($50 billion in 1953) for arms. NSC-68 provided the justification.

NSC-68 realized a major Council on Foreign Relations aim -- building the largest military establishment in Peace Time History. Within a year of drafting NSC-68, the security-related budget leaped to $22 billion, armed forces manpower was up to a million -- CFR medicine, munition, food, and media businesses were humming again. The following year the NSC-68 budget rose to $44 billion. In fiscal 1953 it jumped to $50 billion. In (1997) $300 billion.

THE INQUIRY, the PSB/OCB/Special group, the War and Peace Studies, the "X" Affair, and NSC-68 have had tremendous historical impact. Yet these events and the role played by the Council on Foreign Relations in sponsoring and carrying out the events are missing from our History books. You represent the people. Can you explain to me why the Council on Foreign Relations role in History has been left out of the History books? Why don't we learn about them in High School History courses? Why don't History majors in college learn about the Council on Foreign Relations? Because the globalist plan wont allow it!

Edward Griffin on The Council on Foreign Relations

"Thirty years ago, the historian and diplomat George F. Kennan published a seminal essay in Foreign Affairs titled “Morality and Foreign Policy” in which he decried the stubborn tendency of the stewards of American foreign policy to treat every problem of geopolitics that arises in the course of human events as soluble, and what’s more, soluble by the American government. It was his considered opinion that it was folly for any government, especially our own, to get caught up in what he called the “histrionics of


Knowing all the above makes it clear the CFR has the same objectives as the committee 300 because the CFR exists for a cesspool of despotic elitism bent on mass depopulation to get all the people on earth, after mass depopulation, back into slave economies...1800's style, only this round in history with radically advanced technology and mind control. They call it "sustainable development/agenda 21. And we, our parents and grandparents have been the money crop to fund this madness.

THE TOOLS of Global Population Reduction v=A3LUD53q_Pg

"The most powerful clique in these (CFR) groups have one objective in common: they want to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and the national independence of the U.S. They want to end national boundaries and racial and ethnic loyalties supposedly to increase business and ensure world peace. What they strive for would inevitably lead to dictatorship and loss of freedoms by the people. The CFR was founded for "the purpose of promoting disarmament and submergence of U.S. sovereignty and national independence into an all-powerful one-world government." Harpers, July l958

"The directors of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) make up a sort of Presidium for that part of the Establishment that guides our destiny as a nation."The Christian Science Monitor, September 1, 1961.

For Research on the CFR:

TRAGEDY AND HOPE: HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN OUR TIME by Carroll Quigley. Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time. NY: MacMillan, 1966. 1348 pages.

THE ANGLO-AMERICAN ESTABLISHMENT by Carroll Quigley. NY: Books in Focus, 1981.

THE WAR AND PEACE STUDIES OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS 1939-1945, The Harold Pratt House 58th E. 68th Street, NY, 1946

THE ART AND SCIENCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS: Case Studies of Military Application Vol. 1 and 2, Pamphlet No. 725-7-2, DA Pam 525-7-2, Headquarters Dept of the Army Washington, DC, April 1976. Pollock, Daniel C Project Director & Editors De Mclaurin, Ronald, Rosenthal, Skillings(Carl F., Sarah A.)

Bilderberg Group

This is a club for moneypower and their political puppets in the world onboard with the globalist plan to enslave the world. And for the largest predatory institutions in the world and their representatives. So obviously the power structures don't want the people to know about what goes on in this club involving any of their plans for the people of the world. You only have look at the whole unfolding globalist plan to get an idea of the main purpose of this group working hand with the CFR and U.N. Bilderberg is involved in business, finance, global politics, war, and control of the world’s resources. Here is a sample of members; David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, George Soros, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, other heads of state, influential senators, congressmen and parliamentarians, Pentagon and NATO brass, members of European royalty, selected media figures, top figures from the Council on Foreign Relations, IMF, World Bank, Trilateral Commission, EU, and central bankers from the Federal Reserve. George H.W. Bush attended in 1985 and became president in 1988. Bill Clinton attended in 1991 and became president a year later. Tony Blair attended in 1993 and became prime minister of England in 1997. Romano Prodi attended in 1999 and later that year became president of the European Union Commission.

"It is difficult to re-educate people who have been brought up on nationalism to the idea of relinquishing part of their sovereignty to a supra-national body." - Bilderberg founder, Prince Bernhard

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenarios, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." -Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberg organization May 21, 1991

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years." "It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." - David Rockefeller at the 1991 Bilderberg address.

“For more than a century, ideological extremists at either end of the political spectrum have seized upon well-publicized incidents to attack the Rockefeller family for the inordinate influence they claim we wield over American political and economic institutions. Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” – David Rockefeller, Memoirs , 2002.

Click on this link to blow this image to see to connect the dots. -Network.jpg

Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes created a secret society, and the influence of that movement still exists today.

- Cecil Rhodes discussed the secret society in his "Confession of Faith."
- Five of Cecil Rhodes' seven wills mentioned the fact that he wanted to establish a secret society. Rhodes' sixth will didn't mention the secret society because it was organized in 1891. - William Stead wrote about the secret society after he was expelled from the organizaton.
- Cecil Rhodes wrote a letter to William Stead that mentions "our Society."
- H.G. Wells described the organization in a fictional book titled The New Machiavelli.
- Frederic Howe met several members of Milner's Kindergarten in 1919.

- The Milner Group (the secret society), and their American counterparts, organized the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations.
- Alfred Zimmern was a member of the secret society from 1910-1922.
- Professor Quigley studied the secret society for twenty years, and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records.

- The major media concealed the existence of the CFR to the people until 1999- 2000.
- David Rockefeller organized the Trilateral Commission in 1973 after Gary Allen exposed the CFR in 1972. The movement suppressed Professor Quigley's books.

According to Quigley:

"This society has been called by various names. During the frst decade or so it was called "The secret society of Cecil Rhodes". In the second and third decades of its existence it was known as 'Milner's Kindergarten' (1901-1910) and as 'the Round Table Group' (1910-1920). Since 1920 it has been called by various names, depending on which phase of its activities was being examined. It has been called 'The Times crowd,' 'the Rhodes crowd,' the 'Chatham House crowd,' 'The All Souls group,' and 'the Cliveden set.'"

Frank Aydelotte described the incident that changed Cecil Rhodes' life, and fashioned the world we live in today:

"Two of Rhodes's biographers, who knew him most intimately, Sir Herbert Baker and Sir James McDonald, believe that Rhodes found the inspiration for that great dream of his in the teaching of John Ruskin. . . . Ruskin was teaching and writing in the first enthusiasm of his professorship: his Inaugural Address had been delivered and published in 1870. . . . Ruskin's theme was the destiny of England. . . . He asks himself what are the virtues of the English and what the fate of England will be. His answer to these questions was a challenge to his youthful hearers:"

Professor Ruskin proclaimed:

"There is a destiny now possible to us - the highest ever set before a nation to be accepted or refused. We are still undegenerate in race; a race mingled of the best northern blood. We are not yet dissolute in temper, but still have the firmness to govern, and the grace to obey. We have been taught a religion of pure mercy, which we must either now betray, or learn to defend by fulfilling. And we are rich in an inheritance of honour, bequeathed to us through a thousand years of noble history, which it should be our daily thirst to increase with splendid avarice, so that Englishmen, if it be a sin to covet honour, should be the most offending souls alive.

And this is what she must either do, or perish: she must found colonies as fast and as far as she is able, formed of her most energetic and worthiest men; - seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set her foot on, and there teaching these her colonists that their chief virtue is to be fidelity to their country, and that their first aim is to be to advance the power of England by land and sea: and that, though they live on a distant plot of ground, they are no more to consider themselves therefore disfranchised from their native land, than the sailors of her fleet do, because they float on distant waves."

The concept inspired Cecil Rhodes. He recorded John Ruskin's words in longhand, and carried them with him during the remainder of his life. Frank Aydelotte continued:

"So Ruskin: now Rhodes. In a curiously outspoken document, 'The Confession of Faith,' which he wrote about the time that he made his first will in 1877, Rhodes outlines the great purpose of his life:" He wrote: 'It often strikes a man to enquire what is the chief good in life: to one the thought comes that it is a happy marriage, to another great wealth, and, as each seizes on his idea, for that he more or less works for the rest of existence. To myself thinking over the same question the wish came to render myself useful

to my country. I then asked myself how could I, and, after reviewing the various methods, I have felt that at the present day we are actually limiting our children and perhaps bringing into the world half the human beings we might owing to the lack of country for them to inhabit, that if we had retained America there would at the present moment be many millions more of English living.'" Frank Aydelotte deleted the section of Rhodes' "Confession of Faith" that stated:

"The idea gleaming and dancing before ones eyes like a will-of-the-wisp at last frames itself into a plan. Why should we not form a secret society with but one object the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole uncivilised world under British rule for the recovery of the United States for the making the Anglo-Saxon race but one Empire. What a dream, but yet it is probable, it is possible."

Frank Aydelotte continued: In his first will Rhodes states his aim still more specifically:

Cecil Rhodes claimed he wanted to create "the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible," but that wasn't true. Cecil Rhodes and Alfred Milner (the British High Commissioner of South Africa) precipitated the Boer War because they wanted to expand the "The extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom and of colonization by British subjects of all lands wherein the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, The Holy Land, the valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire, the consolidation of the whole Empire, the inauguration of a system of Colonial Representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire, and finally the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the best interests of humanity."British Empire. The English army sustained 100,000 casualties in the war, and over twenty-eight thousand Afrikaner women and children were starved and/or died of typhoid fever in Milner's prison camps. Rhodes and Milner wanted the carnage to continue, but the British Parliament intervened and stopped the brutal war."

Do do more research and or verify information;

- Quigley's book, Tragedy and Hope section on the Boer War.
- Thomas Pakenham's book, The Boer War.
- Quigley's book, The Anglo-American Establishment contains the letter that Cecil Rhodes wrote to William Stead during the Boer War.

Cecil Rhodes died before the war ended, but the senseless carnage didn't deter the members of Rhodes' secret society because most of them were deeply involved in the occult. Alfred Milner (Lord Milner) inherited Cecil Rhodes wealth. He assumed leadership of the secret society, controlled the Rhodes Scholarship fund, and brought thousands of young men to Oxford University with the goal to one day bring about a one world government.

"The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans. "-British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, 1876

"From the days of Sparticus, Wieskhopf, Karl Marx, Trotsky, Rosa Luxemberg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy has been steadily growing. This conspiracy played a definite recognizable role in the tragedy of the French revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century" -Winston Churchill 1922.

I will say the forefathers of the American people created the Constitution and stood ground on it best they could, but since before the ink dried the banking families had a plan in place to began their subversion, its always been a rigged game. Until the government fears the people at the level it gets its power, in the Communities, Cities, Counties & States nothing can or will change. As I hope I made it clear, the main enemy for generations, and to the all the people of the world, are today's globalists.

RFID Agenda

The RFID Microchip Agenda is nothing new and is always fresh with disinformation. Regardless the sociopaths leading the march to a one world government simply want to inject everyone on the planet to TRACK your every move, control your money and food if they cant do it wirelessly. There is a list of compelling links here for anyone that thinks this will never happen.

IMHO the real mandate for Obama Care is population control on many levels So for me that means the “interpretation for a device registry of things that are implanted” in Obamacare is

unclear for a reason. Have you ever read pages 1000-1008? 111hr3200ih/pdf/BILLS-111hr3200ih.pdf

The HR 3962 Bill is an exact copy of the HR 3200 bill with the acceptance of just a few words removed concerning the RFID Microchip but the ability to Chip Every Citizen of the United States is still in the bill. Read Pages 1501 thru 1510.

Special Controls Guidance For FDA Staff NBC predicting life in the USA in 10 years: Putting FUN into RFID from Facebook & Coke: Chipping food stamp & welfare recipients:

RFID in the stomach that uses stomach acid as a battery: our-brave-new-world-2476078.html

Aaron Russo claims Rockefeller told him in person long ago the goal is One World Government and would gladly use RFID chips for total control of humans. v=h9Wsb4qBckU

Tax Exempt Foundations

Global elite sociopaths rule because foundations like the Rockfellers for example not only conceal power, they outright deny it exists in government, education, wars, medicine, food etc. etc.. The foundations work with the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission, so their control remains constant over government/the people.
Regarding the Bilderberg Group and Trilateral Commission members, they represent the global elite of every western nation and work hand and hand with the foundations. The results and plans for the world and its people from all meetings, decisions and debates are unknown. And go un-reported.

The New York Times noted April 29, 1984 that 1400 officials were attending the annual meeting of the Council on Foundations. There were 21,697 foundations in the U.S., which in 1983 distributed $3.4 billion in grants. Its all grown since. Research them and you will clearly understand the grants were dispensed only to those who implement the program for world totaltarian government/slavery.

"The foundation world is a coordinated, well-directed system, the purpose of which is to ensure that the wealth of our country shall be used to divorce it from the ideas which brought it into being. The foundations are the biggest single influence in collectivism." - Norman Dodd director of research for the 1954 Reece Committee in its attempt to investigate tax exempt foundations.

The international banking families set up American foundations to not just protect the wealth they had amassed from wars, slavery, drugs and gold over centuries but to perpetuate that wealth through government charters to neutralize all potential rivals or opposition by controlling them and directing or misdirecting their opposition.

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries."

David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

This interview by Edward Griffin of Norman Dodd was in 1982. Norman Dodd was the staff director of a special congressional committee in the 1950s to investigate tax exempt organizations. People need to understand what Dodd explains to be able to understand what has been done to the people through tax exempt organizations like Guggenheim, Carnegie Endowment for Peace, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller etc etc... ALL of the tax exempt organizations are about activities that directly subverted education in America to serve the globalist agenda. The Reece Commitee Report was authorized by Congress on The Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations because since 1900 they have set out to influence and manipulate the education and morals of not only the USA but Countries Globally. And these foundations were very influential in instigating conflicts around the world. OverthrowOfTheUsa

Charlotte Iserbyt touches on Tax exempt foundations, and wishes she had met Norman Dodd. She served as Senior Policy Adviser in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America's classrooms. Her father and grandfather we members of the infamous Skull & Bones Society at Yale University. Here she explains secret societies, who own both political party’s and their history in the United States.

ANOTHER tax exempt organization here as "The voice of corporate governance" to further subvert education and bring in totalitarian world government.


Let us use America as a model because from a historical perspective its a more advanced model; Racism is simply a tool, a very necessary part of a several decades old plan to achieve cultural and socioeconomic dislocation in America for a reason, and that reason is control. Just like all the empty promises, fake cuts, budget spin, and political stunts that BOTH political party's use to make it look like they are serving their constituents its all smoke and mirrors for the globalist plan. For effective totalitarian control this government has perfected the concepts of racial hatred and racial prejudice, that’s the real reason they want several ethnic groups in the society they control...its all about repeating history with more efficient divide and conquer.

For over 150 years, blacks were victims of terrorist attacks by the elites through the Democratic party and their Klan supporters with endless lynchings, beatings, rapes and mutilations. And regarding slavery the elite used the Democrats to expand it; while the Republicans angle was to ban it, but the the important message here is the global shadow government owned both partys so all of it was a script. Obama and his globalist puppeteers today are using racial paranoia to still achieve the elites goals by aligning with people who have promoted racial grievances, all by design to increase bigotry and racism in America. This is the highest insult to what Martin Luther King died for. Expect no less from any globalist puppet regardless of their color.

The script changed after a while so the people were led to believe the Democrats had a change of heart and fell in love with blacks when in reality all the globalists fell in love with is the black vote from the left, knowing this would be their ticket keep white house from the left side of things. The Democrat Party worked for years to keep blacks on inner city plantations, run by Democrat politicians. The Democrat Party was designed to keep black youngsters uneducated and to ensure they were the victims of white privilege for a plan.

Today we see it’s been over 50 years since Martin Luther King envisioned a day when people in America would not be judged by the color of their skin. The shadow government, using government made sure that would not happen. The have succeeded in setting back race relations, its a great distraction, while the government gives the elite more and more wealth/control.....all necessary on the road to world government.

"We must realize that our Party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party ... In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While enflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites, a guilt complex for the exploitation of the

Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negroes will be able to intermarry with the Whites, and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause." - Israel Cohen of the Fabian Society in his book A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, published in 1913. On June 17, 1957, this passage was read into the Congressional Record by Rep. Thomas G. Abernathy.

In 1964, Barry Goldwater explained that the Civil Rights Act -- which he opposed -- would be used to create the framework for a national police state and encourage all Americans to become accusers and informants against each other. He has, tragically, been vindicated in every particular." -William N. Grigg 2015.

The proof government is successful couldn’t be more obvious today watching Obama's racist tactics actually drive support for Obama from indoctrinated masses. Meanwhile to keep the indoctrination deep, every now and then you will hear Obama compare himself, for example to M.L.K. or Gandhi. What the majority simply cannot understand is this formula the government uses is anything but a formula for social peace, They simply create chaos for controlled outcome. Obama’s theme, as an obvious puppet for the global elite, is to make everyone equal except the ruling class. MLK’s theme was "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed; we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal".

What Obama is doing is nothing new. Obama seeks for America the same international order as those puppets before him going back to Woodrow Wilson who wanted what was called the League of Nations, and that’s because ALL those puppet left vs. right presidents have the same owners. The global elite will stop at nothing to force the United States to eventually surrender its sovereignty to their vision of a New World Order when they are ready. Roosevelt on behalf of his owners created the United Nations in 1945 to resolve THEIR challenges UNDER THE GUISE of our challenges. The globalist goal, that uses racism, since 1945 has been for the United States to submit its sovereignty to an ultimate power greater than our own for the plan. The decision to put Obama, a black man, also portrayed as a closet gay, in the White House was simply to further distract Americans for the current power plays we see for the world government . Obama has made more steps toward world government than any other president. Obama has clearly allowed them to pick up the pace toward that goal, and without the tools of social engineering using racism and gender disorientation they would have never achieved this. This exposes the globalist reasons/uses for ‘sexual orientation’ laws we now see on the road to world government keeping many people distracted to the globalist plan.

Better understanding transgender and sexual orientation academia has provided could obviously be used to better humanity. Its obvious today the globalist plan calls for sexual orientation towards the other sex to change with sexual disorientation laws being forced onto society for, as always, controlled change. The globalist plan for the last several decades has been creating and changing a wide variety of laws based on confusing and contradictory definitions, like global warming, which is also for controlled change, so the question to ask yourself is if they are not promoting gender equality for the good of humanity then for what reason? The answer is in discovering how it serves the globalists and their plan. In today's world the globalists have worked hard to make it impossible for anyone to understand all areas of social engineering on a national or worldwide scale. But when implying all extensive objectives of social control incorporated in the globalist plan, that by design, are for destruction of human life, slavery and genocide, it all becomes clear what all the social engineering and technology they sponsor is being used for.

Government, those whom control it, the media and education etc., made it as complicated as they could for the people to be able to understand how racism, equality, inequality and typecasting have been used by government as very useful tools that helped put America on the road to world government.

But the formula is really quite simple;

All they had to do was put the mechanisms in place to silence good people on all sides of the political aisle so they fall prey to what the global elite need most to have total world slavery. They simply worked to instill opposing values, and then used opposing values utilizing the machinery of government to control all the people. Fast forward to today and its clear; like those before him, the Obama Doctrine is to support and promote the rights of an elite few at the expense of the rest of the world, Only with Obama its more transparent, and racism as a tool for the globalists allows this controlled change. Blind devotion is reserved for the weak. That's why government does all it can get away with to weaken the population.

"[Some people] have a depraved taste for equality, which impels the weak to lower the powerful to their

own level, and reduces men to prefer equality in slavery to inequality with freedom. I believe that it is easier to establish an absolute and despotic government amongst a people in which the conditions of society are equal, than amongst any other; and I think that, if such a government were once established amongst such a people, it would not only oppress men, but would eventually strip each of them of several of the highest qualities of humanity. Despotism, therefore, appears to me peculiarly to be dreaded in democratic times." - Alexis de Tocqueville

Another way to understand this; if the effects of discrimination were reduced, it would directly reduce monopoly power over the people, something the globalists who control government, will fight with all their resources and false flag capabilities to never allow happen. They will continue to do everything in there power to ensure a public utopia NEVER exists.

"If one wishes to really fight private-sector discrimination and to ensure that no community or ethnic group is forced to submit to terms dictated by any monopolist, it is government regulation that must be opposed".

For over 100 years this government has perfected the science of psychology to subjugate and control citizens, similar to the way a spouse abuser does. They destroy the self confidence of people blaming them for everything that's wrong, making most “believe” they cant do anything right and are responsible for everything bad that happens, And if they would just try to understand others positions more, give more, things would be better. The Rockefeller funded National Education Association is responsible for creating this by controlling/influencing public schools for the past 100 years. Looking at Americas history and America today its clear where equality was/is enthroned, it was used as a tool to eliminate freedom. Think for a moment all the injustices done under the cloak of equality, freedoms inhibited, and the financial cost, its been for the plan, its been horrific yet fantastic/effective smokescreen for the globalists plan of controlled change.

Americas founders disbelieved the notion of equality; to prevent where we are today. And puppet president LBJ embraced it for the globalist plan. Since then our government has been trying to create a society to one day finish off what could have been a Republic for the people. Once the civil rights movement ended segregation it moved on to social and economic equality in 1965. Most Americans "believe" inequality is due to racism, and more believe inequity is the root of our problems. Its interesting to note history shows us that when faith dies it destroys culture, killing the civilization, killing off the people. The globalists are working to have a world where ALL rights come from government, no longer from a God or humanity. This is the real reason you hear Obama condemning God given rights, not because he disapproves of religions ability for mind control. With that said, today America has become (by design) a self-worshiping nation obsessed with cultural diversity and the communist idea of equality....all according to the plan. Looking at American society through what has been done using racism and inequality it is clear now we have a system governed by T.H. White’s totalitarian principle: “Everything not forbidden is compulsory”.....and it is all for a the 100 year old plan and this time in history its not being introduced with jackboots, its with a promise for a better world for all, but when world government/slavery arrives at the peoples doorstep, it will be with the jackboots, assisted with

mind boggling and literally mind controlling technology.

Where are we now with the plan on the racism front? In the media anyone white, no matter how well informed they are who criticizes OBAMA is labeled a racist keeping the people distracted as the pace gains momentum toward world government. All so puppet Obama can do whatever his owners want. The reason Obama got elected was because he is black. The only reason he can get away with more impeachable acts in America today than any previous president is because he is black. The reason his racist ruling class owners put him there is because only a black man could get away with this much treason against the people to move their plan forward.... yes this was planned long ago, welcome to realizing your in a matrix!!

So where is all this heading? Once we have a one world government creating endless wars will no longer work for the globalists to keep control, so the notion of equality & racism are now being used for eventual control where war has always failed. History and current events clearly expose how racism/equality has proven to be an incredably efficient political weapon, and take note, as a weapon, they are as old as government itself.

Orwell showed in Animal Farm "all animals are created equal" but the people never are and the illusion to achieve equality for all always ends up, as history, and current events clearly show; to establish a dictatorship for the few. While Obama is preaching equality to the masses, who is all the remaining wealth being rapidly transferred to? And who gets the power? As always the ruling class that’s who!

Looking at previous revolutions that also used equality as a weapon, we look back to Russia,

China and Cuba, we saw the elite that took over were even more brutal than who they replaced,

because thats what the globalist plan called for. And thanks to Obama I guarantee race will

become even more of a factor in the planned crisis ahead, as it will serve the globalist plan. Not

to mention white people are a rapidly emerging minority in America, it’s been a necessary part

of this several decades old plan to achieve cultural and socioeconomic dislocation in America.

Thanks to Obama the globalist approved tactics of Jim Crow are back! racism_724896.html

From "Civil Rights" to Cultural Totalitarianism civil-rights-to-cultural.html

Smart Devices

Have you noticed you hear the word “Smart” more and more often? Please understand it represents a wide range of things that are anything but smart for you, smart means "they" control the device, it represents totalitarian control in relation to agenda 21/sustainable development. Like most peoples identity, our entire society has literally been constructed on behalf of the global elite. Once you understand the intent has been to change the primary

functions of human intellect, you see it everywhere in the minds of the vast majority of citizens. This goal by design has affected the "sustainability" of human life, and that is exactly what this system has denied, and the globalists call it "sustainable development" and within that framework you will find everything “smart.”

“With every smartphone we buy, every GPS device we install, and every Twitter, Facebook, and Google account we open, we’re helping Corporate America build a dossier for its government counterparts on who we know, what we think, how we spend our money, and how we spend our time. We live in an electronic concentration camp. We are addicted to images on screens that disinform and propagandize us to accept and even welcome the police state activities that have destroyed our autonomy, privacy, and independence.The outlook for civil liberties grows bleaker by the day, from the government’s embrace of indefinite detention for US citizens and armed surveillance drones flying overhead to warrantless surveillance of phone, email and Internet communications, and prosecutions of government whistle- blowers. The homeland is ruled by a police-industrial complex, an extension of the American military empire. Everything that our founding fathers warned against is now the new norm. The government has trained its sights on the American people. We have become the enemy. All the while, the American people remain largely oblivious.” - Paul Craig Roberts April 2015. evil-defeated /

The following are components of Smart Power: Smart Growth -Smart Change -Smart Disclosure -Smart Grid -Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, Smart Phones, Smart Cars etc. The framework of Smart Power is "defense, development, diplomacy." The 3Ds are represented by the civilian "soft power" of the State Dept (diplomacy)/USAID (development), and the military "hard power" of the Department of Defense. The rest of the USG is integrated via "whole of totalitarian government planning" through "the interagency."

The true battle is between Truth and Ignorance. My friend and fellow researcher Elry has done all the research and provides us with a look down the Smart power rabbit hole. / utm_source=Top+US+World+News+

ARGUS has a 1.8 billion pixel camera and stores 1 million terabytes a day of data. That's

5000 hours of video saved per day forever to be viewed anytime. Records everything

happening in a 15 square mile area. Equivalent to 100 predator surveillance drones

World Government, Wireless WIFI Devices, Microwaves and Electromagnetic Radiation

Wireless "wi-fi" frequency devices are weapons not only for human control, but silent microwave weapons of warfare used on people and people in America unhappy with corrupt government way outside its constitutional authority are gradually being targeted

suffering an array of symptoms from microwaves including myself all for the world government plan. Believe it or not the technology exists with everyone having electronic devices to provide the ability to target any individual by their ‘digital signature’. Everyday everywhere there are more kinds of wireless devices and sensors (civil and military) that increase the accuracy of targeting. And whats coming is sequencing an individual’s DNA to target them. A document released by the Whitehouse in August 2015 titled “Realizing the Full Potential of Government Held Spectrum to Spur Economic Growth” exposes the next step in control using microwaves on our road to world government in the USA. And this part of the plan by design will begin to attack people in the general population with levels of microwaves like never before for the general population. Historically high levels were for reserved to target individuals or groups (covered in the next section). And expect 100 or so in the politically favored class, part of the 1% of the wealthiest of the U.S. Population, to become richer from this while most of the rest of the population and the children exposed will become sick, and many will die prematurely. All of that (by design) increases the use of big pharma drugs, time off work, more of the population to become poorer and more dependent on government. All that is in the plan for world government.

Mr. Barrie Trower, a British physicist who was a microwave weapons, microwave uses, and microwave warfare expert for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service. He explains clearly about the health effects of WiFi and other forms of microwave radiation that today damage people in many ways.

WIFI or WIFI enabled frequencies can be used to induce the autoimmune system of a brain. Other pulse frequencies related to microwave radiation induce feelings where you cannot relax, feeling of being unhappy. They can also be used to induce problems with anger, manic behavior, problems with movement and loss of appetite. I have experience all those symptoms from EMF's, cell phones, and wifi with added blurred vision and unbearable headaches. The hazards caused from the frequencies or pulse frequencies or modulation frequencies are well documented. With a WIFI roll-out in schools everywhere these effects are now being reported in schools with WIFI.

Will suffering children be what will end this madness? No, because the globalist plan relies on WIFI technology and microwave warfare to not only create world government, but to ensure it never ends, as microwave technology provides a foundation for total control of humans. The U.S. has a computer that can do a million billion computations per second to assist in the globalist plan and when they mesh a whole neighborhood, and eventually the whole country there is nothing you can do that cannot be logged. They see and know what you do/say all day and can microwave you at whatever levels they deem necessary 24-7 in the process. Expect government to pick and choose who or what segments need higher levels of microwaves for totalitarian control. Efficient control like never before in history. For the record in 1976 the level of microwaves already used today on the population was known by United States research scientists to cause up to 4,500 different ill symptoms and illnesses in human beings depending on

stage of growth and stage of health, and it was also corroborated by the United Nations. So what happened? The documents concerning the ill health from microwaves were marked TOP SECRET. For the globalist plan to move forward governments must lie to the general populations, otherwise they will realize the ill effects caused by this level of radiation and it would have had a massive impact on industrial profits and of course there would be endless law suits. This new document put out by the whitehouse simply proves they are still doing what they started in 1976 when all this was marked SECRET, its simply to further increase industrial profit to fund the globalist plan.

The World Health Organization data even shows the microwave wavelengths currently used will cause 57.7% of pregnant women have miscarriages, still births, or genetically mutated children. The globalist plan calls for covert depopulation on many fronts and wi- fi microwaves do just that. The technology is not being challenged for a reason that as simple as it is insane; it is on the scientific peer review documents where the U.S. government and the World Health Organization say is going to happen. Making a massive profit for a few people on the backs of a suffering of the populations is required on the road to world government.

At this point since 5g was introduced whenever I am around devices that recognize my signature I suffer from Microwave radiation induced oxidative stress that causes cognitive impairment and painful inflammation of my brain. It seems there are only 2 explanations either I am being targeted everywhere or have become very sensitive to microwave radiation. I have developed many techniques to lower my exposures and deal with them. If a time arrives where I can no longer do that I suspect it will mean brain cancer for me. Its getting harder and harder every year to find off the grid safe havens from microwave poisoning, and that's by design. Presently I can use wifi 2-15 miniutes before I experience unpleasant symptoms. The length of time depends how many wireless transmitting devices, cell masts, modems etc., are around me.

The US has been rolling out a federal cell tower system across the country to blanket every square foot of the country in microwaves for the globalist plan. And as long government and wireless industry lie about the toxic radiation emissions the people will let it continue.

Barrie Trower: Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology v=iLWRdkxKXiw&feature=player_embedded propaganda-machine_04022012

DNA-Destroying Chip Being Embedded Into Mobile Phones

Video on how peoples behavior is controlled with microwaves (cell phones and other wireless technology)

If you liked the above one this one is more in-depth, its over 2 hours

Hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile phones and Wi-Fi. special-guest-dr-barrie-trower

For several decades the FDA has been telling the public that there are almost no credible health risks from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that emanate from power lines, power transformers and every single appliance that runs on electricity, or Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR). The official FDA position on EMF's is that aside from an undeniable increased risk of childhood leukemia, the public is perfectly safe no matter how many appliances litter our homes and offices, or how many power lines exist nearby. That is wrong. The truth is there is 50+years of evidence they are toxic and work synergistic-ally with microwaves. Meanwhile both EMF and RFR exposures are still only classified as IARC 2B Possible Human Carcinogens.

EMF & DNA - Dr. Martin Blank

The globalist plan has not allowed protection for the people. The substantial scientific literature on EMF and RFR effects on DNA, on immune and blood-brain barrier disruption, on stress proteins, on circadian rhythms, on hormone dis-regulation, on cognition, sleep, disruption of neural control and altered brainwave activity. The Evidence EMF/RFR degrade the human genome, and impair normal development, health and quality of our physiology has been suppressed for 50 years or more for the globalist plan.

Since the late 1980’s up until late 2001 I have littered my residences with air purifiers that gave off EMF’s at adversly affecting me at close proximity. Due to my understanding of the benefits of good indoor air quality I had one in every room. In 2002 I learned and connected the effects of EMF’s. The fatigue and brain fog that would come and go randomly was gone! The amount of EMF’s I was exposing myself too were undermining all my efforts with air purification, diet, exercise, supplements, multiple chemical avoidance, and especially rest, from EMF exposures while in bed! Due to the high

voltage/amperage wiring behind a wall, an air purifier, and clock radio I was exposing myself to debilitating EMFs. Whenever I was feeling chronically fatigued I would sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed. For years I thought I was getting more restful sleep because of a hard surface, temperature, or better air quality not being on bedding. The reason was none of the above. I told my M.D. and he suggested I see a psychiatrist. The truth I found was EMF’s on the floor in front of my bed were much lower than in my bed! I get instant headaches from cell phones. That is microwaves, not EMF’s. Scientists recognize adverse health effects, chronic ailments, and cancer from various forms of emissions. Only a few have hypothesized it is being caused directly by the systemic effect of EMF’s. Nobody is researching the synergistic effects of wifi and emf's. I admit that it seems unbelievable at first that something invisible that is everywhere in society is making some people ill. Once I experienced the benefits of minimizing exposure, the theory on the many toxic effects of wifi and EMF’s which are grounded in scientific principals, makes TOTAL SENSE.

When I am near powerlines with cellular antennas attached I get intense head pain and what feels like swelling at the brain stem. Regarding EMF's the Earth's magnetosphere protects us from the deadly radiation emitted by the sun. The exposure that is left over for us as a result of that protective barrier is a magnetic field that is emitting EMF’s of 2 -6 gauss @ approx. 10 hertz. That is the background radiation of the Earth. This radiation is always present, and this Earths prominent frequency in the natural background radiation. Prior to the twentieth century, all electromagnetic radiation was of natural origin. We evolved in the presence of those 10hz fields. We also evolved where the natural background level of radio frequency radiation (RFR) had been almost non existent compared to today. Over the last hundred years, wireless technologies like radio, TV radar and microwaves has amplified your everyday RFR exposure levels by over ten thousand times.

Technological innovation has provided us with a completely different form of EMF exposure from the natural 10 Hz fields. These man-made 50/60Hz emissions overpower earth’s low-level ten-hertz wave; these exposures are indoor and outdoor. These EMF’s are an invisible force that surrounds any electrical device. EMF’s are produced by voltage and increase in strength as the voltage and or load increases. Magnetic fields are measured in units of gauss or tesla. EMF’s decrease rapidly as you move away from the source. These emf’s affect you, it’s proven, measurable, and cumulative. So gauss @10Hz has a completely different biological effect then it does @ 50/60hz. I have learned alternating current gauss affects me negatively psychologically, where as direct current gauss does not. I have also learned the higher the hertz of alternating current the more ability it has to mess with me biologically. The question is how and to what extent do

EMF’s affect each individual when combined with so many other side effects of technology?

It's my opinion today's EMFs alone are most likely not that overwhelming to anyone. It is impossible to exist in our society and be exposed to only one toxic environmental exposure. So you have to realize there are variables in human biology which include personal characteristics such as gender, age, and genetics over which we have no control, but which, nevertheless, have a great influence on our susceptibility to illness, nutritional, and environmental factors. Now when you combine the emissions of all type's of man made wifi, EMF's; power lines, appliances, 50/60hz wiring, FM radio, cell networks, TV stations, with the indoor & outdoor air pollution, prescription drugs, pesticides, toxic additives to food, nutritionally void foods, toxins in water and my severe mental and physical limitations is totally explained, and through nutrition and reduction of those exposures cured! By using nutrition and avoidance my resistance is increasing! That is profound and is deserved to be known by all, which would help with many illnesses in society. The most significant effect of that “total load” is to produce chronic biological stress. This has had profound effects on my total physical and mental well being. All those factors weaken everyone’s immune systems and we are as a society continuously becoming exposed to more and resistant to less, which results in being more prone to disease. Not to mention it puts you in a constant state of mental stress, physical stress, and or brain fog making people easier and easier to control.

So far since the beginning of wide spread usage of electricity it appears that $$$$$$$ was the only language that is understood by the nameless and faceless power industry. Here is a very brief description on my understanding of the complex science and biology I have researched. Our bodies have a profound electrical nature; we have all experienced static electricity. We have all experienced pain because it is electrically transmitted to your brain. Electrical messages are constantly sent throughout your body to keep it informed of what is going on. Conventional ideology cares nothing of this and only looks at the chemical nature of symptoms and how to chemically suppress them. Our bodies are water based, making us attracted to electrical and electromagnetic waves. AC electric power is @ 50/60Hz and produces electric and electromagnetic fields. As these waves pass through our bodies it generates electric current inside our bodies. These are called "induced currents”. That electricity goes to ground, through the path of least resistance. That causes problems in our bodies with hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters who know where they are going because they also carry an electric charge. The hormones, antibodies and neurotransmitters know where to go because there is a corresponding opposite charge at the site of delivery. The problem is when man made EMF’s are passing through the body it can change this charge, either on the

hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters or the site of delivery. Continuous interference over many years caused the many problems I experienced that got worse and worse. As the years pass of limiting exposure I am becoming more resistant to EMF’s, which is why I say the effects are cumulative.

Studies have shown that EMF’s affect the blood brain barrier. Our brain has its own immune system separate from our body. The blood brain barrier keeps everything that is designed to be kept within the brain inside it and protects the brain from any unwanted diseases or chemicals which could harm it. It has no defense to EMF’s and they have a free pass to affect the brain, and on top of that, EMF’s interfere with the blood brain barrier’s job to block and release, harmful substances. That explains how exposure was the main cause for my depression, brain fog, and many other symptoms.

We are increasingly exposed to the rapid increase and the types and amounts of radiation , and our children are having younger and younger developmental exposures. Even with evidence that EMF’s cause childhood leukemia, those responsible in government and industry do nothing to regulate and reduce our exposures to these carcinogens, only increase the amounts and types. Do to the detrimental effects I have experienced from power line EMFs and cell phones, combined with the results of reducing exposures, no one can tell me there is no detrimental developmental effects to fetuses, our children's brains, nervous systems, and who knows what else. Not to mention children born today will have longer lifetime exposures than anyone reading this guide.

RFR, EMFs, & WIFI/Microwaves follow the same patterns as chemicals & tobacco

- They have wide social acceptance
- More and more studies come out documenting harm to health - Vested interests deny dangers

At one time it was common to see ads that showed physicians smoking and describing all the health benefits of smoking, even in medical journals. That was a decision to keep business healthy. Well it’s been 100 years since that was considered normal. Someday the wifi-EMF/RFR exposures considered normal and harmless today will seem just as ridiculous. The technology for solutions is available. Due to the globalist plan it will not be implemented without intense public pressure to create policy for government to control the problem and keep it from creating more health problems for more people, which is what is happening now.

In 2015 there are currently 300 mental disorders defined and treated by medical insurance plans. The globalist plan is the reason psychiatry works to gain complete

control and domination over human behavior. On a cultural level the population is being conditioned to believe they are vulnerable and at risk to an array of things for a reason. Nothing new here, throughout history cultural programming has been used to influence people to believe they are victims. For example government's obsessive focus on political correctness is an extension of the psychiatric treatment for the traumatized. Today the propaganda tells people are helpless and they can’t rise above being “triggered” without big pharma's help. In 2012 the DSM-V manual actually made grief a mental disorder. Meanwhile the globalist plan continues doing everything in its power to cause “the people” grief.

Meanwhile the real “triggers” for grief, mental and all health problems are being withheld from the people. Being triggered from cellular, WIFI or WIFI enabled, or other pulse frequencies related to microwave radiation alone induces feelings where you cannot relax, feeling of being unhappy. Those triggers are not recognized for a reason. The reason is they are (by design) covertly inducing problems with anger, manic behavior, problems with movement and loss of appetite in society. Add GMO's, nutritionally void foods, toxins in food, toxins in water and air; all real triggers not recognized. The actual purpose of all the covert triggers and the psychiatric pseudoscience using big pharma to treat people, while ignoring the real triggers is to destabilize society for the globalist plan. The result will and already is increasing the murder rate and will keep getting worse until society begs for world government to save them. And its no coincidence the most popular class of antidepressants help push patients over the edge into violence, including suicide and homicide.

Induced mental illness is the covert reasons for the gun confiscation agenda to work out for the globalists. I have more people than not telling me Obama will never be able to take our guns, the logistics alone make it impossible PERIOD. What people do not understand is a much larger plan. The executive action Obama made in January 2016 is further preparing the stage for future legislation. The same way we gradually got agenda 21 for example. Obama is building the framework for a national registry of people who government labels not fit to own firearms due to government classifying them as mentally ill.

The 2016 executive action:

- The Social Security Administration has indicated that it will begin the rulemaking process to include information in the background check system about beneficiaries who are prohibited from possessing a firearm for mental health reasons.

.- The Department of Health and Human Services is finalizing a rule to remove unnecessary legal barriers preventing States from reporting relevant information about people prohibited from possessing a gun for specific mental health reasons. ... Today, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a final rule expressly permitting certain HIPAA covered entities to provide to the NICS limited demographic and other necessary information about these individuals

- Issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security to take two important steps to promote smart gun technology. The Presidential Memorandum also directs the departments to review the availability of smart gun technology on a regular basis, and to explore potential ways to further its use and development to more broadly improve gun safety. violence-and-make-our

The executive action incrementally taken for gun control is setting up framework by creating, defining and controlling mental disorders. And with wifi everywhere microwaves are the perfect covert weapon. And every year more are defined and treated by medical insurance plans. Now you understand why the globalist plan is the reason psychiatry works to gain complete control and domination over human behavior. On a cultural level the population is being conditioned to believe they are vulnerable and at risk to an array of things is more framework for future world government. Puppet Obama has worked hard on cultural programming to influence people to believe they are victims. Is it clear to you why Obama's political correctness agenda is an extension of the psychiatric treatment for the traumatized? Do you understand the real reasons for propaganda telling people are helpless and they can’t rise above being “triggered” without big pharma's help. Is it clear now why in 2012 the DSM-V manual actually made grief a mental disorder? Meanwhile puppet Obama/the globalist plan continues not only doing everything in its power to cause “the people” grief., but also keeps all solutions for the real “triggers” for grief, mental and all health problems 'top secret” deliberately withheld from the people.

Microwaves, Big pharma, nutritional void food, GMO's toxins and poisoned water will be used to tackle gun control at the local level, and then nationally. The plan is to deem, for a variety of reasons, millions of citizens incompetent to own guns, and to create the result where gradually people speaking out will want to remove the right to keep and bear arms for people on the governments list. They will use all kinds of false flags to make this happen outside of what is listed above. And funding research into the microstamping and finger-print-scanner guns is to eventually mandate these technologies for personal use.

Obama, MIT, DARPA & Rockefeller's are on schedule for full control of your brain in the future. Technology and its influence on the general direction of the planet I find a very difficult topic to write about to make people want to choose understand it. In order to even remotely grasp what is happening laid out in this long post you must disconnect your mind from the last century’s way of thinking. Failure to change the way you think will preclude you from seeing reality accurately. The purpose of this post is to simply show the extent at which technology has been used directly on you, to control America's population for a world government plan

In 2013 Obama told the people regarding funding for a brain mapping project:

If you already understand long ago the Rockefeller's founded the National Education Association to monopolize education, writing, publication and all literature for information control. Then you already understand how mind control is done through information control, not to mention the media. Since what we think is based on what we learn, manipulation of a mind, or a nation of minds, has been accomplished through control of information, with thought control being a result of information control. That is how America was subverted thus far. Thanks to the development of mind evasive technology that method will become outdated under world government control.

Back in 2013, Obama gave $100 million to the BRAIN initiative; made up of:

• Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMMI) • Kavil Foundation (KF)
• Salk Institute for Biological Studies (SIBS) • Rockefeller University
• Stanford University
• Allen Institute
• Cornell University

History of Mind Control, Mind Invasive Technology & DARPA

The globalist created technology race for the tools to control/enslave the planet picked up pace after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite, on October 4, 1957. In response President Eisenhower approved the organization of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) under the aegis of the Department of Defense." ARPA, has been renamed is now the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Since its inception, DARPA has served the globalist plan by performing advanced research for U.S. Military predominance using the technological transfer of the worlds most advanced emergent technologies into military deployment. The advance of technologies needed for totalitarian control are required by world government for human control for world slavery. During the 1960s and 1970s, DARPA began research on the ballistic missile defense that the Army later developed. DARPA developed stealth technologies. DARPA's developed ARPANET, a distributed packet-switched computer network that allows the Air Force to preserve control over its fleet of missiles and

bombers during a nuclear strike and the creation of ARPANET's two dominant underlying protocols, known as Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).

DARPA's Transmission Control and Internet protocols became today's internet when the U.S. government decommissioned NSFNET and commercialized its network on April 30, 1995.

In 1960, J.C.R. Licklider, a psychologist who later served as Director of DARPA, proposed a "man-computer symbiosis" that would serve during an interim period before an "intimate association" between man and computer could yield computers with true artificial intelligence.

DARPA currently funds the Human Assisted Neural Devices Program, which evolved out of the Brain-Machine Interfaces program initiated in 2002 that include but are not limited to weapons or weapon systems, robots or robot systems. Application of this technology to prosthetic s has already progressed into human trials. By 2005, a tetraplegic human with a rudimentary microelectrode cortical implant demonstrated this technology by manipulating a simulated computer, a television, and a robotic arm.

A former DARPA researcher heads Cyberkinetics, a private company that in 2008 created "BrainGate," a neural interface that allowed humans to communicate their thoughts directly to a computer.

Pentagon's DARPA Develops Implantable Hard Drives for Our Brains / Sputnik International

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing a pacemaker- sized device that someday could improve the memory of soldiers who have suffered a traumatic brain injury – a sort of hard drive for the brain.

"We know we need a next-generation device that doesn't exist today," said Justin Sanchez, a program manager in DARPA's Biological Technologies Office in Arlington, Virginia. "That's what these new programs are all about — not only understanding the brain and these conditions, but building the hardware that enables us to address those issues. You need both."

One of DARPA's projects, Restoring Active Memory, seeks to build a prosthetic device that could aid declarative memory, a form of long-term memory that can be recalled, such as facts. Watch the 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic to get an idea of this invasive technology that seeks to merge with humans so intimately. The movie takes place in 2021, the whole world connected by a global internet, and almost half the population is

suffering from something called nerve attenuation syndrome. In the movie a Cyborg preacher who has enhanced his body by artificial means is whats underway today.

Artifical Intellegence is required for United Nations Agenda 2030 for setting up the world for massive population reduction, then totaltarian world control (because the people do not control the funding structure of anything) the Council on Foreigh Realtions and the Trilateral Commission continue steering America “forward” toward world government through the United Nationsfor world slavery. solve-population-reduction/

Psychiatrist Colin Ross—The CIA Doctors & Military Mind Control kgL&index=7

BioMedical Implants and References for Implant Technologies

UN Global Biodiversity Assessment Report - 1995 _95_pages.pdf

A longitudinal analysis of nanotechnology literature: 1976–2004

Did you ever watch the 2003 movie “Control Factor” Lance Bishop begins hearing voices, and believes those voices are encouraging him to kill his wife. In the movie Lance discovers that he is the subject of a government plot to control the people of the world. The movie is using outdated technology. Today a person can be manipulated using wi-fi or injected with a miniature RFID for complete control . Movie explained here:

Watch the movie here:

This movie “Control Factor”from 2003 was not advertised to be a documentary but it is . Remember the movie “Enemy of the State” from 1998. Watch it today and you will view it as a documentary also.

The Development of Mind-Invasive Technology

In 50 years what is seen as cutting edge totalitarian technologies to control people today will be seen as primitive as you now consider a sword. By then what DARPA will be able to reach into your head to read and manipulate your thoughts. When government can read your mind, fighting that enemy will be like fighting yourself! Sound like magic or delusion? Its only technology you don't yet understand.

“By increasing or prolonging stresses in various ways, or inducing physical debilitation, a more thorough alteration of the person’s thinking processes may be achieved. ...If the stress or the physical debilitation, or both, are carried one stage further, it may happen that patterns of thought and behavior, especially those of recent acquisition, become disrupted. New patterns can then be substituted, or suppressed patterns allowed to reassert themselves; or the subject may begin to think or act in ways that precisely contradict his former ones. - Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing, by William Sargant - Greenwood Press, Westport, CT, 1957.

In 1969 Dr Jose Delgado, a Yale psychologist, published a book: “Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psycho-civilized Society”. He displayed in practical demonstrations how, by means of electrical stimulation of the brain (which had been mapped out in its relations between different points and activities, functions and sensations) how the rhythm of breathing and heartbeat could be changed, as well as the function of most of the viscera, and gall bladder secretion. Frowning, opening and closing of eyes and mouth, chewing, yawning, sleep, dizziness, epileptic seizures in healthy persons were induced. The intensity of feelings could be controlled simply by turning a knob. In the 1970's scientists discovered that electromagnetic pulses enabled the brain to be stimulated through the skull and other tissues, so there was no more need to implant electrodes in a brain to access the brain.

In the 1980’s the neuromagnetometer was developed which functions as an antenna and could monitor the patterns emerging from the brain. A computer using the antenna could localize the points in the brain where brain events occur. The product is called a magnetoencephalograph. In January 2000 Lockheed Martin neuroengineer Dr John D. Norseen, was quoted (US News and World Report, 2000) as hoping to turn the electrohypnomentalaphone, a mind reading machine, into science for use on the military and society at large. By a process of deciphering the brain’s electrical activity, electromagnetic pulsations would trigger the release of the brain’s own transmitters to control learning, control/create the mind’s visual images to create a ‘synthetic reality’. By this process of BioFusion, information is placed in a database, and a composite model of the brain is created.

“The ethics don’t concern me,” but they should concern someone else.”- Dr John D. Norseen.

There is a patent numbered 03951134 is on the Internet pages of IBM's Intellectual Property Network. Its described in the patent for the capacity of picking up at a distance

the brain waves of a person, process them by computer and emit correcting waves which will change the original brain waves.

- On May 25, 1995, the Guardian newspaper in the U.K. carried an article based on a report by Nic Lewer from Bradford University, which listed more than 30 different lines of research into new age weapons, including very-low-frequency sound beams to induce vomiting, bowel spasm, epileptic seizures and also crumble masonry. Further, the article states, “There are plans for ‘mind control’ with the use of ‘psycho-correction messages’ transmitted by subliminal audio and visual stimuli. And also a plan for ‘psychotronic weapons’ – apparently the projection of consciousness to other locations – and another to use holographic projection to disseminate propaganda and misinformation".

- 1995 Dr Michael Persinger from the Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory at Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada. “On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Algorithms” , describes the ways that individual differences among human brains can be overcome and comes to a conclusion about the technological possibilities of influencing a major part of the approximately six billion people on this planet without mediation through classical sensory moralities but by generating electromagnetic induction of fundamental algorithms in the atmosphere.

“We have failed to comprehend that the result of the technology that originated in the years of the arms race between the Soviet Union and the West, has resulted in using satellite technology not only for surveillance and communication systems but also to lock on to humanbeings, manipulating brain frequencies by directing laser beams, neural-particle beams, electro-magnetic radiation, sonar waves, radiofrequency radiation (RFR), soliton waves, torsion fields and by use of these or other energy fields which form the areas of study for astro-physics. Since the operations are characterized by secrecy, it seems inevitable that the methods that we do know about, that is, the exploitation of the ionosphere, our natural shield, are already outdated as we begin to grasp the implications of their use.” criteria-of-diagnosis-of-psychosis-in-the-light-of-mind-invasive-technology/7123

A barbaric cruel sentence for decades is being imposed on people who are victims of scientific-microwave experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence. Wireless weaponry has the capability of entering the brain, mind and body by technological means causing negative effects on human health and thinking. This technology is the result of decades of research and experimentation, most particularly in the Soviet Union and the United States. (Welsh, 1997, 2000). The developments over the last decades since the Cold War has included as a major strategic category, psycho-electronic weaponry, the aim is to enter the brain and mind. Unannounced to the people or their representatives in governments.

Since its all classified the only witnesses speaking about this are the victims themselves, the ones that can figure it out that is. Because they measured for it the women protesting against the presence of cruise missiles at Greenham Common found they were targeted victims of microwave radiation and no agency or government was made

responsible/accountable. And to support this those who are given the task of diagnosing mental illness silence the ones who seek professional help by being classified as mentally ill, while the targeting of psychic mutilation and programmed pain to people continue unopposed. By careful design anyone with the capacity to believe that such things as mind-control exist, would be the end of your claim to sanity and probably your freedom. The globalist plan requires the government system of secrecy, which has facilitated this appalling technology. By design the government secrecy system is a poisonous legacy of the Cold War which also mandated active Deception with programs authorizing contractors to employ cover stories to disguise their activities. Paranoia has been aided and abetted by government intelligence agencies. All of that is for the globalist plan.

Among medical circles, a neuroscientist, neurologist, psychiatrist or even general medical practitioner cannot be found who acknowledges even the potential for technological manipulation of the nervous system with wireless technology. The globalist plan ensures the information about such technology is not made available to them. The result is they refer anyone attempting to communicate mind- harassment, ignoring the crime that is being committed. So there is no means for victims to gain medical attention for the effects of radiation from targeting. Denied the respect of being acknowledged they are being used as human guinea pigs that completely breaks down their lives. Only seen as insane sad cases that are forced to go on Big Pharms drugs for further torture.

For years many have been targeted and as the world becomes more littered with wifi they are forced to bear it, and do not go to “professionals” for help. Instead, for example removing sim cards provides some relief to the targeted, then survival techniques require nutrition and avoidance techniques. Targeted aware individuals do all they can to figure out how to not be broken by it, with no other option but to become an activist consumed by the battle against this mid-evil style of technological of control. Almost every waking hour of everyday energies are directed to finding ways to survive and to alert a sleeping society to the imminent threats to their lives from fascist operations with control of covert lethal weaponry. Informing the public of things they don’t want to hear or understand about evil forces at work in their society for the globalist plan to date has been unsuccessful. Below are attempts;

- January 1998, an annual public meeting of the French National Bioethics Committee was held in Paris. Its chairman, Jean-Pierre Changeux, a neuroscientist at the Institute Pasteur in Paris, told the meeting that advances in cerebral imaging make the scope for invasion of privacy immense. Although the equipment needed is still highly specialized, it will become commonplace and capable of being used at a distance. That will open the way for abuses such as invasion of personal liberty, control of behavior and brainwashing. These are far from being science-fiction concerns...and constitute “a serious risk to society.” - Nature, Vol 391, 1998.

- January 1999, the European Parliament passed a resolution where it calls “ for an international convention introducing a global ban on all development and deployment of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings. It is our

conviction that this ban can not be implemented without the global pressure of the informed general public on the governments. Our major objective is to get across to the general public the real threat which these weapons represent for human rights and democracy and to apply pressure on the governments and parliaments around the world to enact legislature which would prohibit the use of these devices to both government and private organizations as well as individuals.” -Plenary sessions/Europarliament, 1999.

- October 2001, Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich introduced a bill to the House of Representatives which, it was hoped would be extremely important in the fight to expose and stop psycho-electronic mind control experimentation on involuntary, non- consensual citizens. The Bill was referred to the Committee on Science, and in addition to the Committee on Armed Services and International Relations. In the original bill a ban was sought on ‘exotic weapons’ including electronic, psychotronic or information weapons, chemtrails, particle beams, plasmas, microwave, electromagnetic radiation, extremely low frequency (ELF) or ultra low frequency (ULF) energy radiation, or mind control technologies. Despite the inclusion of a prohibition of the basing of weapons in space, and the use of weapons to destroy objects or damage objects in space, there is no mention in the revised bill of any of the aforementioned mind-invasive weaponry, nor of the use of satellite or radar or other energy based technology for deploying or developing technology designed for deployment against the minds of human beings. - Space Preservation Act, 2002.

The time of power struggle passed over 100 years ago between the elite and the people, the globalist plan (to date) has been a complete success by always being the first to gain control of technologies including ultimate mind-reading and mind-controlling technology. The most desirable form of control for the globalists seems to be microwaves because they can be directed at the people without contaminating the elites private utopia. Not to mention with wifi everywhere the process of covert attacks is increasingly undetectable and neatly, economically and strategically delivered to the targets. People that want to prevent a totalitarian world government from coming into being.

As I write this the globalist plan by careful design ensures the victims at this point in history of mind-control cannot yet prove the abuse, and they also plan for the effects to become widespread before anyone can ever prove a thing. At that point it will be too late to fight. ASAP the people need acknowledgment of these technologies at a national and international level. Meanwhile Politicians, scientists and neurologists, neuroscientists, physicists and the legal profession remain globalist controlled, preventing any public debate on the existence and deployment of mind control. The globalist plan controls the medical profession to never recognize the symptoms of mind- control abuse. And government for the globalist plan hides intelligence about the deployment keeping it classified.

“The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present—and is gravely to be regarded. Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.” - President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961.

This apocalypse of the mind for human control for world government plan is creating a psychocivilised world order specifically for world slavery. The calculated and technological entry into another person’s mind is barbaric period. It is more than an abuse of human rights, and taking away freedoms that we see happened throughout history. For any one who is forced into the hell of living with targeted microwaves the effort to stay sane is beyond the scope of tolerable endurance without finding ways to lessen the targeting. I don't see how an ordinary non targeted mind can encompass the horror of it.

Resources and further study: experiments/

Laing, R.D. (1985) : Wisdom, Madness and Folly: The Making of a Psychiatrist. Macmillan, 1985

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Babacek, Mojmir: International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of The Human Nervous System: go to: Ban of Manipulation of Human

Nervous System “Is it Feasible to Manipulate the Human Brain at a Distance?”
“Psychoelectronic Threat to Democracy”

Nature: “Advances in Neuroscience May Threaten Human Rights”, Vol, 391, Jan. 22, 1998, p. 316; (ref Jean- Pierre Changeux)

Space Preservation Act: Bill H.R.2977 and HR 3616 IH in 107th Congress – 2nd Session: see:

Sessions European Parliament: redirected=1
Click at Plenary Sessions, scroll down to Reports by A4 number, click, choose 1999 and fill in 005 to A4

Delgado, Jose M.R: 1969. “Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psychocivilized Society”, Vol. 41, World Perspectives,Harper Row, N.Y.

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Marks, John: 1988 :The CIA and Mind Control – the Search for the Manchurian Candidate, ISBN 0-440-20137-3
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Tyler, J.“Electromagnetic Spectrum in Low Intensity Conflict,” in “Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology”, ed. Lt. Col. J. Dean, USAF, Air University Press, Centre For Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, Maxwell Air Force base, Alabama, June, 1986.

Rees, Martin Our Final Century: 2003, Heinemann

Operation Paperclip

Paperclip smuggled in hundreds of Nazi scientists into America after WWII. Later Truman, through the application of the 1947 National Security Act and the newly formed National Security Council authorized a vast number of secret projects involving chemical, biological, nuclear and electromagnetic experiments that former Nazis were put in charge of. Since then human effects for drug, radiation, microwave, mind control and much more have been ongoing. By the 1950's Americans by the thousands were being

tortured and killed for development of military and CIA weapons.

Next time someone tells you they don't “believe” or our government is purposely involved, or would kill people and make people sick experimenting on the American military and the American public, let them know statue title 50 section 1521 is an example of how this criminal government long ago legalized the DOD to experiment on the American people. And they have been busy since operation paperclip creating biological warfare that resulted in array of experiments designed to control/dumb down the people using whatever technology provides promise for including flu strains, viruses, drugs, chemicals, toxic vaccines, toxins in chemtrails, gmo's, wifi, education, entertainment, control of the press to avoid exposure, and much much more ahead using nanotechnology. All of that experimentation and human suffering is framework for the world government plan by figuring out covert depopulation and population control techniques.

Fast forward to the last 2 decades and it all goes way beyond this ONE well documented poison called fluoride, which is delivered to the people through insecticide, water, salt, toothpaste and through “free” dental plans worldwide. Fluoride is for the sole purpose to lower immunity & lower I.Q., but accepted by the targets because it helps stop tooth decay. All plastic food containers and epoxy lined cans leech BPA into our food weakening our immune systems and confuse our endocrine systems that help make boys less male beginning in the womb. The fact is our immune systems are increasing under attack; from nutritionally void and toxic foods, to GMO's to drugs, to Fukashema etc., etc., etc., making all “the people”weaker and easier to control globally. It's clear to me every year our world (by design) is becoming more hostel to human health. Its important to understand the United Nations/World Government plan is covertly behind this reality while they openly do not hide the fact they want to cull the population by 85% for whats planned ahead.

Looking ahead beyond the framework operation paperclip has provided, when you consider the way people around the world are inter-phased with the internet using “smart” devices, it is (by design) making us more relent on the internet through attached devices to the internet. Ahead are smart clothes and smart implants. My thoughts are this combination of the internet and smart devices today are providing whats needed to set up a supercomputer A.I. to control all “the people” after mass depopulation has taken place. Then the worlds population of around 500 million forced to live in U. N. mega cities will be forced to be connected to an A.I controlled internet 24/7 for complete totalitarian thought control....or what I envision as technocratic future HELL for the people.

As you the reader must know by now this essay focuses on the power centers of the world and the goals of the globalists for conquest and control of the world. And at this point you understand the ruling elite families of the world have and continue to invest in every area of the planet, and bet on every point of conflict on the planet. That makes the Earth their playground and “the people” their toys. So if you want to further understand the insanity of the global elite mindset read “Lifting the Veil”. It's WRITTEN BY A 23 YEAR OLD on the deception in our world today regarding cults made up of psychopaths hell bent on dominating and controlling our world including how they are able to keep everything they do out of the eye of the public.

Chapter I: The War on Terror is a Fraud Chapter II: The One Party State
Chapter III: Psychopathy, Power and Politics Chapter IV: Operation Paperclip

Chapter V: MKULTRA
Chapter VI: Operation Gladio
Chapter VII: Operation Mockingbird Chapter VIII: COINTELPRO
Chapter IX: The Phoenix Program Chapter X: Iran/Contra
Chapter XI: Continuity of Government Chapter XII: The Pedophocracy
Chapter XIII: Cults and Child Abuse Chapter XIV: Trauma Based Mind Control Chapter XV: The Pathocracy
Chapter XVI: Solutions
Chapter XVII: The Awakening


Geo-engineering is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment that for decades represents a dangerous manipulation of Earth systems for the globalist plan. Earth's climate system is being manipulated and forced in many directions. Governments around the globe are participating in climate engineering. The globalist plan has turned our once pristine blue skies into a battlefield on the road to world government. Geoengineering is nothing short of an all out assault against Nature. Truly untainted weather is non existent. From record snows to record heat and drought, all is now being manipulated by the ecologically devastating climate engineering programs.

We have been deceived and enslaved by lack of knowledge or geo-engineering for how its being used would not be a reality. Were told to expect a massive loss of life in the

near future, loss of land and food due to worsening weather disasters resulting from climate change. Geo-engineering is the massive deliberate manipulation of the Earth's climate, that is climate change. I wonder how long the globalist sociopath elite can hide behind their modified, “controlled” weather programs. There is more than enough evidence if people are ready awaken. Will we ever get enough public awareness to fight these crimes against humanity? When weather, as planned, becomes unbearable and the atmosphere dangerously toxic, the people will beg or government to save them. And thats the plan. And world government will br there with the procedures they have set up; sustainable development, agenda 21, GMO’s, Martial Law and much worse!

Global climate engineering is of utmost importance for the people to understand, but most everyone has no desire to want to understand. Why? because they “believe” it’s just conspiracy theory, and that’s exactly why the sociopaths behind the global power structure, who want to depopulate, create and control world government, have set everything up for YOU to have that reaction. Geo-engineering is an umbrella term for deliberate climate intervention. For almost two decades now the planet has been in the grip of a chemical and biological attack from the air as part of an overall plan and there is a mountain of evidence that these methods of weaponry actually exist. The technocratic global elite are sociopaths with a plan who have gained control of our government with their Idea of a World Government they planned over 100 years ago and today's geoengineering is an essential part of that plan, which eventually calls for mass depopulation under the cloak of what they call sustainability.

There is climate change not Global warming. The climate change we are seeing is MAN MADE climate change that is not done by the people.

This climate agreement is being presented under the guise of rich countries helping countries in need, but really it is countries already in debt being forced into more debt, for the globalist plan to get other countries into debt. corporate-welfare-climate-accord/

This document from 1966 outlines in detail the existence of expanding US weather modification programs as far back as 1956. A “special commission” is outlined in this document to coordinate the multiple governmental agencies involved with US weather

modification programs as well as independent contractors and universities which the report also mentions. It covers the “management” of international impacts, legal and social ramifications, species disruptions and biological consequences.

This 784 page report from 1978 is another mountain of information that not only confirms the ongoing extensive involvement of the U.S. government in climate modification/weather warfare, but identifies the U.S. as the worlds leader in it! Also identifies the U.S. working with foreign governments around the globe. Discussed are legal implications and the need for total immunity from any form of prosecution from what is being done to the public; including the biological implications, societal implications, environmental implications, etc.. Also the report specifically says chemtrails (cloud seeding) is directly responsible for manipulating hurricanes, causing billions in financial losses (by 1978), killing forests, poisoning all animals, plants and all living matter, for creating serious air pollution, for causing mental retardation, for causing insanity etc.. Named in the document are the federal agencies involved as well as major universities in this ongoing genocide., %20Problems,%20Policy,%20And%20Potential%20%28May%201978,%20784%20pages%29.pdf

More On Agenda 21/Sustainable Development

Since Agenda 21/sustainable development has kept the masses in the dark to its plans for decades, United Nations Agenda 21/Sustainable Development has been implemented worldwide as part of the globalist plan to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, and all human beings in the world. This inventory and control is required for the globalist plan for world enslavement. Its all been done using bureaucratic control through government interlocking NGOs, international treaties, government central planning and control/use of economic activity. The result will be the intent of the globalists; a population reduction at the local, national and global level to reach the amount of people controllable. The information is out there, documented, horrifying, and you wont find it through any governments or mainstream media. I have listed several links here including the geoengineering role in the globalists plan. Genocide is the expected civil discourse & reason we can expect from any government controlled/supported by globalists that encourage the extermination of human life from the womb to the elderly, all so the Global elite maintain a healthy money crop for themselves.

A decade ago they planned to target water and energy supplies for the purpose of destroying food production and shutting down most heavy industries and precursor industrial processes that feed many lighter industries. Again the result will be the intent for the plan; a population reduction at the local, national and global level.

That process is designed to force drastic Calorie restrictions, poverty and food prices will rapidly rise. Please understand under agenda 21, ALL resources are STOLEN from all ordinary people and slowly people are MURDERED. Then the next generation with the help of GMO food, wireless human control, and designed diseases will have their potential enormously diminished. The elite proclaim themselves self -anointed OWNERS of all the people, and actually consider anyone that's not their slave/under their control to be in their words "USELESS EATERS." The elite's plan is to live much larger and more elaborate lives then they ever have, with ALL the resources of the world in THEIR possession. The rapid transfer of even more wealth to the few is the intent at this time, the final intent is to control world economic resources, factories, water, diet education, thought etc., Their plan is to purposely cause the death of 6 billion people to reach their energy target, many want a "sustainable" world population at 1 billion max, many other globalists advocate 500 million max. They all only want to keep enough people alive to ensure their elitist needs forever.

Briefing book with a listing of the Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 traitors on-board with the totalitarian globalist agenda:

Pamphlet for you and/or your elected representatives that explains Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

The chart lists the agencies that control food, water, health, finance, law, education, land management, development, energy etc through Agenda 21/sustainable development/Agenda 2030 x17colour.pdf

In 2011 Wall Street Mega-Banks started Buying up the World’s Water new-water-barons-wall-street-mega-banks-are-buying-up-the-worlds-water/5383274 3 Check out this Online computer simulation

The Automated Control Grid is control by way of Systems Integration (synergies) Health, Water, Energy, eGovernment Services, Connectivity, Cloud Services, Banking and eCommerce. sustainability/

Link from the Department of State on Sustainable Development for the Next Twenty Years. United States Government Views on Rio+20

In spite of the effort to hide the reality of geoengineering programs, some people have figured out we the people are subjected to a horrific global experiment. Any that do an objective evaluation of the available evidence presented here can come to no other conclusion. 2 documents below for anyone interested;

- The 2010 Congressional Report outlining the framework of global geoengineering and the agencies involved.

-The 2010 executive summary on geoengineering including yearly costs (over $100 billion) and modifying aircraft costs.

The entire framework for global geoengineering is outlined in the Congressional report, including the agencies involved for global governance of proposed climate engineering programs:

The National Science Foundation
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration The National Aeronautics and Space Administration The US Department of Energy
The Environmental Protection Agency
The US Department of Agriculture
The US Forest Service
The Office of Science and Technology
The US Global Change Research Program
The US Group on Earth Observations
The National Academy of Public Administration
The US Department of Defense.

Executive Summary: Congressional Report:

Congressional Report: id=beK3slUa7gwC&pg=PA25&lpg=PA25&dq=Jack+Kaye+geoengineering&source=bl&ots=S- 1F0JJ7j0&sig=XU77_Z688AIlkldhSrC7dV9P8Us&hl=en&sa=X&ei=jTe- UI6PGIrsiQLWiIGIAw&sqi=2&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=Jack%20Kaye%20geoengineering

Unfortunately whats been done has come a long way since the “proposals” in the congressional report from 2010, and it should still be read by everyone. Meanwhile the ongoing global atmospheric spraying of toxic metals and chemicals is today, by design, beyond calculation.

On March 14 2014 the US Sectary of defense testified weather manipulation weapons have existed over 15 years:

This graph above averages the monthly anomalies for the three terrestrial and two satellite temperature records. It shows there has still been no global warming this millennium. Over 13 years 2 months, the trend is ZERO.

The Obama administration now in 2015 is blackmailing governors into adding global warming to their disaster planning or he will block their federal funds. Its clear to me why Obama is increasingly obsessed with climate change and Congress is not. The hoax is becoming more exposed year after year as more and more people learn bits of truth, meanwhile the U.S. intelligence and military communities remain are on board with Obama with a growing consensus that global warming is a danger.

History clearly shows, and globalists clearly understand war or the threat of war happen when the masses are compliant enough to carry the yoke of oppressive government without complaint. One thing that has not changed over time is the global elite continue to seek the ultimate blueprint for how they can use oppressive governments to keep citizens psychologically incapable of ever rebelling to their demented plans.

So what does that have to do with climate science?

Could we have come to a point the globalists no longer think war is the best solution to keep control? IMHO that is EXACTLY the political climate and reason geoengineering and climate science exists. The Council on Foreign Relations concluded in the 1960’s when they commissioned the “Report from Iron Mountain” that an alternative to war, to get the totalitarian one world government the globalists seek, will require an end-of-earth scenario based on projections of environmental catastrophe. That report clearly lays out the plan why global warming today is only for a totalitarian political purpose, not environmental purpose. This is an EXTREMELY disturbing and dangerous global forecast and is a program of war against ALL the people of earth. The war games are based upon invented science, the use of silent weapon systems, manufactured consensus, and double speak, all used to trick an intentionally unaware citizenry. The invented/falsified science of climate change is being sold as the foundation for economic and environmental policy changes for the plan. This program is a totalitarian grip tightening on society. Global warming is the desired war games playbook today to benchmark the outcomes of bringing in a “NEW AGE “of global governance and recreating and defining what is human. There have been many that desire life extension, human enhancement, robotics with human consciousness, and seeking to create controlled evolution.

The Iron Mountain Report reveals the scheme to intentionally use the ecology to create mass pollution - call it Global Warming aka climate change and create the fear necessary to maneuver the into accepting a manufactured climate crisis. ALL people, globally, are being victimized by the politicized science of climate change that is the disguise chosen for creating a global market shift to amass limitless revenues for the globalists in control. These programs are designed to eventually eliminate all private property, and reduce the number of homes that will be left after "retirement" of older homes and infrastructure that are uneconomically feasible to bring up to current energy standards. These energy standards are "required" to reduce your Co2 emissions. Under these energy standards, to reduce our Co2 emissions, all existing structures, homes, apartments, condominiums, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, county and federal buildings that are non-compliant, get compliant or be evicted. All structures must implement the energy efficiency standards to comply with the new energy codes and ordinances. Only the elite and their favored class will be able to afford it. Our compliance will be enforced beginning with the issuance of code violations to impose fines, penalties and restrictions that are already underway.

By selling the public on the notion that ALL nations must unite to stave off a disaster for all mankind, the globalists made the perfect roadmap for a totalitarian world government under the United Nations to officially come into power. Exactly how is laid out in the Report from Iron Mountain, not to mention the report also states it makes no difference if the environmental projections are correct, and that certainly explains why they are using junk climate science for their projections of environmental catastrophe.

The ONLY purpose of the"REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN" ( I.M.) study was to analyze methods by which government can be used to perpetuate itself in power over the people. The authors concluded historically war was the chosen way to achieve that goal. They also concluded under world government, war would be impossible (there's only one government) so the challenge was to find other methods for controlling populations. It concluded a substitute for war would require a new enemy. Neither the threat nor the enemy had to be real, just believable to the masses. Several replacements for war were considered, including a staged space-alien invasion, but the only one holding real promise was (global warming) the environmental pollution model.

Regarding the space alien invsion mentioned in the iron Mountain Report, consider what you understand regarding the globalist plan and how it will be used with this technology. Government Plans Fake Alien Invasion To Usher in World Peace v=7NdC4a4tDD4 Nasa announced in 2015 that humanity will encounter extra-terrestrials within a decade. Or will it be more controlled change they have created for the globalist plan?

The I.M. report is from 1967 and has been out of print for many years. This report is either a secret document written by a CFR-dominated think tank commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense during the Johnson Administration (as claimed in the report itself) or its written by Leonard Lewin, who claims he was given the manuscript by one of the writers who felt compelled to leak it to the public. As the decades pass there are more and more of what are classified as “Hoax” studies and reports being published for the disinformation campaign to keep us on the road to world government. A perfect example of what government said, and still says was a hoax is the Report from Iron Mountain. Reading it today you will find almost everything in this “hoax” report has come to pass! And it represents what one would expect from the C.F.R.

and Committee 300.

The Report unveils a top-secret report government commission that was requested to explore the consequences of lasting peace on American society. The results of the study, as revealed in report, led the government to conceal the existence of the commission to the public. Why? because this report is a blueprint for how oppressive governments can keep their citizens psychologically incapable of rebelling. Exactly where we the people are today!

The Report concludes that an end-of-earth scenario based on projections of environmental catastrophe holds the most promise for control under world government. It says that it makes no difference if the projections are correct. Junk climate science was viewed as the most likely to succeed because firstly, it could be related to observable conditions such as smog and water pollution - in other words, it would be based partly on fact and, therefore, believable. Secondly, predictions could be made showing end-of-earth scenarios just as horrible as atomic warfare. Accuracy in these predictions would not be important. Their purpose would be to frighten, not to inform. Not only does the environmental pollution model justify expansive and authoritarian government, it also requires citizens to impoverish themselves. This certainly explains the reason sustainable development is high on the political agenda, while real environmental health and pollution issues are ignored or are being created through geoengineering/chemtrails, also the the banking and pharmaceutical cartels are doing their part.

The report said that, “The basic authority of a modern state over its people resides in its war powers.” It said that any failure of will by the ruling class could lead to “actual disestablishment of military institutions.” The effect on the system would be, the report said, “catastrophic.”

What should a "system" be called that purposely subjects the population to skyrocketing personal and household debt, a widening gap between the rich and everyone else, constant warfare justified as necessary to fight “terrorism,” erosion of personal freedoms, constantly expanding power allocated to the military and police, pervasive electronic eavesdropping, complete lack of accountability by politicians for their dishonesty and crimes, a mass media devoted solely to establishment propaganda etc.etc., for their plan?

I call it SLAVERY.

None of this is accidental. As The Report from Iron Mountain made clear over four decades ago, it’s what has been planned all along. Not to mention the last chapter of this book exposes how the global elite regard the people of the world they control as Earth's primary contaminant.

Download a pdf of the report here:

The real reasons globalists need the politicization of science by scientists is to destroy the development of effective policies in contested issues and to prevent understanding the broader social and political context of any science. As a result there is much

politicized junk science in the world presented as sound science for the globalist plan. Climate science is an obvious example. More and more scientists evaluate research findings of their peers on the basis of political perspectives instead of scientific debate among academics. That by design is creating political debates that favor the globalist plan. An example of that is in 2002 President Bush stacked health advisory panels with scientists chosen for their political views to serve the globalist plan, not for their scientific credentials. Outside the globalist plan its practically banned to understand significance of science in the context of specific policy alternatives. Committees by design focus on the political challenge of bolstering support for decisions already made, based on factors other than science to support the globalist plan for world government.

With money-power dominated power-centers controlling everything more so everyday, one thing for sure is the more things seem to change the more they only remain the same globally. As a result we will only see science get more and more politicized. Iron Mountain is a great example regarding what can be achieved with battles over politicization of science, junk science and how people interpret the significance of science are of critical importance to create certain political outcomes. Outcomes to be made more or less likely to occur through shaping public policy perspectives on any science to be made to support the globalist plan. In today's world, all by careful design, political advocates to the globalists are delegated the task of interpreting the significance of what science decision makers use, decision makers that are controlled by globalists, and the voices of those seeking to provide guidance on policy advice are controlled by globalists to gain political advantage to keep the globalist plan in action. Ask yourself the question; what does any particular bit of science mean for action? In almost every scientific context you will find decision makers (by design) look to political advocates for the insight to the significance of science for action, in effect, by design, creating a world where eventually all science is filtered through existing globalist special interests.

Politics, is the process of bargaining, negotiation, and compromise that determines who gets what, when, and how. - Harold Lasswell

History and current events expose only bad science and bad uses of science is the servant of government. Thats what the globalist plan demands and explains why the globalists require all science to be politicized. And regarding Iron Mountain as part of the plan, the politicization of junk climate science and the deliberate effort to create global warming with geoengineering over the decades since its publication was to be expected from the globalists. Not to mention also how looking back of the last 100 years contentious debates related to the environment, medicine and national security conclude science always compels the globalist plan's favored political perspective. As the decades pass its clear to me the plan continues to convert more and more observers of the scientific enterprise with political and ideological perspectives that only serve the globalist plan. As a result the use of science by scientists only for a means of

negotiating political outcomes that serve the plan is the rule today, not the exception.


Geo-engineering is an umbrella term for deliberate climate intervention. For almost two decades now the planet has been in the grip of a chemical and biological attack from the air as part of an overall plan and there is a mountain of evidence that these methods of weaponry actually exist. The pic below is from a childrens book written by Catherine Ripley, explaining those white lines in the sky as ‘trails of ice.’ The globalist Geoengineering plan even includes brainwashing todays children to deny chemtrails....its psychological warfare. Not to mention the whole education system is nothing more than a part of the larger global propaganda machine.

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony...climate change provides the greatest
opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world” –Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment.

“It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true” –Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace

All of the above work to make the Iron Mountain model a reality. and below are more roots of Climate Change:

“We require a central organizing principle – one agreed to voluntarily. Minor shifts in policy, moderate improvement in laws and regulations, rhetoric offered in lieu of genuine change – these are all forms of appeasement, designed to satisfy the public’s desire to believe that sacrifice, struggle and a wrenching transformation of society will not be necessary” –Al Gore, Club of Rome Executive Member

“Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” –Maurice Strong, Founder of the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP).

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis.” –David Rockefeller, Club of Rome Executive Member.

“The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself." - Club of Rome

The total failure of the climate engineers is now impossible to hide as the cryosphere has begun to implode with blinding speed. The global power elite’s all out geoengineering assault on planet Earth has made an already dire situation much much worse.

Below are the Patents used for geoengineering the ecosystem; #2550324 - April 24, 1951 - Process for Controlling Weather

#258678 - June 15, 1952 - Material Disseminating Apparatus for Airplanes (intended to spray fine particals such as crop dusting)....but note was created one year after weather controlling apparatus, so as I suggested, the same technology could be used for both, potentially. If spraying is going on.

#2908442 - October 13, 1959 - Method for Dispersing Natural Atmospheric Fogs & Clouds #2963975 - December 13, 1960 - Cloud Seeding Carbon Dioxide Bullet

#3126155 - March 24, 1964 - Silver Iodide Cloud Seeding Generator (Referenced in #3990987) ...patent #3990987 is a wing-tip smoke generator patent.

#3127107 - March 31, 1964 - Generatin of Ice-Nucleating Crystals (language in this patent refers to atmospheric cloud seeding and references 1951 patent regarding weather control)

#3313487 - April 11, 1967 - Cloud Seeding Apparatus

#3338476 - August 29, 1967 - Heath Device for Use with Aerosol Containers - Referenced in #3990987 modification patent

#3429507 - February 25, 1969 - Rainmaker
#3432208 - November 7, 1967 - Fluidized Partical Dispenser
#3441214 - April 29, 1969 - Method & Apparatus for Seeding Clouds
#3456880 - July 22, 1969 - Method of Producing Precipitation From the Atmosphere #3518670 - June 30, 1970 - Artifical Ion Cloud
#3534906 - October 20, 1970 - Control of Atmospheric Particals

#3545677 - December 8, 1970 - Method of Cloud Seeding

#3564253 - Februrary 16, 1971 - System & Method for Irradiation of Planet Surface Areas

#3587966 - June 28, 1971 - Freezing Nucleation ***This one was interesting in that it called for more less- toxic methods of freezing nucleation in clouds** evidence more toxins are used in our skies while applying weather modifcation protocols.

#3601312 - August 24, 1971 - Methods of Increasing the likelihood of Precipitation by the Artifical Introdution of Sea Vapor Into the Atmosphere Winward of An Air Lift Region

#3608810 - Septmember 28, 1971 - Methods of Treating Atmospheric Conditions

#3608820 - September 20, 1971 - Treatment of Atmospheric Conditions by Intermittent Dispensing of Materials Therein (this goes into methods to seed clouds but acknowledges other natural conditions must occur. When you read what those are, you realize they created a patent to also alter and force those 'natural' circumstances.

#3613992 - October 19, 1971 - Weather Modification Method

#3630950 - December 28, 1971 - Combustible Compositions for Generating Aerosols, Particularly Suitable for Cloud Modifcation and Weather Control and Aerosolization Process -.....They specifically point out that oxiding agents and powdered metals work best

USRE29142 - Reissue patent of US3630950 -
***#3659785 - December 8, 1971 - Weather Modificatio- n Utilizing Microencapsulated Material

***#3677840 - July 18, 1972 - Pyrotechnics Comprising Oxide of SIlver for Weather Modification Use ( in #3630950 they specifically stated oxidizing and metal agents work best)

**3769107 - October 30, 1973 - Pyrotechnic Composition for Generating Lead Based Smoke (LEAD BASED!) Noted in patent to be used for WEATHER MODIFICATION

#3785557 - January 15, 1974 - Cloud Seeding System #3795626 - March 5, 1974 - Weather Modification Process

#3808595 - April 30, 1974 - Chaff Dispensing System (noted in patent to dispense a freon slurry at high altitudes)...last I checked, Freon is bad for ozone.

#3813875 - June 4, 1974 - Rocket Having Barium Release System to Creat Ion Clouds in the Upperer Atmosphere.

##3835059 - September 10, 1974 - Methods of Generating Ice Nuclei Smoke Particles for Weather Modification and Apparatus Therefore

#3835293 - September 10, 1974 - Electrical Heating Apparatus for Generating Super Heated Vapors (this was referred in another patent as I mentioned to manually created 'natural' conditions to produce rain or make other weather modifcations, etc.

#3896993 - July 29, 1975 - Process fo Local Modification of Fog & Clouds for Triggering Their precipitation and for hindering the development of hail-producing clouds

#3899129 - August 12, 1975 - Apparatus for generating ice nuclei smoke particles for weather modification

**#3899144 - August 12, 1975 - Powder Contrail Generation #3940060 - Februrary 24, 1976 - Vortex Ring Generator

#4042196 - August 16, 1977 - Method and apparatus for triggering a substantial change in earth characteristics and measuring earth changes

RE29142 - Februrary 1977 - Reissue of 03630950 (combustible compositions for generating aerosols particulary suitable for cloud modification & weather control and aerosolization process)

#4096005 - June 20, 1978 - Pyrotechnic Coud Seeding Composition (they list the portions of silver idodate, fuel, aluminum & magnesium, etc)

#4129252 - December 12, 1978 - Method & apparatus for production of seeding materials #4141274 - February 27, 1979 - Weather Modification automatic Cartridge Dispenser

#4167008 - September 4, 1979 - Fluid Bed Chaff Dispenser (remember the patent for this was to spray a freon 'slurry' in atmosphere

#4362271 - December 7, 1982 - Procedure for the artifical modification of atmospheric preciptation as as well as compounds with dimethyl sulfoxide base for use in carrying out said procedure.

##4412654 - November 1, 1983 - Laminar microjet atomizer and method of aerial spraying of liquids #4470544 - September 11, 1984 - Method of and means for weather modification
#4475927 - October 9, 1984 - Bipolar Fog Abatement System
#4600147 - July 15, 1986 - Liquid propane generator for cloud seeding apparatus

#463355 - February 17, 1987 - Method & apparatus for modification of climatic conditions

#4684063 - August 4, 1987 - Method of producing cumulus clouds

#4684063 - August 4, 1987 - Particals generation and removal

#4686605 - August 11, 1987 - Method and appartus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere and /or magnetosphere

#4704942 - November 10, 1987 - Charged Aerosol
#4744919 - May 17, 1988 - Method of dispering partiulate aerosol tracer

#4999637 - March 12, 1991 - Creation of artifical ionization clouds above earth (is this possibly what we now see in our skies and refer to as 'chemtrails' or 'persistent contrails?)

#5003186 - March 26, 1991 - Stratospheric Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming (use of oxidized metals by way of 'jet liners' (commercial??) to be dispersed in fuel. Is this what the 'carbon' fees are funding?

#5038664 - August 13, 1991 - Method for producing a shell of relativistic particles at an altitdue above the earth's surface (apparently a natural existing plasmic layer exists well above teh earth, they are naually creating this within our atmosphere)

#5104069 - April 14, 1992 - apparatus and method for ejecting matter from an aircraft. Related to fuel dumping in form of spray.... the patents relate to method of weather modifications by way of jetliners fuel

in form of spray.

#5174498 - December 29, 1992 - Cloud Seeding

#5357865 - Oct 25, 1994 - Method of cloud seeding

#5984239 - Nov 16, 1999 - Weather modification by artifical satellite

#6025402 - Feb 15, 2000 - chemical composition for effectuating a reduction of visibility (a dry spary containing oxidizing agents and metals (as mentioned in weather modificaion methods)

#6315213 - Nov 13, 2001 - Method of modifying weather (all of these methods of cloud seeding and modifying weather compound one another more than are 'independant'..they keep adding, 'improving' the method.

The weather makers have engineered toxic cool downs in some regions, and it has come at an unimaginable cost. By completely derailing the biosphere’s life support systems and compensating responses, the criminal cabal behind the climate engineering have painted us all into a very dark corner. The completely controlled main stream media has done everything imaginable to spin, hide, and otherwise lie about critical unfolding realities around the globe. geoengineering-cover-up/

U.S. Department of Defense climate change road map %20A%20-%20DoD%20Climate%20Change%20Adaption%20Roadmap_20120918.pdf

California Holds Public Hearing on Covert Climate Geoengineering extreme-weather-fluctuations/ attempt-to-hide-it/ without-disclosure-of-aerosol-geoengineering/

50 scientists that worked for the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the official agency that created the myth of man-made global warming, have now broken ranks and now condemn the IPCC’s junk science. Here is the list with statements from each of them that sets the record straight.

U.S. National Intelligence Council global trends report trends

Understanding all of this explains why the globalists and the U.N. are calling for a few hundred billion MORE dollars to be spent ANNUALLY for more toxic chemtrails dispersed globally to create the needed environmental/human health nightmare to fulfill their demented idea of a "sustainable" future. warming-this-millennium/#more-106749

This covers geoengineering including modifying aircraft costs. Its an executive summary from 2010. And the yearly costs to poison us all prior to 2010 was over $100B, and that cost has only gone up! Its a sound investment for whatever portion they cant get the sheeple to pay for, as GMO crops are designed to survive the toxins put in chemtrails that purposely make the environment much more toxic, all planned for the the future so no organic crops can survive!. Everyone will be forced to plant GMO's crop$. Unless of course not the elite, who will continue eating real food from expensive indoor greenhouses with pure water and soil.

Chemtrails originated at the D.O.D.

What in the world are they spraying?

Climate engineering/weather warfare: v=5yZhh2leRJA&feature=share transform-economic-0

There is endless evidence that a network of politicians, corporations, and scientists have

conspired together to promote the fear of “global warming” . . . despite a mountain of evidence

clearly stating no such “global warming” exists. The motive: $22 billion per year stolen from

taxpayers to stop the “global warming” epidemic.

Winter?ns_mail_uid%3D68823842%26ns_mail_job%3D1601979_01042015%26s%3Dal%26dkt_nbr %3Dgsnoagvi

Exposing the chemtrail-geoengineering coverup: arrested-for-submitting-law-banning-haarp-and-chemtrails-to-eu-committee-video/

Geoengineering watch:

Climatologists Call For UN to Get Out of Climate Change call -un-get-climate-change/


Everything is connected in regard to the climate system, all is a part of the whole. Climate engineering is completely disrupting the former balance of Earth's life support systems, the hijacking of the climate is the epitome of human insanity. The domino effect of climate destruction. darkening-ice-sheets/

The globalists supporting Man made climate change is simply scientific fraud. They wont stop using all the technology and resources they can get causing the earth and its people severe hardship to fix what was never broken

What happens when the climate engineering lump no longer fits under the rug? NBC is starting to stir with a short dialog on the history of climate engineering and an acknowledgment of the power structures long held desire to control the climate. The three minute video in the attached link is well worth the time to view, especially when one considers that it was put out by the corporate media that tried to hide climate engineering in the past.

Chemtrails and their source:

UN Weather Weapons Treaty in pdf ty.pdf

The CFR/CIA connection: covert-climate-modification-and-aerosol-geoengineering/

Scientists warn Geoengeenering can kill billions of people: scientists-warn-geo-engineering-can-kill-billions-of-people climate-its-not-as-bad-as-you-think-its-much-worse/

There is climate change not Global warming. The climate change we are seeing is MAN MADE climate change.


Chemtrails and HAARP 2014: social-contract/

The real reason for chemtrails:

Global warming and chemtrails: responsible-for-fake-global-warming-and-climate-change/

HAARP’s ability to be used for mind control:

Investigation into the historical and current use of weather modification for military purposes: weather-modification/

Engineered Snow Storms:

Fukushima’s role in this nightmare: believe-video-2496710.html v=egTAynViwSA&feature=share

Leuren Moret is on the organizing committee of the World Committee on Radiation Risk, an organization of independent radiation specialists, including members of the Radiation Committee in the European Committee on Radiation Risk. She discusses the international alliance for depopulation: v=dRH9FRfpFCk&feature=share

Depopulation - Gates -Monsanto -Chemtrails: v=yykelhL3MaI oengineering_the_climate.html?fb_ref=Default&fb_source=message

Nanosized aluminum sprayed in the atmosphere: ml

Lithium sprayed in the atmosphere: Depopulation agenda part 1 of 3 :

California Using Black-Ops Weather Control Technology to Combat Drought:

Here they predict climate change will get much worse, this is why the UN calls for a few hundred

billion MORE dollars spent annually of chemtrails globally, to make that prediction come true.

As of March 19 2014, fully 494 counties were declared drought-disaster counties by the U.S. Department of Agriculture:

The 17th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference required Secretary Christiana Figures to keep Climate change delegates working overtime through Friday and Saturday nights until the desired outcome was finally achieved/forced. Delegates held hostage, suffering from sleep deprivation and scheduling deadlines (i.e. flights home) will eventually agree to anything.

This pic above should help Al Gore find the criminal he is looking for;

“This is a criminal generation that selfishly and blithely” dumps “global-warming pollution into the atmosphere as if it were an open sewer.” –Al Gore

Since Al made that statement much has happened to Al except going to prison which is where he should be. The politicization and corruption of climate science has been exposed and new circles of scientists became aware and outraged by the scam being employed by Gore and other political operatives masquerading as scientists on behalf of the globalists.

As a result Gore has personally gotten out of green energy himself. Gore’s company files a quarterly report with the SEC that tells the story about the 30 stocks in its portfolio. His company’s public investments in wind, solar, biomass and other alternative energy to combat climate change are practically non-existent today. Now his portfolio is top-heavy in high-tech, medical instruments, and even more pedestrian investments in companies such as Amazon

(AMZN), eBay (EBAY), Colgate Palmolive (CL),Nielsen (NLSN), Strayer University (STRA), and Qualcomm (QCOM). Yet he still spews to the public;

“Climate policy is still firmly on the political agenda and corporate climate-related activity is increasingly strategic". - Al Gore 2012

Globalist Al Gore with another redesigned campaign of lies and disinformation for the sheeple with the Leaders of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps for North American Training. The politicization and corruption of climate science has caused new circles of scientists to become aware and outraged by the scam being employed the political operatives masquerading as scientists on behalf of the globalists. In response Gore, who should be in Jail, has set up the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. ...

In this link Real scientists battle Gore, his cronies and the UN Agenda:

YouTube videos- "The Age of Transitions", "Who is Running America and the CAP", "Water Crisis Hoax", "Primary Water Explained", "Origins of Oil", "Water Wars Stealing Water for Profit and Power", "Blasting Your City Council with the TRUTH", "Kill - ARkStorm" Note: At the end thereisrecommendedreadingandreferencematerial.

Rio+20, Sustainable Development and Agenda 21

In the Rio+20 s covenant the people of the world the elite refer to as "useless eaters" are defined as “organisms,” that require appropriate elimination. In June there was a United Nations Conference called Rio + 20. The intent was to take agenda 21 to the next level through control of development and social engineering strictly by the United Nations. The Covenant was launched at the UN Congress on Public International Law in 1995. The Covenant is intended to become a binding Global Treaty and the template for international law. The globalists using International attorneys have been working on this for 18 years. I expect this government to try and force the people to join America in with the implementation of the Covenant on Environment and Development. If the Covenant is adapted by the government, it will be the end of what remains of our Constitution and our rights. The words “must” and “shall” are directives. The terms like exclusive economic zones, buffer zones, interconnected corridors, and regional is the tactic

Agenda 21 is already using to implement sustainable development and agenda 21 in the United States, that's because America is a UN Member State.

On the IUCN website: “IUCN links its Mission to the paramount goals of the international community on environment and sustainable development, in particular Agenda 21, the United Nations action plan, is cited throughout the Covenant. Agenda 21’s OBJECTIVE is communally and collectively owned and managed land. This is for a totalitarian takeover for world government.

The Covenant

1) The Covenant is to remain a “living document” until it is adapted. (A “living document” can change at any time.)

2) The Covenant is intended to be a MINIMUM set of obligations.(Article 64)

3) The Covenant states “No reservations may be made to this covenant.”

(Article 76) (This means you can’t opt out of anything.)

4) The Secretary-General of the United Nations shall be the Depository of this treaty (Article 78) (So who do you think will be running this show?)

Article 11 – Under the guise of the eradication of poverty using Agenda 21 (which it cites) brings up “equity” or directing social and economic needs in an “equitable manner”

Article 16 – This is about consumption and production patterns (think Smart Meters being installed on your homes and offices) and the “importance and power” of multilateral development banks and “regional” economic integration organizations. This ties into Article 28, which requires surveillance in your homes and offices), and management of processes and activities, but as of yet, “no specific rules to identify or evaluate” this other than its a living document.

Article 29 – Is about “harmonization” and anything that can “help eliminate non-tariff barriers to trade.”

Article 30 (p.99) – Humans are defined as “organisms,” followed by “Control” should “involve limiting the increase in numbers and spread of the organism by appropriate elimination, removal or other measures.”

Article 33 – This is about providing for long term resettlement and estimating the “carrying capacity” of the environment.

Article 36 – This is about Military and Hostile Activities. (Does the US have to ask permission from the UN to declare war?)

Article 39 – This is about management plans for harvestable trans-boundary biological resources,

which would establish quotas and seasons for permissible taking. (Who gives this permission?)

Part VIII. – IMPLEMENTATION AND COOPERATION – stresses the importance of implementation of ALL obligations of the Covenant and the principal of general international law, including procedural obligations.

These “procedural obligations” are:

Article 67 – Parties submit periodic reports to the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the measures they have adopted, progress made, and difficulties encountered in implementing their obligations under this Covenant.

(Like from pesky Americans who fight for their Constitution.)

Article 69 – Settlement of disputes – to be submitted to either an arbitral tribunal, including the Permanent Court of Arbitration, or to judicial settlement, including the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Article 70 – Review Conference. Secretary-General of the UN convenes a conference every 5 years to review implementation of the Covenant.

Article 71 – If you want to amend any part of this Covenant, you have to submit it to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

(What about our Congress? Will there be anything left for them to do? Will they lose their jobs?)

Article 43 – This obligates parties to cooperate in the formulation of international rules and standards, which is called “harmonization.”

Article 48 – This is about biotechnology, and requires sharing the “benefits,” defined as research and development results, royalties, access and transfer of technologies.

Article 63 – Parties are encouraged to become parties of treaties furthering the objective of this Covenant. (This means the UN is going to shove the Covenant down your throats one way or another.)

This video is a sales pitch for life under the agenda 21/sustainable development green solution, a glimpse of what the globalist sociopaths want for your future. It’s the most disgusting propaganda I have seen yet for the brainwashed citizen to not just accept this insanity, but WANT sustainable development and agenda 21 to have control of EVERY aspect of their lives. The goal is to herd all the people and pack them into mega-cities. Government will have total control of farming, your food choices, and your water through a global food council. Not to mention total control of your career. All your activity, behavior, emotions , thoughts and calorie intake will be monitored. The global elitist sociopath’s desire for control is never ending using every aspect of technology. Through the creation of unconstitutional illegal laws and secret agreements our government over the decades has

embraced the green economy as a new road map for sustainable development in America. Green technology and lowering pollution is great, but that is the smokescreen while the globalists through mega corporations, governments and the media get totalitarian global control/slavery.

And that control is why today household appliances, phone applications, home lighting & car navigation systems are tapped by the CIA and OTHER intelligence agencies to monitor the activities of persons of interest to government. He says a great tool for the CIA is the arrival of the Facebook timeline that makes it super-easy to backdate the online history of “persons of interest.” Guess we can imagine what NSA & FBI are doing with their mammoth computer facilities. I wonder how many magical patriot finding algorithms they have written for Ohitler to create his list of enemies that are sovereign constitutional law abiding citizens? That was so nice of Obama when he created that cushy Treasury job for Petraeus' wife in Jan 2011. Man that military/corporate/political payback system just keeps getting bigger and more efficient decade after decade after decade.

“Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters — all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.” -David H Petraeus 2012 to-spy-on-you/

Homeland Security Dept. Pays General Dynamics to Scour Internet for Criticism of its Policies internet-for-criticism-of-its-policies/

The Globalization of Economies and Banks has been behind all the problems we now have, and is now more than ever the biggest threat and enemy of ALL freedom loving people in the entire world. The federal government has removed our right to know and until this government is stopped from operating like a secret society we can never become a government for and by the people. The criminal elements in our government on behalf of the globalists, elites, and mega corporations hate our freedoms PERIOD. And the main reason is our constitutional law/bill of rights would put every one of them in jail and seize their assets stolen from the people from illegal laws that legalized their criminal activity through unconstitutional laws since the creation of the Federal Reserve. Every day they continue with successful steps toward complete totalitarian control. After we declared independence from an abusive despot our founding fathers established this country as a REPUBLIC with an exceedingly effective system of checks and balances specifically to avoid consolidation of power by international banksters or any individual to prevent all of this. The executive branch, congress and the senate has been a runaway train for over 100 years operating as a government for and by the elites.

Watch this lecture from 1958 and consider how rapidly especially under Obama, the globalists

have moved forward with this agenda, rapidly gaining momentum every month, every week, and everyday “piece by piece & step by step” we rapidly head into a dark era.

The elite globalist ruling class owners of our government are doing the same as their ancestors did from the 1500s - 1800s; in their day they used an abundance of statistics, just like todays globalists, to rationalize what they embodied, and that was a "forward" plunge into slave economies that were exceeding wasteful of human life, the only thing that clearly has remained "sustainable" over the centuries is the growth of ruling class wealth and power. There is nothing sustainable about the New World Order other than for them to "sustain" more and more wealth, power, and criminal control and this time they will kill billions to get what they want moving "Forward" as Obama has been told to call it. Here is a link from the Department of State on Sustainable Development for the Next Twenty Years United States Views on Rio+20

Here is the 242 page Rio +20 International Covenant document: earth_summit_is_trying_to_fix_the_wrong_problems_.html

Obama's Executive Order #13560 created the White House Council for Community Solutions. Among those who chair the Council are the presidents of the Rockefeller Foundation and Independent Sector, Michele Obama and Jon Bon Jovi.

Independent Sector is a corporatist foundation tank of public-private-non profit partnerships. Dodd's research uncovered this Rockefeller/Ford Foundation nexus 50 years ago, and the same players sponsor the UN, UNA-USA, and the White House today:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund The Ford Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The William Randolph Hearst Foundations
American Cancer Society
GE Foundation
Bank of America Foundation
Walmart Foundation
The Coca-Cola Company

The Sustainability Consortium is an Agenda 21 cartel featuring: Monsanto
American Chemistry Council

Johnson and Johnson
Proctor and Gamble
General Mills
Georgia Pacific
*and is backed by the EPA & BSR (Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, State Department)

America 2050 is the mega-regional planning initiative of the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations

The Global Environmental Governance Project is sponsored by: Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Ford Foundation

UN Foundation UNEP

The Covenant: or wpd/edocs/EPLP-031-rev3.pdf

Agenda 21:

United Nations Association of the United States of America is sponsored by:

*State Department
*Rockefeller Brothers Fund
*Goldman Sachs
*Bank of America
*Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (previously listed) *Ford Foundation
*Open Society Institute (George Soros)
*Deutsche Bank
*UN Foundation
*New York Times Company Foundation

The Paris Climate final draft has been published As expected it only represents the globalist plan in every way. Nations gathered in Paris from Nov. 30 through Dec. 12, 2015, to negotiate a new global climate change agreement. More than 100 heads of state attended. The U.N. Climate Change Conference aka COP 21, concluded a a 4yr round of negotiations. They claim “climate change impacts will be a major obstacle to achieving economic and development goals” and the “window of time” to avoid devastating impacts is rapidly closing. This is just another part of U.N. Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and U.N. Agenda 2030

Everything this report forecasts will be used to make world government a reality using

U.N. Agenda 21, Sustainable Development and U.N. Agenda 2030. Global Agenda

Council on the Future of Software & Society Deep Shift Technology Tipping Points and

Societal Impact

- 1 trillion sensors will be connected to the internet by 2022.

- 10% of the world's population will be wearing clothes connected to the internet by 2022

-The first government to replace its census with big-data technologies by 2023
- 90% of the global population will have a supercomputer in their pocket by 2023 - A government will collect taxes for the first time via blockchain by 2023

- 10% of reading glasses will be connected to the internet by 2023.

- The first transplant of a 3D-printed liver will by 2024 and 5% of consumer products will be 3D-printed

- More than 50% of Internet traffic to homes will be from appliances and device by 2024.

  • –  Access to the Internet will become a basic right by 2024

  • –  -The first implantable mobile phone will become commercially available in 2025.

  • –  30% of corporate audits will be performed by artificial intelligence by 2025.

  • –  - Driverless cars will account for 10% of all cars in the US by 2026

  • –  Artificial Intelligence will join a corporate board of directors by 2026

  • –  The first city with more than 50,000 people and no traffic lights by 2026.

  • –  10% of global gross domestic product will be stored using blockchain by 2027.

    All that was the pre-show highlights to convince you to embrace the Social Contract to Transform Our World by 2030 with “sustainable development”

    Food, GMO's

    If more people in society would just do some research they could understand how much more capable they are in promoting their wellness and preventing illness compared to their doctor, then things would rapidly change. The real determining factor in which foods are legal and which are banned is not safety, or medical function, but whether

corporations or members of government and the government itself can profit from them. Members of society who have non vested knowledge and ideas in hazards, health and healthcare are stepping up exposing what’s important to society’s health. For several decades we have had lethal policies governing industry, researchers, and politicians that resulted in falsified data, bought off scientists, insane risk-benefit ratios and threshold levels resulting in billions of dollars in economic impact and unnecessary healthcare costs. And currently the only option our government has to deal with that nightmare is to socialize pharmaceutical medicine and force Obamacare

The Supreme Court in 2013 issued a ruling that bans corporations from patenting

naturally occurring human genes and you are supposed to say Hooray and look no

further into it. The reason that happened is its a smokescreen because now the court

allows edited human DNA and artificial human DNA which are “unnaturally occurring”

human genes to be owned/patented. When Monsanto genetically modifies our food,

they are genetically modifying us! That (by design) is creating 'UNATURALLY OCCURING'

genes. That is why Obama signed the "Monsanto Protection Act" . The ruling elite for the

world government plan are the investors in this trans-humanism formally known as

eugenics. . The concepts is for “the people” of the world to change human genetic

qualities. patented.html?_r=1

“When the US government ignored repeated warnings by its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our environment and food supply, it was a gamble of unprecedented proportions. The health of all living things and all future generations were put at risk by an infant technology. After two decades, physicians and scientists have uncovered a grave trend. The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets that have been fed GM foods are now on the rise in the US population. And when people and animals stop eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their health improves. This seminal documentary provides compelling evidence to help explain the deteriorating health of Americans, especially among children, and offers a recipe for protecting ourselves and our future.” -Genetic Roulette

Better for the globalists for their plan is what actually Bill means. dodges-questions-on-why-he-owns-500000-shares-of-monsanto/

Outside of the GMO nightmare, the people are forced to eat nutritionally void toxic food and have been taught disease is our biggest health enemy, and the government also wants us to “believe” the only defense available to deal with eating their toxic food is pharmaceutical medicine, which is the busine$$ of symptom suppression, and its pure genius as it promotes disease, earns billions in profits, and created its own market by promoting illness through symptom suppression, which guarantee’s a continuous need for drugs.

We live in a time where FDA laws are not laws only politics. It is dangerous to “believe” in their agenda also which represents politics that are lawless. Now for a little history on the FDA and how it has acquired its position on nutrition and drugs. Many decades ago the FDA was called the Bureau of Chemistry. Below is a quote from 1912 by Dr. Wiley the head of the Bureau of Chemistry. This will give you an idea of who he represented, human health NOT food industry profits.

“No food product in our country would have any trace of benzoic acid, sulfurous acid or sulfites or any alum or saccharin, save for medical purposes. No soft drink would contain caffeine or Theo bromine. No bleached flour would enter interstate commerce. Our foods and drugs would be wholly without any form of adulteration and misbranding. The health of our people would be vastly improved and the life greatly extended. The manufactures of our food supply, and especially the millers would devote their energies to improving the public health and promoting happiness in every home by the production of whole ground, unbolted cereal flours and meals”

Dr Wiley represented the kind of morals, outlook and attitude we need in charge of public health? Well, Dr Wiley and the bureau was replaced by new medical experts who claimed to know what is best for us, and who were they? The food and drug industries. They like things simple, “purified”, and cheap to produce. It’s all about profit and politics. I am saying your health has a main purpose; maximizing profit for prestige and wealth that depends on support of the Establishment. There is much more to be gained from searching than from discovering, which by design, means treatments not cures.

Prevention and recognition threatens the interests of powerful industrial lobbies who control governments. This is why we have inadequate government restrictions. What we need if we want government involved in making decisions regarding our health is a dedicated non vested body of professionals interested in maintaining whole food vitamin nutrition and adequate environmental protection. The following is a quote by Doctor Elmer Nelson. This will give you an idea of the change that would take place at the birth of the FDA, This was printed in the Washington Post Oct 26 1949.

“It is wholly unscientific to state that a well-fed body is more able to resist disease than a poorly-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn’t been enough experimentation to prove that dietary deficiencies make one susceptible to disease”

From day one the FDA laid the ground work and a free pass for the food manufactures to crank out decades of toxic laden nutritionally void processed foods, at an extreme financial profit to themselves, and all that toxic empty food, by design, creates lots of business for the pharmaceutical and cancer industries. In my opinion knowledge on avoiding toxic emissions, avoiding drugs, and having the financial means for nutrition is the recipe for beating the illnesses GMO food and conventional pharmaceutical medicine, and other toxic environmental exposure turns into diseases. The most degenerate healthcare policies and regulatory laws we have inherited from decades of trickle down immorality can be traced directly back to the globalists who control the food, medical, technology industry, big pharma and governments. That allows them to get away with anything. And the globalists want to make things drastically worse for the people. We will see higher taxes, less care, and worst of all, seizure of our constitutional right to even maintain our own health under Obamacare. /

A school in Richmond Virginia, sent this letter to parents informing them that the federal government requires students to eat food provided by the school. This government understands feeding today's children nutritionally void GMO poison will make the next generation that much easier to control.

Government policies have undermined our health and by design allowed an explosion and use of what should be illegal drugs. This was all done in little pieces, over decades. So what is the result of all that hard work? Their vision of treating illnesses, adverse symptoms, and disease through symptom suppression has now become the norm. They sold us their ideology through our universities, newspapers, magazines, radio, and

television by using every means of marketing ever devised. I hope you are beginning to see the pattern, and understand the never ending scope of the globalist plan, it controls

every aspect of your reality for the plan. Prevention and recognition threatens the interests of the globalists sustainability plans which are DE-population that influence and control governments. That’s why many live with inadequate government restrictions and the result is insane safety vs. profitability ratios for all outside the elite and their favored class. Globalist hacks including academics for hire who quietly sit on boards by helping the government, financial, industrial, medical or pharmaceutical industries shape public opinion, debate, and policy to get rich robbing the rest of us of health and wealth is the norm. Its endless steps of us all moving "forward".

Here is what brought us this far "forward" for the plan with subverting education funded by globalists through tax exempt organizations. Independent Sector is a corporatist foundation tank of public-private-non profit partnerships. Norman Dodd's research uncovered this Rockefeller/Ford Foundation nexus 50+ years ago, and the same players sponsor the UN, UNA-USA, and the White House today:

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund The Ford Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
The William Randolph Hearst Foundations
American Cancer Society
GE Foundation
Bank of America Foundation
Walmart Foundation
The Coca-Cola Company

The Sustainability Consortium is an Agenda 21 cartel featuring:

American Chemistry Council Dow

Johnson and Johnson
Proctor and Gamble
General Mills
Georgia Pacific
and is backed by the EPA & BSR (Rockefeller Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, State Department)

America 2050 is the mega-regional planning initiative of the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations

The Global Environmental Governance Project is sponsored by: Rockefeller Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Ford Foundation

UN Foundation

Welcome To The Future of this insane rigged game on planet earth. Globalists, their favored class, todays american business magnates, investors and Billionaires don’t let their age affect any of their decision making, happiness or health . Instead, they rely on a lesser known “secret” to aid them. The secret? non toxic, non GMO REAL Organic meat, Vegetables, fruits and Water reserved for them and their kids only.

gmos-while-they-eat-organic-2551560.html foods/gmo-hypocrisy-double-standards/ Monsanto-for-the-Masses

Real food is no problem for the globalists who have unlimited money and huge indoor facilities for their grass fed meat, they have them all over the planet. Their animals eat healther, less toxic nutrient dense diets than most all humans on planet earth outside themselves or their favored class.

At a glance, it is clear this is no run-of-the-mill farm: It is for officials only. They produce organic

vegetables, peppers, onions, beans, cauliflowers, but they don’t sell to the public,” said Li Xiuqin,

68, a lifelong Shunyi village resident who lives directly across the street from the farm but has

never been inside. “Ordinary people can’t go in there.”Many of the nation’s best food companies

don’t promote or advertise. They don’t want the public to know that their limited supply is sent

to Communist Party officials, dining halls reserved for top athletes, foreign diplomats, and others

in the elite classes. The general public, meanwhile, dines on foods that are increasingly tainted,

meats laced with toxins, steroids, fish from ponds spiked with hormones to increase growth, milk

containing dangerous additives such as melamine, which allows watered-down milk to pass

protein-content tests is just a fraction ot the posion. “The officials don’t really care what the

common people eat because they and their family are getting a special supply of food".

World Bank, United Nations and Monsanto use a global food agenda for population control:

Monsanto was/is still is a chemical and biological weapons maker who is also making our food into chemical and biological weapons They have the full backing of the globalist owned U.S. government for Chemical and Biological Warfare. Todays GMO'S are only one part of the overall depopulation dgenda, like chemtrail spraying is another part of the depopulation agenda.

The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets fed GMO foods are now, after 2 decades of eating them, throughout the US population not to mention deteriorating the overall health of Americans, especially children. This (by design)works hand and hand with Big Pharma. And The White House, political and corporate elites who promote and force GMO food and toxic food onto the masses insist only on low toxicity nutrient dense totally organic food for themselves.

Its my opinion toxic nutritionally void foods greatly everyday mentally overwhelm a rapidly growing percentage of citizens making it even more difficult to have the mental energy/capacity to even seek facts after a long hard day of going to work to keep the current system in place. All by design so at the end of the day they only have the mental capacity to watch the alphabet channels for their prescribed indoctrination. And of course pop some of big pharmas poison to suppress the mental and physical symptoms from eating poison. corporation.html

The same chemical companies that produce toxic cancer causing chemicals produce prescription drugs, medical products, imaging technologies and hold cancer treatment and medical device patents. All by design toxin induced illnesses are treated with drugs and medical treatments that produce profits for the polluter. That circle of profit is not conspiracy theory.

Aventis was launched in December 1999 through the merger of Hoechst AG of Germany and Rhône-Poulenc SA of France. Main Home Page for Aventis--go to top right and click on "Aventis Worldwide" to see medical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical categories of business.,1003,EN-XX-100---,FF.html

Aventis "crop sciences" include herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and genetically engineered food.

Aventis pharmaceutical division:,1003,EN-XX-24770-37160--,FF.html

Monsanto is owned by Pharmacia. The Pharmacia Corporation was created through the merger of Pharmacia Upjohn with Monsanto. Pharmacia employs 59,000 people

worldwide and has research, manufacturing and administrative sales operations in more than 60 countries.

Monsanto: Pharmacia:

BASF-fungicides, herbicides, pesticides:
BASF – pharmaceuticals:

Merck pharmaceutical company Merck Research Company; Applications to Register Pesticide: 796.html Merck produces chemicals and precursors for pesticides and other neurotoxins.Merck Chemicals for Industrial Applications - Listed in alphabetical order:

"Our broad range of Chemicals for Industrial Applications is widely used in many fields of production within the chemical and technical industries."

Dow Chemical produces both toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals. (Click on the drop- down list here): Dow Pharmaceuticals: Dow's pesticide products include the organophosphate pesticide Dursban (a/k/a Chlorpyrifos/a/k/a RAID a/k/a Lorsban and is found in about 800 other pesticide products). Dursban was to be phased out and banned from indoor, yard and garden use last year because of its effects on a developing brain. EPA allowed Dursban to "continue to be sold until current stocks run out" and DOW lawyers have this delayed.

Dupont Chemical recently sold a pharmaceutical division to Bristol Myers Squibb. Dupontmakespesticidesanddrugs: Listofotherchemicals

and neurotoxins that they produce:

Bayer makes drugs, pesticides and chemicals. Follow URL, go to the "application" search engine the and scroll down to pesticides. At the first URL here, go to the right side and click on the drop-down list to see the spectrum of products -- for industrial chemicals and "crop protection" products, to pharmaceuticals. Bayer pharmaceuticals: The Bayer corporation was originally the I.G. Farben Company that funded the Nazi's. I.G. Farben produced Zyklon-B gas which was used in the Nazi death camps. Other big chem/pharm manufacturers became owners of pieces of I.G. Farben during the lengthy process of dissolving its assets after decades of lawsuits and pressures from international organizations for alleged I.G.Farben Nazi crimes. "Most of the company's assets were confiscated after World War II and were transferred to four big German corporations: Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa and BASF."

As time passes these transnationals are merging with each other. For example, CibaGeigy, Sandoz and other multinational chemical/pharmaceutical companies merged to become Novartis. Then Novartis Agribusiness merged with Zeneca (Astra-Zeneca)

Agrochemicals to form Syngenta:

Standard and Poor's Stock Exchange profile on Novartis:

.../ny.../nvtsy_66987v_profile.htm Novartis pharmaceuticals, seeds, genetic engineering: Novartis owns Syngenta -- produces pesticides, herbicides, etc:
Novartis AG - list of products, relationships and subsidiaries:

Astra Zeneca sold off part of its agrochemical business to Novartis. AstraZeneca. For some listings of its pharmaceuticals: .../s_prod_.../c_prod_list/index.html


AMVAC makes the insecticide NALED a/k/a DIBROM, and nineteen other products. AMVAC Chemical Company is owned by American Vanguard Corporation, which makes herbicides, pesticides. A major portion of its revenues comes from selling its specialty chemicals to the pharmaceutical industry. It is also in the business of "environmental remediation" and "toxic waste management." (Like other chem/pharm companies, American Vanguard profits from pollution that they help make, and then get paid to clean up).,1922,271462,00.html

AMVAC's brother subsidiaries include, GemChem, Inc. and Environmental Mediation, Inc.

AMVAC's brother GemChem: "... committed to exceeding industry standards as a national chemical distributor. In addition to representing AMVAC as its domestic sales force, GemChem also sells into the cosmetic, nutritional and pharmaceutical markets." AMVAC's brother Environmental Mediation, Inc. provides clients with: "complex investigative and remedial activities. With... core expertise in the areas of hazardous waste, air toxics, and water quality..."

Environmental Mediation, Inc. offers its clients expertise in:

Issue Analysis
Strategic Planning Government Relations Regulatory Strategy Environmental Consulting Public Affairs

American Home Products pharmaceuticals and veterinary medicines has subsidiaries galore, including American Cyanimid among others. American Cyanimid produced many

chemical products including pesticides and pharmaceutical chemicals. http://www.amvac-
AHP later changed its name to WYETH, a major holding company:

American Home Products was gobbled up by the chem/pharm giat BASF:

See paragraph nine:

And this just shows the cycle of profit in all of its glory when you see the Chemical

Business Research website -- Click on: "Code "C4": Cancer Opportunities in the New


Did you know that thousands of toxic chemicals are impregnated into products that we come in intimate

contact with every day in clothing, furniture, bedding, paper, food storage containers, building materials,

pillow feathers, pillow covers, inks, mattresses, food, cosmetics, carbonless paper, fragrances, and

tampons. A wide variety of fat soluble pesticides are even impregnated into animal feed

French researchers studied 200 rats that were fed Monsanto's genetically engineered corn and they developed grotesque tumors, had organ damage, and died prematurely compared to the

control group. study-claims-did-THIS-rats--cause-organ-damage-early-death-humans.html?ITO=1490&hc_location=ufi

500 cancer causing products approved by FDA products-contain-cancer-causing-ingredient-approved-fda/?hc_location=ufi

For decades globalists have worked to restructure the genetic core of the world's food supply, consistently violating the protocols of science. GMOs are a corruption of the life forms of Earth. Depopulation- Gates-Monsanto-Chemtrails:

Monsanto in China. Citizens want the results of a toxicity test on its glyphosate herbicide roundup.

Healthcare and Big-Pharma Drugs

Obvious to you yet ruling elite families using their favored class have ruled for centuries as despots? They demand blood sacrifice time and time again from a deceived humanity using loyal bureaucrats and politicians to carry out their tyranny. World domination by the sociopath globalists using elaborate deception doen not have to be a reality. Today we have Genetically Modified Organisms, and for the last 2 generations we have had benzoic acid, sulfurous acid, sulfites, alum, saccharin, theo bromine, bleached flour etc. etc., and it has vastly reduced potentials, getting worse each generation, with toxins everywhere, and in everything, all in place for the world’s peasantry.

Meanwhile the elites are working to make a healthy diet and vitamin supplements illegal to the rest of us, even want to stop us from growing our own. Foods like unbolted cereal flours, meals, raw milk, organic meat, pure water, and produce with heirloom seeds is set up and in place all

over the globe for the global Elite and their favored class. The design they have for the rest of us is Monsanto GMO's conditions our body to induce disease, then when that process is underway you are handed over to Big Pharma and the business of symptom suppression and disease promotion is in place to finish you off whenever they want, and it creates huge profits to continue expanding the e technology of megatrillion-dollar pharmaceutical/medical monopoly for the globalist plan of world human control.

How it all Began? 101 Years Ago is When The Rockefeller Foundation was Founded!

Over the last 101 years the organization – based in the US, with its global agenda is still viewed by most everyone it control's as an organization that has worked to promote the well-being of humanity, when in reality it is clearly the exact opposite, with an endless trail of evidence to prove it. Throughout history world domination failed simply because there was never a one world government. I am sure the Rockefeller's decided long ago food and pharmaceuticals are the perfect source to control the people when the time arrives when war is no longer viable, and below I explain why.

Research this family/foundation and you will find a pattern; Moneypower used to control the mainstream media, control the global banking systems, weather, weapons manufacturing, the global food supply, GMO’s, the design of healthcare, medicines and drugs. And control of the politicians, political systems, education and knowledge. Yes they do all they can to control what the people think, believe, should or should not know with moneypower. Want to know about poisoning of the world and poisoning its people? This family/foundation is a great start that will unravel a world wide web you never imagined in your worst nightmare. A world where sociopaths with unlimited resources own and control the world using people, positions, and entities they created to ensure everything is controlled only by globalists.

Its not just the Rockefellers’ but the global elite conspire under the guise of international peace, development, science, education, and web freedom through a world government plan to reduce all people outside themselves and their politically favored class to a primitive and or chaotic

state. And from an elite sociopath’s point of view, (ya know the insane class who, for example, need to be surrounded by trembling servants to feel good about themselves) its all to change humanity for the better they claim.....because in their mind you were never meant to be anything more than their slave in the first place.

What you your going to read now is simply horrific. This is the result of the design behind the business of symptom suppression as it (by design)promotes disease, earns billions in profits, and created its own market by promoting illness through symptom suppression, which guarantee’s a continuous need for drugs. And through marketing schemes and lobbying, our society, even the doctors, victims, and shareholders of big pharma actually “believe” it is healthcare!

Composing only 5% of the world population, Americans take 50% of All Pharmaceutical Drugs made in the world. This insanity began in 1910 and was funded by the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie Foundation using money power to restructure American medical education for drug based research and treatment.....all for the globalist plan. world-population-americans-take-50-percent-pharmaceutical-drugs /

If you want to understand what force drove medicine to this you need to understand the role of the Rockefeller foundation and the corporate class in the development of American medicine. The result created a cultural authority, and that in itself created political power for a rea$on....the money is for the plan. Their role in the healthcare nightmare, with all those profits from human suffering has been to protect and extend Americas medical, social, and economic interests. And it just so happens that serves the 100+ year old global elite plan for a “sustainable future “ under global governance. The pharmaceutical industry spent/invested $65.4 million on lobbying in the first quarter of 2014, so its no surprise its has paid off as Americans in total who comprise 5% of the world population consume over 50% of Big Pharma’s drugs.

Today’s health care system started at the turn of the century when the American Medical Association, Rockefeller Foundation, and Carnegie Foundation forged a partnership. The plan was to make drugs the focus of “healthcare”. It’s clear today how far the Rockefeller s working

with other international bankers have changed how most people view prevention, treatment and healthcare. And that has created astronomical profits from the drug industry. Today government, the medical establishment, and big pharma's definition of prevention is not prevention or healthcare, its only the highly profitable and unsuccessful expensive process of screening, diagnosis, and treatment with drugs and more drugs, not health care or prevention in any way at all for people, only about creating healthy businesses for Big pharma and the medical associations.

For a reason lethal policies governing industry, researchers, and politicians have been created. We have a medical history in America littered with falsified data, bought off scientists, insane risk-benefit ratios and threshold levels resulting in trillions of dollars in economic impact and unnecessary healthcare costs for a reason. Below is the Rockefeller Foundation’s role in shaping the reasons for why our healthcare industry is a nightmare;

1901 – Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research Opens . Based out of New York, this became one of the most “richly endowed” research centers. By 1928, John D. Rockefeller had given it $65 million in endowment funds.

1910 – Flexner Report Published, Establishes New Standards For Medical Education. This was funded by the Rockefeller’s and Carnegie Foundation, evaluated medical schools and restructured American medical education. It set up a new standard so that schools could only be accredited if they showed an emphasis in drug based research and treatment.

1913 – Rockefeller Foundation Establishes the International Health Commission. This laid the foundation for how health and science research and development were to be conducted. Many of today’s health institutions were modeled on this commission’s practices, policies, and research processes such as the UN’s World Health Organization, the U.S. Government’s National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health.

1918 – Public Health Becomes Rockefeller Foundation’s Top Priority

“The Foundation identifies public health education as one of its principal areas of interest, and builds and endows the first school of public health at Johns Hopkins University.”

1921 – Rockefeller Foundation Contributes $357 million to Medical Schools globally. A great invest to ensure control for the drug-based approach for the most prominent schools around the world.

1922 – Dr. Royal Raymond Rife Begins Cancer Research

In the 1920s, Dr. Rife – a brilliant bacteriologist and former student of John Hopkins University – began researching an alternative cancer cure.

1924 – Morris Fishbein Becomes Primary Editor of JAMA As head of the Journal of the American Medical Association Morris Fishbein, became one of the most powerful men in medicine during the time. He transformed the industry into a money-making machine. He was one of the key figures to suppress Dr. Royal Rife’s research on cancer.

1924 – Harry Hoxsey Founds First Cancer Clinic in Taylorville, Illinois

Harry Hoxsey offers a natural herbal formula to cure cancer that thousands claim to have worked. This is the first of 17 clinics to eventually open.

1926 – JAMA Publishes First Tirade Against Hoxsey
The article scares doctors and researchers from being associated with Hoxsey.

1927 – John D. Rockefeller Jr. Gave the First of his Annual $60,000 Contribution to Memorial (Sloan-Kettering) Cancer Center

1932 – Dr. Rife Develops Cancer Cure Dr. Rife developed a machine that could neutralize disease- causing micro-organisms, including cancer cells, with the use of frequencies.

1932 - Director of Rockefeller Institute, Dr. Thomas Rivers, Denies Success of Rife Cancer Treatment

1934 - Rife’s Treatment Cures 16 Terminally Ill Cancer Patients

In 1934 at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, Southern California, Rife conducted clinical trials on 16 terminally ill cancer patients, and successfully cured all of them. A team of medical specialists – including Dr. Milbank Johnson, Chairman of the Special Medical Research Committee of USC; George Fischer of the NY Children’s Hospital; and Dr. Wayland Morrison, the chief medical officer of the Santa Fe Railway – confirmed the findings.

1938 – The AMA Indicts Rife for Fraudulent Medical Practices

1939 – Philip Hoyland Files Suit Against Royal Rife’s Company, the Beam Ray Corporation. Philip Hoyland admitted to accepting a $10,000 bribe from Hahn Realty Group (AMA Agents) to sue the Beam Ray Corporation.

1939 – New Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Opens – John D. Rockefeller donated the

land and provided $3 million of funding
1940s – Rife’s Work Is Destroyed & Continues to be Suppressed
1949 – Hoxsey Sues JAMA and Editors for Libel and Slander – Hoxsey Wins 1949 – Morris Fishbein is Ousted from AMA
1956 – FDA Issues Public Warning About Hoxsey Cancer Treatment
1960 – Hoxsey Method Banned in U.S. by the FDA

1960 – Laurance Rockefeller Serves as Chairman of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York from 1960-1982. This center is one of the most influential cancer centers in the world. During WWII it performed some of the first experiments applying chemical warfare weapons to the “treatment of cancer”, which evolved into chemotherapy.

1963 – Bio-Medical (Hoxsey) Center Opens in Tijuana, Mexico. It continues to operate and claims an 80% success rate.

1971 – President Nixon Declares a “War on Cancer” and signs $1.6 billion law.

1977 – Sloan-Kettering Rejects Laetrile (derived from Apricot Kernels) as Effective Cancer Treatment. This is despite positive results from Sloan-Kettering’s own famous researcher, Kanematsu Suguira. In November of 1977 Dr. Ralph Moss, Assistant Director of public affairs at Sloan-Kettering, held a press-conference about the success and potential of laetrile, despite the centers desire to cover it up. Ralph Moss was fired the next day for “failing to carry out the most basic job responsibilities.”

1991 – Rockefeller Foundation Helps Start Children’s Vaccine Initiative

The Foundation joins with the United Nations Development Programme, UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank to form the Children’s Vaccine Initiative (CVI).

2010 – In the U.S. alone over One Half a Million Americans Die of Cancer!

In the US Big Pharma employs more lobbyists to lobby congress then there are members of congress, over 1000 lobbyists, including 40 at the time of this writing that are former members of Congress. Since 1998 drug companies had spent more than any other industry on lobbying, $958 million invested to promote the health of their business. Our children are the real victims here. Future generations will incur even more drug induced illnesses and federal deficits from big pharma if we don’t stop this. Below is only ONE horrific example of where all this has led. Source of the numbers below: IMS, Vector One: National (VONA) and Total Patient Tracker (TPT) Database, Year 2013, Extracted April 2014

All Psychiatric Drugs in children 0-5 Years 1,080,168

0-1 Years 274,804
2-3 Years 370,778
4-5 Years 500,948
6-12 Years 4,130,340
13-17 Years 3,617,593 ________________________________________

ADHD Drugs 0-5 Years 188,899 Breakdown:
0-1 Years 1,422
2-3 Years 10,413

4-5 Years 181,023
6-12 Years 2,723,126
13-17 Years 1,775,896 ________________________________________

Antidepressants 0-5 Years 110,516 Breakdown:
0-1 Years 26,406

2-3 Years 46,102
4-5 Years 45,822
6-12 Years 686,950
13-17 Years 1,444,422 ________________________________________

Antipsychotics 0-5 Years 27,343 Breakdown:
0-1 Years 654
2-3 Years 3,760

4-5 Years 24,363
6-12 Years 359,882
13-17 Years 490,272 ________________________________________

Anti-anxiety 0-5 Years 810,847 Breakdown:
0-1 Years 249,669
2-3 Years 318,997

4-5 Years 290,029 6-12 Years 1,093,048 13-17 Years 1,072,426

The hard truth is 90% of all drugs are found to only work in 30% - 50% of patients. No surprise as Big Pharma is the largest sponsor of its own medical research. The research could produce valuable information, but that's not the goal, the sponsor’s influence and control over the studies represent a horrific conflict of interest. Add to that having a direct impact on healthcare policies, leaving them in favor of drug treatment rather than non-drug alternatives. To top it off the multinational drug firms selectively release the info that is best for shareholders and keep important info secret from the public. Only select data is made publicly available through medical presentations at medical conferences and product labels. Virtually all the policing for this are left up to the drug companies themselves.

Would you not agree that big pharmaceutical/medical associations have taught us "disease is our biggest enemy", they also want us to “believe” the best defense available is through pharmaceutical drugs. Conventional medicine represents the business of symptom suppression PERIOD. Its pure evil as it promotes disease, simply to earn billions in profits, and has today created its own market by promoting illness through symptom suppression over many decades, which guarantee’s a continuous need for drugs. Even more insane is that through marketing schemes and lobbying, our society, even the doctors, victims, and shareholders of big pharma actually “believe” it is healthcare! Their marketing actually uses cognitive psychologists whose purpose is not to promote health, or create a society of informed and engaged citizens, but to hypnotize us into believing what is necessary for their business, which is continued growth of

pharmaceutical medicine for the plan. Even the former editor in chief of The New England Journal of Medicine in 2005 stated drug companies spend far more on marketing than they do on research, which is about the health of business, not humans.

Bottom line is; illness = profit and profit = the busine$$ of symptom suppression. Not to mention we live in a time where FDA laws are not laws only politics to serve the plan. It is dangerous to “believe” in their agenda also which simply represents politics that are lawless. In my opinion knowledge on avoiding toxic emissions, avoiding drugs, and having the financial means for nutrition is the recipe for beating the illnesses conventional medicine helps turn into diseases.

I have learned to self-manage my own conditions. I am 53 years old and my education today stems from the perspective/experience of living in the oppressed sociopolitical structure of healthcare, while overcoming ill symptoms not addressed/recognized by any medical or political establishments. Years ago I suffered an array of ill symptoms with what was best described a the time as fibromyalgia and depression. It has been 20 years now that I have acquired the ability to manage many symptoms, by figureing out limiting my exposure to microwaves/wireless technology and electromatnetic fields, my symptoms of pain, brain fog, weakness are gone. For years I tried every conventional treatment available that only made symptoms worse, a system that forced me into ineffective financially wasteful treatments that would, by design, have left me a statistic years ago. It took me many years of trial, error, and research to completely overcome/manage it. And since the 3g, then 4g and now 5g networks went online, its becoming more and more difficult. For several years now I have cured myself from what conventional medicine calls an incurable disease. I have cured myself from symptoms caused by detrimental nutritional and environmental factors, which was a disease under conventional terms. I started out seeking facts, not with an opinion seeking facts to justify my claims. My success with conquering it all is because I formed my opinion based on the facts I discovered, and those facts are rooted in listening to my body, combined with seeking out the common sense in the research.

Conventional pharmaceutical treatments and or therapy for depression address social environments, stress, pain, the mind with drugs, or a patient’s illness belief system which is certainly ONE part of the equation. In my case those factors, by design, ignored the nutritional, 2g and up wireless, and environmental factors that caused the array of symptoms to begin with. I have learned through research and experience other factors and co-factors are involved promoting those processes. I know how vulnerable I am with many environmental individual offenders that also work synergistically. Through that journey I discovered it’s just common sense malnutrition and what are toxic exposures to me, caused biochemical imbalances that depressed my immune system...that almost destroyed my life...that can promote disease...that at some point would influence cancer earlier on. I have personally experienced how detrimental nutritional, wireless, and other environmental factors (toxins) directly influence my mind with behavior distortions that influence depression...which in itself changes the state of the whole working through the central nervous system...the endocrine system and the immune system. None of that truth I found professionally, as a patient, or in a University setting. The results of my personal success have allowed me to reclaim mental and physical health, while at the same time not fit anywhere into today’s conventional medical or pharmaceutical realm of thinking.

2003 was the first top executive I could find that finally spoke out publically. This one worked at GlaxoSmithKline and admitted that fewer than half of all patients who are on prescription drugs gain any benefit from them. And leaked company internal studies indicated that the vast majority of drugs--around 90 percent--are found to only work in 30% to 50% of patients. Its no surprise as Big Pharma is the largest sponsor of it own medical research.

That research does produce, what could be valuable information, but the sponsor’s influence and control over the studies represent a horrific conflict of interest, also having a direct impact on healthcare policies, leaving them in favor of drug treatment rather than non-drug alternatives. The multinational drug firms selectively release the info that is best for shareholders and keep important info secret from the public. Only select data is made publicly available through medical presentations at medical conferences and product labels. Virtually all the policing for this are left up to the drug companies themselves.

Not to mention the American Cancer Society is more involved with the profits from cancer then cancer prevention, which means they are deceiving the American public with their solicitations for charitable donations. People feel good about donating to an organization that is fighting cancer, but the reality regarding those billions of dollars in donations is that virtually all of the money is used on the globalist approved highly profitable/expensive and unsuccessful process of screening, diagnosis, and treatment; not prevention. I would bet most of the people that donate to the American Cancer Society don’t realize that several of the board members are CEO's or presidents of biotechnology companies who are soliciting corporate contributions through the society. It’s also no secret that many of the board members have ties to polluting industries and are there suppressing information about the environmental causes of cancer.

As of 2005 (last I checked) in the US Big Pharma employed more lobbyists to lobby congress then there were members of congress, over 1000 lobbyists, including 40 that are former members of Congress. Since 1998 up until 2005 drug companies had spent more than any other industry on lobbying, $758 million invested to promote the health of their business. Our children are the real victims here. Future generations will incur more drug induced illnesses and we already have huge federal deficits with endless ill symptoms created from big pharma.

Unhealthy environmental exposures cause problems, beginning with things your mother was exposed too, before and during the time you were in the womb, and the younger you are the more this applies. Children are at risk of direct exposure to thousands of toxic environmental and wireless exposures, individually they are of concern, but collectively these unrecognized factors are insanely dangerous. Infants and children differ from adults in their exposures both qualitatively and quantitatively, because they eat more food, drink more water, and breathe more air per unit of body weight than adults, but mostly because during development their cells divide frequently, increasing the frequency of mutation. That results in susceptibility to illness, disease, and cancer from developmental exposures.

In the absence of adequate scientific proof relative to humans because governments have deemed the proof Top Secret, it is just common sense that environmental exposures especially to the fetus cause limited potentials, childhood cancer, genetic mutations, disorders, illnesses, social impairments, and learning impairments. Here’s a sample, certainly not all of what I would classify as widespread exposures of toxic environmental factors in modern society today; chemtrail fallout, aromatic hydrocarbons, and their atmospheric reaction products, alkenes, chlorinated alkenes; trihalomethanes, nitrosamines, amines, solvents; cadmium, lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium and many other heavy metals; PCBs; dioxins, flame retardants, estrogenic chemicals, pesticides, infectious agents, chem-trails, EMF’s and other newer forms of wifi microwave wireless radiation everywhere. And the synergistic effects of them all combined.

On top of everything mentioned above we have Strontium 90. Einstein predicted atomic weaponry would become disastrous for mankind, and he was right. Strontium 90 from numerous atomic experiments is in our food and bodies, and for many that means leukemia, birth defBeing randomly exposed to the above in the womb in my opinion also causes defects in genetic code, creating the stage for epidemics of disability and extreme sensitivity to environmental pollution throughout life. For example, studies have been done and determined that hundreds of thousands of babies are born each year with a compromised IQ linked to mercury exposures alone. The result is a drop in IQ resulting in lost earnings due to missed educational and occupational opportunities. That is just one toxic exposure in our society. That example should be enough for people, especially for there children’s sake, to use there common sense, instead of relying on regulatory laws or warnings that are always decades too late.

If you’re healthy or sick, you believe in FREEDOM. So you must believe in maintaining checks and balances in industry and government. The most degenerate healthcare policies and regulatory laws we have today were inherited from decades of trickle down immorality that can be traced

directly back to golbalist think tanks, NGO's, government and big pharmas business plans. The people allow them to get away with anything for the globalist plan. And big pharma has plans to make things drastically worse. We will not only see higher taxes, less care, but seizure of our constitutional right to even maintain our own health. The emerging additions to the business plan can already be seen in Codex Alimentarius and Obamacare. It has been in the works for decades with codex and it’s called “operation cure all.”

Here’s a brief description of what’s happening and what could happen. The Codex Alimentarius Commission, the United Nations and the World Health Organization for decades have been working in conjunction with the multinational pharmaceutical companies, the World Trade Organization, the US federal government, Canadian government, and other countries have already agreed to harmonize domestic laws to international standards. The stated goal of Codex is, “to establish unilateral regulations for dietary supplements in every country”. Now remember big pharmas agenda moves in small steps, and don’t forget we are talking about big pharmas profit potential here to creat total population control, so the actual goal, if there allowed, would be to outlaw health products and information on vitamins and dietary supplements, except those under their direct control.

The day is planned to come where Codex Alimentarius shifts all remedies into the prescription category so they can be totally controlled exclusively by the medical monopoly and the major pharmaceutical firms, though that would be the ultimate edition to there already insane business plan. Seems in the realm of health the cognitive psychologists suppressed the peoples minds beyond repair, assisting history to repeat itself as politics always wins against law and justice to control and kill people.

It must be obvious I am not one to defend any branch of our frederal government, but since before I was born symptoms weren't the only thing industry has been suppressing. In light of that, when individual representatives in government are unaware of the globalist plan and reviewing research and not personally succumbing to the cumulative effects, for example from drugs, it’s obvious they may not be able to see, feel, or experience the truth. And the globalists know that. So we have representatives telling the truth, through the filter of their perceptions, based on health research CREATED by an industry that will do whatever it takes to get more and more of those tax dollars for the globalist plan. The whole system needs to be rebuilt and taken from the globalists.

It is past time for informed consent and common sense to decision-making in many important health issues by creating the type of healthcare in which we all deserve. It is time to get something more efficient. This will never come from government officials acting with integrity and making informed decisions based on current bureaucratic processes. Members of society who have non vested knowledge and ideas in hazards, health and healthcare, working with elected officials through continuous democratic participation, working with leaders and representatives on the issues that are important to societies health, is what it will take.

The history of pharmacology is littered with corruption. This shows how lethal the policies governing industry, researchers, and politicians have been. We have falsified data, bought off scientists, insane risk-benefit ratios and threshold levels resulting in billions of dollars in economic impact and unnecessary healthcare costs. And currently the only option our government has to deal with that nightmare is Obamacare, that is even more inefficient, corrupt and inhumane!!

My path for becoming healthy started with learning the whole truth, then taking responsibility for my mind and body. I had not created one permanent positive change in my mind and body until I did. My state of health is directly controlled by man made wireless, several other environmental and nutritional factors; those factors directly influence my thoughts, and my ability to use access my intelligence. That reality influences and controls my feelings, habits, and thoughts, which have molded me into who I am today. UN-suppressing my mind from what the globalists had planned for me created the coherent identity I now experience.

The ultimate responsibility for the business conduct that hurts the public is on the public, and not the ones who get wealthy from those business practices. But in a society where corrupt collectivist monoply capitalism has become the determining factor of human wellness, illness, and how it’s treated, the only way to combat industries lack of morals, greed, and conflicts of interests is; by taking the knowledge regarding nutritional and environmental factors and applying it to what, where, when, and how we spend or don’t spend or money. But that would require public education for individuals on these issues to happen.

When I was doing the research for that essay I spoke with several doctors and a couple medical professionals with integrity in the field who want to be committed to the pursuit of improving human life, unfortunately it is impossible to accomplish these tasks or maintain these commitments within the framework of the professional-medical and business/political complex. Unless you want to be a whistleblower and then you never work in the field again.

For most it is impossible to balance self interest and public health interest without committing professional suicide. As a result we have many professionals, government officials,and CEO’s that parade around as if they understand the nature of illness today but there has been a complete intellectual failure when it comes to understanding many responsible factors. This has led to a system that processes illness instead of preventing it or recognizing its causes. Our health care system and its culture breeds arrogance and and its all about the money. And that money if for the globalist plan that by design closes minds to recognition, prevention, and more effective treatments.

There are hundreds of thousands of factors regarding toxins and emissions that cause tumors and cancer. And at a point prevention is not possible, only treatment. Symptom suppression is promoted where avoidance to toxins and nutrition should be taught and promoted to the public. But thats not good business to fuel the plan. And more money will always need to be put in hospital emergency wards where drugs and surgery are most effective. My experience was I had

some severe health issues in the 1990's and pharmaceutical treatments, ignored the causes, added to my toxic load, and almost killed me. In my personal experience knowledge on avoiding emissions, avoiding drugs, and having the financial means for nutrition was the recipe for beating the illnesses conventional medicine helps turn into diseases, that in many cases, and in mine would have become serious drug dependent diseases, and eventually cancer, tumors, etc that need many drugs to manage and treat.

The history of pharmacology and food industries are littered with corruption. This shows how lethal the policies governing industry, researchers, and politicians have been. We have falsified data, bought off scientists, insane risk-benefit ratios and threshold levels resulting in trillions of dollars in economic impact and unnecessary healthcare costs. In my opinion the solutions begin with addressing the socio-economic characteristics of health and illness with education, Plus finding the financial means for societal nutrition. Can we agree that investing in education for our children strengthens the fabric of society? Addressing these important environmental and nutritional factors in society preserves, promotes and strengthens the fabric of that education! Patients would recover better and more quickly from, illness, disease, or cancer if they were educated on what promotes disease. They should be able to choose what form of treatment actually works for their condition. If we are going to keep socialized or private healthcare then there should not be a financial penalty if the effective treatment does not involve prescription drugs, the effective modality should be tax deductible if not mainstream. The government should be educating Citizens about environmental illness not hiding the truth. At this point we could start with brochures for doctors and patients. The result of that education would start with some responsibilities for the individual. The next generation of “educated” citizens would be more responsible, especially in socialized medicine if they have to pay for the cost of treating diseases that are a proven direct result of poor lifestyle choices. I am sure that as a society we would all live happier healthier and more productive lives through education and responsibility, not to mention the positive impact that would have on future generations and the nation’s health. Addressing the nutritional and environmental factors that regulate health could allow policy makers to develop programs that would improve population health as well. That would be a good start in my opinion.

Dulled intellect is the result of injesting floride and thats the globalist reason for pushing this onto the people: america/31568

The Global Elite, Obama, Political and corporate elites who promote and force GMO food and toxic food onto the masses insist only on low toxicity nutrient dense organic food for themselves. They are all behind agenda 21/depopulation and 100% behind toxic nutritionally void food the GMO food industry churns out for us and our children. The White House eats totally organic. Chinese leaders support GMO food for the people but have highly guarded organic gardens for their own food. Even Monsanto servesnon-GMO food at their employee canteen. These are the foods our children need and deserve. What I see is as each decade passes the people get a diet with less vitamins and minerals from farms treated with chemical free water and natural

fertilizer, they get chlorine, fluoride chemical water and thats just a tip of the iceberg. Each generation the people eat more chemicals and processed foods filled with antibiotics and or fertilizers made from crude oil. Its obvious brain and liver function suffer and children are the ultimate victim. And we 3% of the population who are awake can’t figure out why the majority of Americans cannot and will not listen to truth, reality or search for the truth. Well perhaps it’s because they are indoctrinated combined with most have a malnourished, poisoned, diseased brain and body so they are only capable of following whatever the alphabet channels tell them.

The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistic Manual) of Mental Health, known as the diagnostic bible for psychiatrists, is written by people who are beholden to the drug industry. The hidden agenda is to invent scientific-sounding names for every imaginable human behavior, classify them as a disorder, and then suggest a pharmaceutical drug as the preferred treatment. It’s all about getting the masses addicted to prescription drugs to optimize drug profits, to figure out how to further control humans, not to enhance mental health. big-pharmas-psychiatric-bible/

Another way to sell more drugs, use pre-crime to medicate "future" patients addiction/?utm_source=Top+US+World+News+

Big Pharma approved method of prevention for a weakened immune system. Of coarse the FDA

would never consider avoiding toxic emissions, avoiding toxic drugs, or providing people with the

financial means for nutrition for beating the illnesses conventional medicine eventually turns

into diseases. No the only soultion is take more pharmaceuticals. utm_source=Top+US+World+News+

Were heading to a world where police and doctors eventually will stop "believing" in all the lies because it will be impossible to keep the big lie going. What should Big pharma do to keep the business of symptom suppression healthy? How about robots administering healthcare

Big Pharma Spent $65.4 Million on Lobbying in Q1 of 2014 spends-big-q1-2014/

Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and its not the weapons used. The single largest common factor in all of these incidents is that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes. years-shares-one-thing-in-common-and-it-isnt-weapons/

Study says nutritional supplements are bad for you, funded by guess who? Big Pharma! They need us all to eat nutritionally void food and stay on their drugs to keep the busine$$ of

symptom suppression growing! Cholesterol

This certainly shows one way how FDA laws are not laws only lawless politics. The U.S. Supreme

Court ruled in 2012 that generic drug makers cannot be sued under state law for adverse

reactions to their products because if drugs are approved by the FDA, they do not cause harm to

patients, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. feedType=RSS&feedName=rbssHealthcareNews&rpc=43

Johns Hopkins University faces a $1 billion lawsuit from Guatemala victims of horrific experiments performed on them without their consent in the 1940s and 1950s. Syphilis experiments were designed, recommended, created, and overseen by Johns Hopkins at the behest of the federal government. The lawsuit names the Rockefeller Foundation and pharmaceutical company, Bristol Meyers Squibb, as defendants. virus-that-makes-people-stupid /

By the end of 2012 the House had made 33 attempts to repeal healthcare reform law due to an outcry of citizens. And the opposition to Obamacare is from learning only small bits of truth, and thats changing the public’s views, changing the globalist planned course of health policy in America. When the American people found out just some of the actual effects and true costs of obamacare it began to wake them up to what it really is, but they are still asleep. When looking further down the rabbit hole the more one understands about Obama and this ENTIRE governments goal/function, is what will save America. Since Obamacare has nothing to do with healthcare I ask what will win here; the power of the American public or the globalists/puppet Obama?

Obamacare is beyond anything previously attempted by the Federal Government. FYI its not just the Supreme Court that can change the direction of the law, the American people hold the

highest constitutional power. Obama is not a Dictator, the fate of this endless battle against an illegal corrupt government will come to an end at some point.

The House Republicans have gotten very good at this repeal, because its a dog and pony show, when the Republicans should have had Obama removed which would have been consistent with their 2010 campaign pledge to America, especially given the countless acts of treason Obama has committed since they were given the House, yet they support him through countless inactions because the controlling majorty of representatives, just like the entire Obama white house are ALL puppets for the globalists.

My idea of REAL healthcare is preventative medicine; thats having knowledge on avoiding toxic emissions, avoiding drugs, and having the financial means for nutrition that has been taken out of food. That is the recipe for beating the illnesses toxic exposures working with conventional medicine eventually turns into diseases. Unfortunately this government, the medical establishment, and big pharma's definition of prevention is not prevention or healthcare, its only the highly profitable and unsuccessful expensive process of screening, diagnosis, and treatment with drugs and more drugs, not health care or prevention in any way at all for people, just about creating healthy businesses for Big pharma and the medical associations. And Obamacares real purpose is to take all that insanity to a new level.

Obamacare will increase federal deficit by over $1.08 trillion for the plan. My interpretation of all this is Obamacare fits neatly into the globalists world sustainability goals for the people/pesants, which are to control YOU under the cloak of "sustainable development", Agenda 21, and "green solutions” where the UN has total control of farming, your food choices, and water through a global food council.

Obamacare provides for access by the appointees of the Obama administration for ALL of your personal healthcare for a reason. Obamacare is a cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch in Americas history, all to undermine the balance of power between the Executive, Legislative and Judicial to usher in world government. Obamacare is anything but taking care of the people’s health, its about destroying health, seizing totalitarian power, and taking away constitutional rights. Its endgame is the same with the global warming scam, agenda 21, and sustainable development, all of this is to assist our transition to a One world Government. Obamacare is part of the totalitarian takeover to not just undermine our system of government, but to eliminate it. Through development and social engineering this government has planned to fundamentally change the U.S.A., just as Obama has been telling us.


Fukushima radiation/debris is now being carried east across the Pacific Ocean and radionuclide- intensely-contaminated Fukushima rivers daily flow into the ocean, the media sleeps on the danger of the radiation because that serves the globalist plan. Looks like we are going to see the world experience the depopulation effects of a nuclear war without a traditional nuclear war. And as expected the media is not covering this, and what is covered only spins/hides the truth, as to be expected as the ruling class globalists own of the MSM, and the government, who are all for depopulation, who have access to all the technological resource’s to shield themselves, their food, and take care of their own. So what would any sane government do? Carefully monitor radiation levels all over America correct? Well this government in October 2015 shut down its national network of sensors that detect radiation levels. Stopping the monitoring and publication of radiation levels is only a sensible move if your following the globalist plan. The truth is radiation levels are gradually moving upward in America and most everywhere on Earth.

When pondering that question above realize we are in uncharted territory as a civilization, facing a unique and imminent threat that can cause mass depopulation while governments and corporations just cover it all up. These 2 links explain how the fate of the world now rests on reactor No. 4 times-more-cesium-released-chernobyl 137_Plume-Gate.html

18,000 dead so far and hundreds of millions at risk shocker-media-silence-raises-troubling-questions/

It’s obvious to me as time goes on more and more people living in America alone will begin to develop chronic conditions from gradual radiation poisoning from what has already been released from Fukushima, many will get cancer earlier, many lives will be ruined, potentials will be lost, and many will die before their time. And my bet is while the mainstream media, Obama,

and federal regulators pretend there's no problem with Fukushima, they already have a plan in place to continue to hide the truth of this global catastrophe which is also Americas most severe catastrophe in her history. And the complicit sheeple still asleep representing the majority today, refusing to see the evidence of whats already happened/been set up, will continue to refuse to believe anything but what the MSM tells them, and when their lives are destroyed, my guess is they will still expect those who created this nightmare to fix the problems, and blame anyone but themselves for everything that went wrong destroying their lives.


When considering the power Obama or Congress has in America, what do you think about FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency)? It started in the Nixon Administration, and was built up by the Carter, Reagan and George Bush Administrations for the plan.

FEMA has been given the illegal power (through executive order) to suspend the Constitution; seize property, food supplies and transportation systems. It can suspend laws, move entire populations, arrest and detain citizens without a warrant and hold them without trial. IMHO it has done and is doing whats required in preparation for world government, even more so than our corrupt dysfunctional elected body. No surprise as FEMA has no public disclosures, and a a secret multibillion dollar budget, so what else would be expected from something so blantetly Unconstitutional?

FEMA spends only a few percent of its budget that I could find on national emergencies, the bulk of their funding has been used for the construction of secret facilities. The question is how will FEMA be used in today's political climate if not to protect the people? How about to assure the survivability/transition of the corrupt unconstitutional United States government when it’s ready to submit to world government?

Executive orders by president since the creation of FEMA:

-Richard Nixon 346 EO’s 11452 - 11797 -Gerald R. Ford 169 EO’s 11798 - 11966 -Jimmy Carter 320 EO’s 11967 - 12286
- Ronald Reagan 381 EO’s 12287 - 12667 -George H. W. Bush 166 EO’s 12668 - 12833 -William J. Clinton 364 EO’s 12834 - 13197 -George W. Bush 291 EO’s 13198 - 13488 -Barack Obama 178 EO’s 13489 - 13666

Below is a description of Executive Orders that go back over the last 30 years before the creation of FEMA up Obama that could be enacted with the stroke of Obama’s pen, they are ALL today at the globalists/Obamas disposal. The list doesn't include ANY of Obamas EO's that he has written, which were to fill in any loose ends that pesky constitution created over the decades to block the globalists, so you can pile all he has written on top.

#10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

#10995 allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

#10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals, public and private.

#10998 allows the government to take over all food supplies and resources, public and private, including farms and equipment.

#11000 allows the government to mobilize American civilians into work brigades under government supervision; allows the government to split up families if they believe it necessary.

#11001 allows the government to take over all health and education functions and facilities, both public and private.

#11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons: men, women and children, for government service.

# 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

#11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned as “unsafe”, and establish new locations for populations.

#11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities, public and private.

#11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all EOs into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

#11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in EOs, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

#11049 assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative EOs issued over a fifteen year period.

-11051 specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions, economic or financial crisis.

-11310 grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in any Executive Orders, and to institute industrial support to establish judicial/ legislative liaison, to operate penal and correctional institutions to assist the President.

-11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review any action the President has taken for six months.

In case you were not watching the globalists published their playbook for the long planned takeover of the United States through a series of massive drills, held between September 25 through November 13, 2013, FEMA and DHS jointly conducted a series of 9 disaster preparedness drills

Look into Zbigniew Brzezinski, he is one of many architects for the coming globalist takeover. He and David Rockefeller co-founded the Trilateral Commission. He was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Adviser and did his part to run the US economy and American sovereignty into the ground. His current job is to control/direct Obama. Anyone who is does what Rockefeller wants makes them a person of interest when it comes to the subjugation the entire planet. Its obvious he and his globalist colleagues are beyond hiding their intentions, to prevent people on the planet from awakening to stop their tyranny.

Just because someone is unaware of the depopulation quotes and intentions of the world’s elite globalist sociopaths, and the leaders and institutions they fund/control, does not mean that the plans are not being implemented. When so many influential leaders speak about the need to depopulate the world, we need to be paying attention to their actions for clues that the agenda exists/ is underway.

"The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would

be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities." Zbigniew Brezinski, Between Two Ages, America's Role in the Technotronic Era 1970

“the major world powers, new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historic low. – Zbigniew Brzezinski 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech.

The above quote is a threat against all who oppose being enslaved. Their agenda requires the world to undergo a global economic meltdown; What does that mean today? It won’t be long, say a decade before every modern country is consumed by hyperinflation for a plan that requires the crash of most of the paper currencies on the planet. This will result in an economic shutdown. Starvation will become commonplace. Unrestrained violence will occur and eventually the world will slip into World War III.....all of that is required for the implementation of world government.

Simply put, you and I live in a bankster run system. It never did or will ever work for us, only under the illusion it does. How to stop it? Well simply take your money out of their banks, stop shopping in globalist “mart” and “depo” stores, switch to trade and barter, grow your own food, or continue to participate in the rigged game specifically designed for your destruction......yes it’s a catch 22!

The globalists have not and will never industrialize the rest of the world, simply because their main method for maintaining control over the planet’s resources would be toast. Why? its simple, if most of the people on the planet were industrialized, they would experience a higher standard of living, AND an increased desire for freedom of expression, because the energy formerly spent on survival would be focused on higher level needs, like you reading this. The elite globalist sociopaths that control EVERYTHING will NEVER allow humanity the opportunity to collectively reach a high level of enlightenment and awareness, simply because there would be nowhere the elite could hide for their evil selfish crimes against humanity.

FEMA's creation/existence to me is a sign the globalists expect enough Americans to awaken to not allow a peaceful transition into an entire technocratic dictatorship. To force the compliance of the masses, IMHO the coming events will be horrific so most will be frightened into compliance of their plan of World Government.

This US Army training manual has been used since April 2006 and explains how the military will confiscate firearms, detain Americans in internment camps, 're-educate' them while imprisoned, and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest. The document outlines how military assets will be used to help local and state authorities to restore and maintain law and order” in the event of mass riots, civil unrest or a declaration of martial law. The manual also describes how prisoners will be processed through temporary internment camps under the guidance of U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations which outlines how internees would

be re-educated into developing an appreciation of U.S. policies. With many Americans now becoming pre-revolutionary as a result of the Obama administration and criminal lawmakers in Washington, we see the Department of Homeland Security is increasingly focusing its anti-terror apparatus on white middle class Americans, portraying them as domestic terrorists.

Senate Report below exposes Janet Napolitano repeatedly LIED to lawmakers about the status of DHS’s 77 intelligence fusion centers. Since 2003, over 70 state and local fusion centers, supported with federal funds, have been created to detect, disrupt, and respond to domestic terror activities. Add this to all the other Totalitarian pieces in place and Obama's barrage of Executive orders. Not mention Obama has used executive privilege to create law where he defines what a terrorist is and or a crisis.

Fusion Centers:
Senate Report:

Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign to encourage people to snitch encourages-you-to-snitch-on-them/

``The unity of Government which constitutes you one people, is also now dear to you. It is justly so; for it is a main pillar in the edifice of your real independence, the support of your tranquility at home, your peace abroad; of your safety; of your prosperity; of that very Liberty which you so highly prize. But as it is easy to foresee, that from different causes and from different quarters, much pains will be taken, many artifices employed, to weaken in your minds the conviction of this truth; as this is the point in your political fortress against which the batteries of internal and external enemies will be most constantly and actively (though often covertly and insidiously) directed......cunning, ambitious and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the Power of the People, & to usurp for themselves the reins of Government; destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion." - United States, 19th September 1796, George Washington's Farewell Address.

The folllowing quote is a Forward to PNSR Vol. 2: Case Studies Working Group Report; "In December 2010, PNSR released The Power of People: Building an Integrated National Security Professional System for the 21st Century, a congressionally mandated study that provides a plan to create an Integrated National Security Professional (INSP) system. The INSP system would do two things: produce national security professionals and manage them. National security professionals must be able to handle complex 21st century issues by working col- laboratively across government or agency boundaries."

This quote is from Obama on the 2008 campaign trail; “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we have set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” To create that force is this puppets dream, and necessary to enforce world government totalitarianism control, with the intent to stop "we the people" from stopping Obama. We have backed this dangerous man/the globalists into a corner. He and this government are certainly prepared for the final battle for our country!

The PNSR alone includes the following "contributors": CFR, CIA, DHS, NSC, DOD, FEMA, DHS, State Department, US Chamber of Commerce, UK Ministry of Defence, Trust of Bank of America, IBM, Rand Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Center for the Study of the Presidency, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Brookings Institution state and local governments, law firms."WoG"/"Economic Statecraft"/"Subnational Engagement" is the synthesis of the National Security Act of '47 with the PNAC/PNSR/SPP/Executive Orders/Rio+20 global governance roll out. This 1026 Page doc has been available since March 29, 2012:

National Homeland Security Consortium (NHSC)

*Participating Organizations:
Adjudants General Association of the United States American Public Works Association
Association of Public Safety Communications Officials Association of State & Territorial Health Officials
Business Executives for National Security
Council of State Governments
International Association of Chiefs of Police
International Association Emergency Managers International Association of Fire Chiefs
International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

Major City (Police) Chiefs Association
National Association of Counties
National Association of County & City Health Officials
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Offficials
National Conference of State Legislatures
National Emergency Management Association
National Governors' Homeland Security Advisors Council
National Sheriffs' Association
State Homeland Security Advisors
US Chamber of Commerce

"US Global Leadership Coalition (UGLC) consists of businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community leaders from across the country. Members of the USGLC – a vibrant, influential network of 400 organizations and thousands of individuals – engage policy-makers in the nation’s capital and educate the public around the country to build support for the U.S. International Affairs Budget."

-Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
-Rockefeller Brothers Fund
*Diplomatic Circle
-GAVI Alliance:
Rockefeller Foundation
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
*Chairman’s Caucus
- Better World Campaign
- Google
- Walmart
- International Resources Group
*Global Trust
-American Institutes for Research
*Leadership Circle
- Raytheon
- Internews
- Thompson Reuters
- US Fund for UNICEF
- Cargill
*General Membership
ICMA (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, FEMA, CDC, EPA) Bank of America Bankworld Inc.

General Electric
Bretton Woods Committee
Business Roundtable (JP Morgan)
Business Executives for National Security (Henry Kissinger)
Glaxo Smith Kline
UN Foundation (Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner)
United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA) -UN Foundation
-Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (previously listed)
-Rockefeller Brothers Fund
-Open Society Institute (George Soros)
-Ford Foundation
-Goldman Sachs
-Bank of America
-Deutsche Bank
-New York Times Company Foundation
-US Department of State

*Leadership includes:

UN Foundation (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Ted Turner) Citigroup, Inc.
US Chamber of Commerce

US Global Leadership Campaign Center for GLobal Leadership Center for Global Development Bipartisan Policy Center American Enterprise Institute Lockheed Martin Corporation Northrop Grumman Corporation Boeing Company

Population Action International
Population Services International
American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Catholic Relief Services

RTI International
World Vision
No Limits
Creative Associates International

*UGLC: National Security Advisory Council
(UN Charter, Ch. 7 enforcers) NSA Spy Program

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has financially backed mass polio virus vaccinations in India. Bill Gates publicly announced that vaccines could help reduce the world population by 15%. Now there are 47,500 Cases of Paralysis from untested vaccines causing a wave of polio-like paralysis across India:

Were told its all to help 3rd world children, yet those billions assist the ruling class in their plan for the needed world genocide for world domination.

All of the worlds most evil sociopaths have big plans to enslave the planet, depopulate and limit potential of the people outside their circles. Monsanto, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers and Craig Venter are working to genetically engineer algae to produce oil, animal feed, human food, and vaccines. It all sounds good in the brochures but, as usual, there is little discussion of the probable negative effects on the environment or human health. The goal is what the plan demands; to develop patented replacements for items now found in nature. The same trend we see with compounds, nutrients and herbs. All needed to own and control everything and everyone for world domination. monsanto-bill-gates-the-rockefellers-and-craig-venter

Discussion on how a vaccine can be used to extinguish what the pentagon calls undesirable human behavior

We "the money crop people of the world" were "given" certain electronic technology in exchange for certain things, because thats what the globalists wanted/needed for the plan. Bill Gates/Paul Allen of Microsoft, and Steve Jobs of Apple introduced that technology to the world. Were they given an offer they couldn't refuse?

Judicial Activism works for the plan

For decades our government has used OUR courts using judicial supremacy, replacing constitutional supremacy for a reason; to undermine our best ideals constitutionally, that is regarding the intended understanding of the values outlined in our founding documents. And they have used that method to alter the constitution without public acceptance and or awareness for the plan. Judicial activism at the state level void of judicial restraint is an area the globalists through the Obama Administration are promoting like never before. This agenda uses activist judges who use globalist sponsered/created ivy league social pseudoscience. It is against the people the legislature are supposed to be representing, threatening, destroying and instilling everything the Constitution was meant to protect us abusing the statutes passed by the abusing executive or administrative abusing the meaning of the words in the Constitution, and by abusing the legal precedents established by previous judicial interpretations of the Constitution!

The globalists have created to battles for the plan; one between the Constitution and the

judges, the other, supreme law and the judiciary. Activist judges know they have judicial

immunity with their statutory interpretations knowing they are immune from lawsuit and as

activists, like puppet presidents, are effective puppets for the globalists. That is illegal! interpretation:-methodological-consensus-and-the-new-modified-textualism/

Obama's reasons to deem the Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be unconstitutional, above the nation's legislature and the courts is for a master plan, not because he thinks homosexuals are special. Obama will say words to gay people so they think he wants to let them marry each other. He doesn’t care about them anymore than his globalist owners. Their demographic is just another means to an end for the plan of human control. Obama is using them as one of many tools to dismantle the Constitution. In this political arena gay marriage has nothing to do with marriage, its only the smokescreen. The whole mess is thoroughly explained in this article still online I wrote in August 2010:

Below is a list of Obamas strategically/illegally placed czars and by not charging ALL with high crimes/treason, Congress is ultimately responsible for all the destruction Obama and his minions/czars have done. Read the titles on the list below and its easy to understand how this illegal unconstitutional shadow government, accountable to nobody, rules America and her people. And every day this shadow government is allowed to continue operating we are another day closer to the point of no return.

Obama Administration Czars as of April 22, 2011.

Afghanistan Czar:Marc Grossman. Intelligence Czar:James R. Clapper AIDS Czar:Jeffrey Crowley.
IP Enforcement Czar:Victoria A. Espinel Asian Carp Czar:John Goss.

Oil Czar:Ray Mabus.
Border Czar:Alan Bersin:
Latin American Czar:Arturo Valenzuela.
California Water Czar:David J. Hayes
Manufacturing Czar:Ron Bloom:
Climate Czar:Todd Stern.
Medicare/Healthcare Czar:Donald M. Berwick Consumer Czar:Elizabeth Warren.
Middle East Peace Czar:George Mitchell.
Cyberspace Czar:Howard Schmidt.
Mideast Policy/Central Region/Iran Czar:Philo Dibble. Domestic Violence Czar:Lynn Rosenthal.
Native America Affairs Czar:Kimberley Teehee.
Drug Czar:Gil Kerlikowske.
Performance Czar:Jeffrey Zients.
Economic Czar Gene Sperling.
Regulatory Czar:Cass Sunstein.
Economic Czar:Jeffrey Immelt.
Safe Schools Czar:Kevin Jennings.
Electronic Health Records Czar:Dr. David Blumenthal Science Czar:John Holdren.
Energy & Climate Change Czar:Carol Browner (resigned). Stimulus Accountability Czar:Earl Devaney.
Faith-Based Czar:Joshua Dubois.
Sudan Czar:J. Scott Gration
FCC Diversity Czar:Mark Lloyd.
TARP Czar:Timothy Massad.
Food Safety Czar:Michael Taylor.
Technology Czar:Aneesh Chopra.
Great Lakes Czar:Cameron Davis.
Terrorism Czar:John Brennan.
Guantanamo Closure Czar:Danny Fried.
Tobacco Czar:Lawrence Deyton.
Health Care Czar:Nancy-Ann De Parle.
War Czar:Lt. Gen. Douglas Lute
Health Foods Czar: Sam Kass.
Weapons Czar: Ashton Carter.

Information Technology Czar: Vivek Kundra. Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar:Gary Samore. Workplace Czar: Chai Feldblum.

It took me years to do the reserch to write this, and I didnt cover many other aspects of the globalist plan the government uses to constantly and methodically dismantle America on the road to world government, but what here is heres more is than enough for anyone to understand the plan.

I didnt cover;
- wifi for human torture will make RFID implants obsolete
-the legal-medical-insurance fraud/genocide
-prison society
-corrupt lawyers
-other slave countries
-Wal-Mart and other slave goods super stores
-the so-called unemployment rate
- the reality of unemployment
-social services
- "free" meds, dental, education benefits consuming all city, county, state, federal agencies - continously more low grade officers in the military
-the thousands of predatory laws they enact and hide behind
-how justice is for sale to those approved by globalists
-student loans for an illusion of an edcuation
-Only 1/2 of todays youth between 18 and 29 have jobs

What do we need? What should we fight for in America? The opposite of what we have been forced to accept; we need honest elections, a competitive media, an educational system responsive to parents, free speech, a well-armed citizenry, sound money, freedom-of-choice in health care, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and national sovereignty. But this government is, and will continue pushing us into corner to eventually be left with nothing but nationalism and violence.

Everyone at a different place on the road to political reality I understand is chaotic, but if the people could somehow just focus on the system, forget the puppets, then the people could overcome the output of bureaucratic/dogmatic abusive control from the top. The Ruling class through global organizations and governments work 24 hours per day, everyday, to keep the masses from coming together on behalf of the specific issues I mentioned in the above paragraph, simply by implementing their ideology and goals within the power centers of society...... to set up global government/control. How do they do it? Through controlling elections, the media, education, fiat money, disarmament of the population, corrupt health-care, and the elimination of free speech.

The question I ask is how could anyone do the research to understand the above and not understand how environmentalism, climate science, sustainable development, agenda 21, green solutions, geoengineering and everything emerging that’s “smart” is ALL an OUTGROWTH of that elite plan for more and more control.

Earth Has Exceeded 4 of the 9 Limits for Hospitable Life v=aRs22C_6t58&

Combining these jigsaw terrorist events together the whole picture shows a global plan, conforming to the so-called conspiracy theory, to defragment the oil rich, religiously important, and globally strategic Middle Eastern region into many small, militarily weak, and economically dependent sectarian states, that could be easily controlled and manipulated. http://www.intifada- these-days/

The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today
JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick

This explains many kinds of reasons behind many international events taking place today and the

chess board battle that is currently taking place for the future control and destiny of all humanity.

In 1967, the CIA Created the Label "Conspiracy Theorists" ... to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the "Official" Narrative. conspiracy-theorists-and-ways-attack-anyone-who-challenge

Kissinger Papers reveal Death Squads. One year after the release of the Kissinger Papers by Wikileaks, the full impact of those documents is becoming clear. According to the documents, Henry Kissinger personally ordered the creation of death squads in South America that were responsible for thousands of deaths.

In 1973, the National Security adviser directed the assassination of the president of Chile. Eleven days after the murder of Salvador Allende, Kissinger became Secretary of State. The late leader was the first Marxist elected to head a nation by open elections. One year after the assassination, the Kissinger papers reveal he managed the invasion of Cypress by Turkey. The invaders were supplied by the United States and trained by NATO.

Kissinger played the role of unofficial adviser to Dick Cheney in 2003, assisting in planning for the invasion of Iraq.

Now 90 years old, the former Secretary of State still manages Kissinger Associates, a secretive group of political and business leaders. Bilderberg meetings, often at the center of theories of

world government, is hosted every year by Kissinger. ncmOa2MlU

Study: War on Drugs Not Working At All v=eKpnGHhtylg&feature=player_embedded

America's War on Drugs is a War on the People. on-drugs-is-a-war-on-we-the-people/?

MIND CONTROL IN AMERICA J6kmvk2d_k50ev_6bn6VsgMtS9F2o/edit?pli%3D1

What does Bill Gates, Monsanto, S510, Xe, BP oil spill, chemtrails and vaccines have in common.

She served as Senior Policy Adviser in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America's classrooms. Her father and grandfather we members of the infamous Skull & Bones Society at Yale University. Here she explains secret societies, who own both political party’s and their history in the United States. leadership-syria-next-to-pay-the-price/5305447

Abetting violent crime as political theater is apparently the FBI's chief function. "Sure, the FBI has been arming drug gangs for decades," the "Justice" Department's OIG effectively admitted to me. This doesn't "warrant an investigation by this office" (actual quote). prisonersutm_source=social&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=usu

http://www.vigiljournal.co card-the-911-bombshell-and-what-it-could-mean/m/en/illegal-migration-way-mankind-humanitarian-crisis

Quick historical overview of your enslavement: v=Xbp6umQT58A&sns=em

Edward Griffin on conspiracy theories: %3Bfeature=player_detailpage

Interview by Edward Griffin, this one in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations &

how America followed the same steps: v=zeMZGGQ0ERk&fb_source=message

Out of the crisis: a “real” economy and WORLD GOVERNANCE system PRESS&reference=20100322IPR71116

Ron Paul in the 1990s on U.N. plan to destroy the U.S. v=4ArUoyuDd74

U.N. Agenda 21 EXPOSED:

Police State TheRise of FEMA (Documentary) v=Klqv9t1zVww&feature=player_embedded

The U.N. Deception (documentary) nations/the-un-deception

CFR and Media Control Rockefeller Depopulation Plans EXPOSED

World Bank president and Bilderberg member admits GLOBAL agenda:,,contentMDK:22121492~pagePK:64257043~pi PK:437376~theSitePK:4607,00.html

World Bank or World Government?,2933,50400,00.html
Roster of CFR/Trilateral Commission Members:

Eugenics: World Bank Population-Reduction Lending Schemes Already Underway uWorld

Bank Calls On Ghana To Check Population Growth Former black ops CIA discusses one world government

Proposals for a New World Governance


911 and the history of government sponsored terrorism is discussed here and the pattern of false flag operations:

Google Patents Directed Energy Nanoparticle Wearable Device. Shooting directed energy into our bodies that target nanoparticles in our blood nanoparticle-energy-wearable-device/?fb_ref=Default&fb_source=message

CIA, NAZI, Bush & Obama Connections:

The Bush Crime Family

Any objective observer with all I have provided here on the globalists should be able to readily trace the rise of this movement that controls the United States. In 1933 Grandpa Prescott Bush

and cronies tried to take over the Presidency of The United States. Then again, in 1942, a year after the U.S. joined World War II, Prescott Bush and this same cabal were forced by the "Trading

With the Enemy Act" to terminate their extensive business dealings with Hitler.

After WWII, this American branch of the Nazis didn't lose the war, they just transformed the

battleground. They expanded their "connections" with Hitler's intelligence networks from The

War into the formation of our own CIA. It is also this same group that President Eisenhower

opaquely identified as the "Military Industrial Complex," in his dark farewell speech.

From FDR to today, the globalist Bush Crime Family and their fixated core of corporate fascists have been tightening their grip on the throats of the American political, legal, economic and media systems. ?v=3SV_mvc4zKw&feature=related az=show_topic&forum=132&topic_id=741764

Prescott Bush, Rockfeller and other Wall Street cronies helped finance and arm the Third Reich.

Bay of Pigs -- Bush the Oilman and his Cuban and Mafia friends raise hell in Miami, New Orleans and Houston. Nice fellahs. LBJ called their organization "A regular Murder Inc in the Caribbean."

Iraq-gate / Banca Nazionale del Lavoro arms -- Ever wonder how Iraq managed to run its war against Iran for all those years? Saddam had to be getting money from somebody, so they found a low-level banker in Miami to take the fall. US taxpayers floated Saddam $5 billion in loans. Meanwhile the Iran-Iraq war is prolonged by years and several hundreds of thousands of lives are lost.

BCCI International Money Laundering for Terrorists & Intelligence Community -- The terrorists' favorite bank, used by among others Abu Nidhal, Osama bin Laden, Ollie North, CIA, SIS and KGB. The Reagan and Bush administrations and friends on both sides of the aisle in Congress did all they could to keep it open as long as possible.

Savings & Loan Scandal - Legalized robbery in the form of "loans" made to the politically connected, Mafia and INTEL-huggers. Odd how even Neil Bush, who made millions while Silverado, the S&L he helped direct, lost billions in bad loans to Bush cronies, never spent a day in jail. Meanwhile, after the bailout "fixes" everything, Poppy's very, very, very rich friends become very-ultra rich.

Iran-Contra -Neo-con Michael Ledeen, Munacher Ghorbanifar and Adnan Khashoggi bend over backward to sell arms the Ayatollah and use the profits to arm the terrorist Contras. Most of the

players should be in prison, but, thanks to Poppy's pardon, remain free to roam the streets, let alone corridors of power to continue their terror.

Gulf War I - Bush gives April Glaspie the signal to greenlight Saddam's "border dispute" and push into Kuwait. No wonder Saddam felt betrayed when Cheney ordered the extermination of tens of thousands of fleeing Iraqi conscripts heading north on the "Highway of Death." Meanwhile, thr Bush's super rich friends become ultra-ultra-ultra rich.

ENRON Energy Policy - Sneering Dick Cheney meets with Kenny Boy Lay to discuss ways of helping ENRON rip-off California and the rest of America. There were others there, like Chevron and EXXON, because they need oil, too. Besides, the super-ultra-ultra-rich can never have enough.

9-11 the plan shifts into the next mode for the birth of a new era in totaltarian unconstitutional government.

Gulf War II -George W Bush, Sneer, and most of "the bureaucracy" make a case for going to war in Iraq, stating there are clear-cut connections between 9-11 and Saddam Hussein, who planned to use his arsenal of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons on America. (So far, the only bioweapon used on America was Anthrax that came from a US Army lab grown from a batch of the University of Iowa Strain.) Attacking Iraq was the Administration's number unofficial #1 priority.

According to former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and anti-Terror Chief Richard Clarke, from January 2001. The reason? There's money to be made there and power to be gained at home."

The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today - Rodney Atkinson madness-1/why-eliot-spitzer-was-assassinated.html Sales10feb06.htm %29,,2046054,00.html 2158071.html woolner.html,2933,100474,00.html

In closing:

3 presidents tried to rid our nation of the bankster problem, Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy, all 3 murdered, then replaced by puppet presidents. The inbred sociopat globalists are a mafia...

who live in secular societies, never allow their families, outside of servents, to have contact with common people, as they believe they are superior to people. America could rapidly become an information revolution to the world with americas youth awakened, who today see a world without hope while working at star bucks, burger king, mcdonalds, target, wal-mart, sams, costco, the hotel oligopoly etc.etc.. Everyday more youth will desire self education for themselves on the internet, no longer believe the crap they are told by their universities, media and government. And without having all the data its near impossible to predict the future of America but the rulers believe they are in control and enough common people will never awaken to do anything other than what they are collectivelly told.

Who will win the battle of truth vs. the establishment?

The plan calls for the worlds youth to be forced to turn to anarchy or accept slavery, it will soon become mainstream America, Europe, and eventually the entire world. Or a new time, the first in our history will arrive, where there will be no place to hide for the global Nobility and their favored class. How many policemen, military, and everyone else working for all the mutiple enforcement branches of the government, are smarter/more awake than their masters think they are? Interesting to note until the globalists have total mind control, the enlisted military are actually are the military, while the commanding officers are men of the golobalist plan.

"Life is a Song"

"You say life is a dream where we can't say what we mean Maybe just some roadside scene that we're driving past There's no telling where we'll be in a day or in a week And there's no promises of peace or of happiness

Well is this why you cling to every little thing
And polverize and derrange all your senses
Maybe life is a song but you're scared to song along
Until the very ending
Oh, it's time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we've been
It's time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds
From the chains and shackles that they're in
Oh, tell me what good is saying that you're free
In a dark and storming sea
You're chained to your history, you're surely sinking fast
You say that you know that the good Lord's in control
He's gonna bless and keep your tired and oh so restless soul But at the end of the day when every price has been paid You're gonna rise and sit beside him on some old seat of gold And won't you tell me why you live like you're afraid to die You'll die like you're afraid to go
Oh, it's time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we've been
It's time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds
From chains and shackles that they're in
From the chains and shackles that they're in
Well life is a dream 'cause we're all walking in our sleep
You could see us stand in lines like we're dead upon our feet And we build our house of cards and then we wait for it to fall Always forget how strange it is just to be alive at all"

Jeff Chiacchieri This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.