There is no separation of Powers - its another de facto US Corporation lie... Something I cut out of a letter I was writing...
The writer understands that most foreign attorneys illegally operating on the land of the Free and Independent states of the The The United States of America operating as agents of an occupying force, that being the foreign owned, controlled and bankrupted UNITED STATES Corporation (see Title 28 Section 3002) do not appear to admit that they are agents of the Vatican Holly See - Corporation of London which appears to be managed by the Rothschilds RICO as Bankers to the Holy See Corporation. Since these agents are under the Holy See they ought to be bound by papal proclamations.
They similarly appear to not realize that they are officers under the Executive branch - not a judicial branch that does not exist. That an Administrative branch - of the UNITED STATES Corps. [and successor to the 1871 Mutual Corporation created by Vatican Crown seditionist and Traitors to the Republic to enslave Americans]. Please note that this have no chain of title to the lawful NATIONAL GOVERNMENT created by the founders/framers under the four Organic Acts that created this Nation [See here:].
Attorneys are NOT operating under the Judicial Branch of the UNITED STATES Corps which has not existed since The United States of America was created as a Bankrupt. The original Organic National Government was terminated 1861 by medaling of un-electable BAR attorneys and foreign agents.  Lincoln who came in to power in VIOLATION of TONA - Titles of Nobility Act (see congressional Record below!).
Martial law (Mixed War) has unlawfully remained in effect since the Civil War (illegally I may add for no lawful War was ever declared and a private corporation has no ability to impose Martial law on a people never subject to that corporation - i.e. McDonalds can not declare Martial law and steal property from the French to pay of its debts - that is the exact equivalent of what is happening today in America). 
The current Dept. of Justice (in-Just-ice) can in to being in 1870 and Administrative Brach of the UNITED STATES Corp. that ONLY HAS JURISDICTION IN DC. 
The following are excerpts from the April 20th through 29th, 1870 "Congressional Globe" concerning H.R. 1328 which established the Department of Justice to CONTINUE TO CARRY OUT MARTIAL LAW nearly five years after the end of the Civil War: "The following bureaus shall be established in this department [the Department of Justice]: a Bureau of International Law, a Bureau of Revenue Law, a Bureau of Military and Naval Law, a Bureau of Postal Law, a Bureau of Land Management Law…. The Commerce Department (from Title 5):
"...part of the Executive branch of federal government, headed by a Cabinet member, the
Secretary of Commerce, which is concerned with promoting domestic and international business
and commerce."
To further illustrate the take-over by the Executive branch of the foreign MUTUAL Corps UNITED STATES masquerading as a National government via martial law rule, the following offices, bureaus, divisions, and organizations are under the Department of Justice. And remember, the Department of Justice is under the Executive branch -- NOT under the judicial branch.
“The Office of Solicitor General, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, The Drug Enforcement Agency, The Bureau of Prisons, Immigration and Naturalization, United States Marshal Service, Office of Justice Program, United States Parole Commission, United States National Central Bureau, The Office of the Pardon Attorney, Executive Office of the United States Attorney, Criminal Division, Civil Division, Anti-Trust Division, Civil Rights Division, Tax Division, Environmental and Natural Resource Division, Community Relations Services, Foreign Claim Settlement Division, Executive Office of United States Trustees, Executive Office for Immigration Review, Justice Management Division, Office of Legal Counsel, Office of Policy Development, Office of Legislative Affairs, Office of Public Affairs, Office of Liaison Services, Office of Intelligence and Policy Review, Office of International Affairs, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Professional Responsibility; and Interpol” -- (Note: Interpol is a private corporation, yet it comes under (in this country) the Executive branch of government which of course is also a privatly held corporation masquerading as a Sovereign Government. If its owned by another it is not Sovereign! This means the Dept. of Justice that controls the In-Just-Us system is also privately held. Which further begs the question of all attorneys waging war on the American people. Where do you get your authority?
From this fraud we can conclude most Americans have all our lives, been living under declared martial law by a foreign corporation which ONLY EVER APPLIED TO THE land of the District of Columbia Mutual Corporation – not the physical fifty Free and Independent states.
Meaning America is occupied by foreignors and being warred upon by foreign CROWN Attorneys in Foreign Courts masquerading as American courts of law!
The source of this so called “ law” is from 1875 under the Reconstruction Act and the old H.R. 1328. American is being ruled and asset striped under fraud, fiat and its so called laws that do not apply on the physical states is merely forced on the people under threat of violence, under gun point.
Executive officers of the wholly See were told in no uncertain terms to act WITHIN their limited Corporate Charter.
Tens of thousands of people have put CROWN BAR agents on notice per the Papal Motu Proprio's informing the that the Vatican 2013 Motu Proprio demands that its agents DO NOT ACT Ultra Vires and if they do - they do so without immunity for their unlawful activity and subject to criminal sanctions:
Of course the above further points the absurdity of the current US imposed Court system laying waste to the fifty Free and Independent states operated on – by foreign agents of the Vatican – Crown un-holy See (BAR attorneys)! Its also spells out that there is no separation of powers as guranteed the American people.
It further spells out that NO ORGANIC LAW is being practiced across America – JUST private rules and codes of a foreign corporation are being applied in Private Commercial courts by foreign Administrator’s that do not even know the law of the land of the Nation states. Courts in which the people are treated as Corporate entities as if they were Property of DC. For most court in this system the people have absolutely NO CLUE what is going on. All they have is the lies they were told when they were at school. That they are innocent until proven guilty - ANOTHER LIE! 
Lets us be clear - The Crown Vatican system declared war on American in the Secret Treaty of Verona of 1822.  It was exposed in Congress in 1916.   We further lost some 600,000 people fighting the Crown for Independence at the War of Independence which was secured in 1776. Therefore why our Crown Agents stealing rights, Property, Children from Americans OUTSIDE OF THE LAW OF THE LAND? The answer should be obvious. 

As far as Americans are concerned these lying two faced Petty Fogging Shysters are engaged in Treason of Americans and the Organic vacated Republics. Further if you take TONA in to account - the very Amendment states out right - foreign agents are not to engage in government or become an American. If they do they are guilty of Treason! 
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. As far as the people on the land of the physical states are concerned – violating the law of OUR lands is an act of Treason!
“No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.” The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.
In light of the PROVEN facts please govern yourselves accordingly and explain how your reliance on the criminal acts of your co-conspirators does not make you guilty of the same crimes. Further explain how your foreign District of Columbia Private rules and codes apply in the physical states and why you should not be all tried for High Treason?
These satanic BAR agents IGNORE our law - force their foreign jurisdiction on the land of California is beyond an act of treason! 
We do understand that agents of the CROWN VATICAN created UNITED STATES Corp in 1871 under the Act of 1871 after illegally destroying the Republic relying on Lincoln a CROWN BAR agent un-eligible for office. Even so UNITED STATES de facto corporations ONLY have lawful authority in DC and over UNITED STATES Corp. possessions!  
Of course the above further points to the absurdity of the current US imposed Court system acting illegally across the The United States of America and the fifty Independent states. which is deliberately laying waste to them – by foreign agents of the Vatican – Crown un-holy See. An act to salvage a War mongering Bankrupt UNITED STATES Corporation by stealing the property of the states and the American people!  This is Americas reality today. How many will bother to do the research to see this crime against humanity! 
The above clearly spells out that there is no separation of powers in America despite the Bull Shit espoused by the talking head puppets of the Corporation and the lying talking heads of Tel-li-vision. It further spells out that NO Organic LAW of the land is being practiced in US seized courts – just private FOREIGN rules and codes are being applied in courts by foreign Administrator’s that do not even know the law of the land of the fifty physical Nation states.

Congressional Record evidencing Titles of Nobility Act

"Executive Dept. - Department of Justice created 1871 UNDER THE EXECUTIVE Branch - NOT A SEPARATE BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT"